10 Useful Tips To Become A Successful Blogger

Tips to become a successful bloggerEvery day new blogs keep on coming over the Internet. There are many people who own more than one blog and handle them in a successful manner. However, there are such people as well who own only a single blog and they do not know how to manage it well. Such bloggers who are in to blogging world for long but unable to attract lots of traffic should not get disheartened. Almost all the people make mistakes in almost every business. The important thing is to learn from the mistakes and to know what should be done to get things right. Following are 10 blogging tips, which will help you to become a successful blogger.

1. Choose a topic carefully

The topic on which your blog would be based should be chosen carefully because if you choose such a topic about which you cannot write much then after some time you will not be able to write much for your blog. If you have seen some good blogs then you can notice that bloggers choose those topics about which they know a lot and have lots to share with other people.

2. Discipline

If you have started a blog then it is your duty to fill it up with quality posts. You cannot afford to forget or procrastinate uploading posts on your blog. If you will do such a mistake then your readers will lose interest in your blog or you will not be able to generate much traffic to your blog. People will come to your blog only if you are consistent with uploading posts on it.

3. Quality content

Do not think that filling up your blog with content for the sake of content will help you. If you are not uploading quality content on your blog then you should not expect readers to come back to your blog. You need to remember that your blog should offer detailed knowledge to your readers on the topic, which you have chosen. If your blog is just another blog on the Internet then why will someone stick to it?

4. Learn and apply basic SEO

If you are writing very good content and doing various other efforts to make your blog a success but ignoring the SEO part then you would never be able to make your blog a success. SEO is very important for all blogs. Getting SEO work done makes blogs, search engine friendly. If you know SEO then its good but if you do not know then learning basic SEO is very easy. You can also hire professionals to get SEO work done for your blog.

5. Do research for keywords

Once you know the topic of your blog, you should research the keywords which are used a lot for searching things related to that topic. If your posts will have those keywords, which are typed in mostly by people, then search engines will easily find your blog. Using the right combination of keywords is very important for generating more traffic to a blog. People who ignore this step find it very difficult to increase traffic to their blog.

6. Respond to readers

When your blog readers leave comment on any of the post present on your blog then do not forget to reply them. It seems rude to not give any reply to people who leave comments on your blog posts. Replying to your readers will make a good image of yours in the eyes of your readers. Readers like to read those blogs whose owners are responsive.

7. Always ask for feedback

Starting discussions on your blog are very important for you as a blogger. When you start a discussion then try to gather information or feedback related to your blog. Ask your readers questions like “how do you like my post”or “what is missing in my blog posts” etc. When you ask such questions then you get honest replies. This will be very helpful for you to improve the quality of your blog. Also, when you make changes on the recommendation of your readers, your readers will feel happy. Such readers will become loyal to your blog.

8. Use best tools for your blog

There are a large number of tools that are available on the Internet to help bloggers in generating more traffic for their blogs. You should do research to know which tools are the best for your blog. Once you know about the tools, which are most suitable for your blog, you should install them on your blog. Such tools can help you to get statistics, views, traffic information etc. related to your blog.

9. Make contacts with other bloggers

It is a good habit to visit other blogs that belong to the same category to which your blog belongs. You should like and comment on those blogs which you really like. Doing this will make you familiar with other bloggers and they will also get to know you. Try not to criticize other bloggers because your goal is to make good contacts with them. This is also an important step towards increasing the traffic to your blog.

10. Pay attention to the style of your blog

Your blog should not look shabby otherwise people will not come to it. Your blog should look attractive. It needs to have a separate style statement. People should feel that your blog is well managed in every way. While deciding the layout design for your blog, be careful. It should match your blog topic somehow. For instance, if your blog topic is serious then you can choose a black background in which more focus will be on the content. Also, do not paste advertisements on your blog in such a manner that it does not look good. Your readers should not feel that your blog is too full of advertisements. In the beginning, you should choose to keep your blog without any advertisements. Once you have lots of readers, you can monetize your blog.


  1. Jasmine says:

    Great useful tips. These are what a blogger needs to do in order to become successful. And I agree with you, most importantly, he/she has to put up quality content. Without quality content, the blog will not go very far!

  2. Ayush Gupta says:

    Great tips. This is what all Bloggers need to think about.

  3. Dan says:

    Before starting your blog i would advise anyone to read as many blogs as possible, and then to define his style (not to copy it!).

    Once you have a path is easier to keep on going!

  4. Charles says:

    Dan is correct. Before starting your own blog, a lot of research must go into finding out how best to do it by reading every blog site they can get their tired fingers on. These are really great tips indeed.

  5. Kapil Bhatt says:

    Thanks for the great tips, Anil.

    Your article is as informative as usual.

    Keep up the great work. 🙂

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