11 Tips for Making Your Brand More Social

Social sharing is becoming a bigger part of the Google algorithm these days.  If you are relying on link building alone you will be slowly left behind.  There is already evidence that social media shares plays a big role in the ranking of the major search engines.  Another great advantage of getting more social shares is more people are exposed to your brand and are more than likely to link to your content naturally. Below are eleven tips to make your brand more attractive in social media so you can get more social shares.

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#1 – Social Media

Joining up with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace and other social networks will help you grow followers, connect with other businesses in your niche and reach out to your audience. Search Engines LOVE Web 2.0 and social media networks.

#2 – The Correct Branding

A brand is something people recognize your company or website by. You need a logo or brand that not only is appealing but would look good on a T-shirt. If it’s not something that can be printed onto a shirt, then chances are; it’s not a brand. Look up different brands such as KFC, McDonalds, Wendys, Nike or other large corporations to get a good feel and idea for what brands are supposed to look like and why they work.

#3 – Encourage Interaction

Encourage people to comment and discuss the things you post to your blog or twitter. Encourage interaction among your followers and audience. When people interact with each other, this encourages them to keep coming back to your site and may even bring some new visitors to your site as well. Search Engine Spiders also love to see interaction and social outreach.

#4 – Sweepstakes/Prizes

Sometimes, you can hold sweepstakes or prize drawings for say, the 100th person to re-tweet a certain tweet or so forth. Doing this brings more visitors to your site and keeps your audience interested.  A great way to do this is to find blogs that specialize in contest and giveaways.  These blogs will drive massive amounts of traffic and increase your social following.

#5 – Targeting

Make sure you’re targeting the right market. If you’re just blindly trying to acquire new customers by spamming the internet, you might gain some followers but they’re not going to be loyal or care about what you’re selling or even have to say. Target the right market audience and make sure the people you connect with are actually interested in the service or product you’re selling.

#6 – Interact with Other Brands or Companies

Of course, they have to be relevant to what you do but interacting with other brand owners or website owners gets your site in front of their viewership as well. Much like when some of the world’s best Internet Marketers launch a product, they’ll contact other large scale internet marketers to help them out and get the word out about their new product. This is usually done through a joint venture or as a personal favor for a friend via E-mail. You’ve probably seen the “one time offers” that other marketers send on their behalf or even an e-mail just describing the new product.

#7 – Target Small Towns

One thing that a lot of people don’t think about or try to pursue is targeting smaller towns for Search Engine Optimization. Perhaps, write an article targeting a small town and dominating the search results with a link back to your page.

#8 – Be Fun

A brand or corporate environment doesn’t have to be boring to be successful. Have some fun with your brand and keep the users interested by doing so.

#9 – Newsletters

You may consider sending out newsletters once a week or even once a month on the latest brand or company news or relevant news stories on your market. Perhaps people want to know if something about your business has changed, if the market they’re interested in has any new news or if you’ve dropped the prices recently on a certain product. Places like Newegg and Buy.com like to send Weekly ads of some of their deals they currently have in stock.

#10 – Customer Service

If someone has a complaint or a problem, let them know you care. If someone comments on a status on one of your social media platforms, respond to them personally. While this might be difficult to do on a large scale for a corporation, small brands can manage this easily.

#11 – Forums

Offer a forums or a chat board where people can post their comments, thoughts and suggestions about your brand, company, website or services. Search engines like forums with daily unique visitors and content, so they’ll be sure to keep coming back. Remember to engage people on the forums to and to be active on the forums. There’s nothing worse than a company or webmaster that simply doesn’t care about their customers and has no ambition to engage the audience and listen to feedback.


  1. Saad says:

    Interacting with other companies works best for me 🙂

  2. Kuladip Roy says:

    Thanks Smindert, for these great tips for brand promotion.

  3. Aliakbar Fakhri says:

    thanks for this beneficial tips..
    it will going to help me a lot..!!
    thanks Again

  4. Anirban says:

    Hey Charles,
    Very informative article. Some of the techniques I do not follow. But now I will follow it. Thanks for sharing this great post.

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