10 Ways to Improve Your WordPress Blog

If you have a WordPress blog then you know how easy it is to use. Not only is it easy to write with, but it also has tons of themes and widgets to add productivity and interest to your blog. But all those widgets will mean nothing if you do not have the readers coming in. How can you get more readers and loyal followers on your WordPress blog? Well, here are 10 ideas for you to implement that will improve your WordPress blog and also get you more followers. 10 Ways to Improve Your WordPress Blog

1. Great Titles

One of the first things to catch reader’s attention is the title of your blog post. You want to make it pertinent to your content, but you also want to make it interesting to readers. Nothing is worse than a boring or overly technical blog post title. If you can make it catchy and fun in some way, people are more likely to want to read the post. Apart from reader’s attention, you have to attract search engines, so you need to make make your titles seo friendlyat the same time.

2. Accurate Tags

Tagging accurately is an important part to getting your blog posts out where the readers can find them. One of the cool things about WordPress is the reader ability. By searching for a tagged topic, WordPress users can browse different subjects effortlessly. You want your blog post to appear in the reader and the best way to do that is to use the pre-formatted tags. You can check out the most popular tags by searching in your reader under topics.

3. Few Tags

Another important thing to remember about tagging in WordPress is the fact that WordPress punishes bloggers who tag too much. If you have over ten tags for your post the likelihood of it getting put on the reader page is slim to none. Around five tags are best, so you really have to make the tags count. Only tag topics that are really relevant to your post and use the most popular topic tags you can find.

4. Use Images

People are usually very visual so the more images you can add to your posts the better off you will be. No one wants to read a blog that is nothing but text. Make your blog posts stand out by adding funny, cute, or cool pictures. The better your pictures are, the more likely people will stop and read your blog post. Make sure that the picture is somehow relevant to your post, however, to avoid giving the wrong impression.

5. Write Short

Shorter is always better when it comes to blogging. If you can keep your blog posts short, around three hundred to five hundred words, then you will have more readers wanting to stop and check it out. You should also make sure you do not post as one big paragraph. Break it up into shorter paragraphs that are easier for readers to skim over.

6. Use Lists

People love lists. Not only because they are easy to skim, but also because you know exactly how long the post is going to go on for. If you can blog using a list or bullet point format your posts will be more successful.

7. Split it Up

If you can’t make your blog post any shorter or do not want to post that little amount of information then you should break your posts up. You can break a long, detailed post into several shorter posts. Like instructional steps, breaking the posts up will not only help the readers not get overwhelmed but will also bring more readers to your blog.

8. Write Frequently

You need to write at least twice a week, if not more. The more frequently you post, the more followers you will get. You get different exposures at different times of the day and different days of the week. The weekend is usually not the best time to post, but if you can post almost every day of the work week, you will see a sharp rise in the number of visitors to your blog.

9. Community

Your blog is not an island. You are not the only blogger out there. You need to become a part of the blogging community if you really want to be successful. The more friends and contacts you make with other bloggers, the wider your audience will get. Do not think you can just get readers without giving anything back. Become a part of WordPress as a whole and you will be better off.

10. Comment

A great way to get more readers and give back at the same time is to comment. If you give thoughtful, insightful or even controversial comments to other people’s posts, they are not only more likely to come check out your blog but their readers will be interested in seeing what else you have to say. You get a two for one deal with commenting. You need to build a network with the blogging community and gain exposure to your blog. You should also check out:

WordPress is a great blogging platform with a large audience and huge growth potential. If you can make your WordPress blog stand out from all the rest then you can be a success. Try these ten tips and see how quickly your audience grows.

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