20 Ideas for When You Run Out of Content

20 Blog post ideasAfter writing post after post, every now-and-then you may get hit by writer’s block and you run out of ideas for the next post. It happens. And when it does happen, it’s worthwhile going in search or something or things to inspire and help you produce that next great piece of content for your blog.

So if you have run out of ideas for your next post, or are simply looking for fresh, new ideas for your next piece, here are 20 ideas to help inspire you:

1. Check Your Analytics

Google Analytics is free tool which allows you to track many things. One of those is the keywords users are searching for when they enter your site. Once you have set up your Analytics and collected data, look through it to see what keywords visitors use to reach your site. You may use some of these to write content around a specific keyword or search phrase. On top of that, you can enter these keywords into tools such as Google Suggest to find even more ideas.

2. Google Keyword Tool

Another free tool from Google, you can use their Keyword Tool to find more keywords and phrases as a base to create content around. As well as keyword ideas, this tool gives you an idea of how many users are searching these terms each month also which could play a factor in what to write about next.

3. Google Insights for Search

The Google Insights tool allows you to see historical search data since 2004. An excellent source for finding what’s in fashion and what’s going out of fashion, as well as the current top searches and trends that are emerging.

4. Google Alerts

By setting up Google Alerts, you can be notified as soon as Google picks up any blogs or news around the keyword or keywords you have setup to track. To prevent overloading your inbox, these can also be set for a daily basis and is certainly useful for inspiring a number of new content ideas.

5. Look at Charts/Graphs/Statistics

If you have any charts, graphs or statistics in general for data in your industry or your own company, these can be very useful for building content around. If you have regular data updates it could lead to you producing a series of regular posts with the latest data.

6. Publish Case Studies

Everyone likes to read a success story. Do you have any? If so, producing a case study about you or your client that has had success based on your product or service is a good idea for content creation and helping to sell your service.

7. Observe Forums

Looking at discussion forums will help you find out what the hot topics are within your industry, or about your product, or even any problems with it. These can be used as a base to write content around.

8. Stalk Competitors

Take a look at your competitor’s websites and blogs to see what they are currently up to and writing about. They may be covering something you feel you should be or something you feel you can cover in more depth than they are.

9. Check Yahoo! Answers

Questions are frequently put up on Yahoo! Answers. So take a look around and find any questions that are relevant to your product or niche and use this as a base to answer in a blog post. If you’re quick enough, you can then reply to the question on Yahoo! with a link to your blog post.

10. Read Newspapers

It’s a daily chore for a number of people. If you read a story in the local or national newspaper that may affect your industry, company or customers, it would be an idea to give your opinion on it in the way of a blog post.

11. Write Reviews

There may be third party products useful to your customers without your sector. It could be an idea to review these specific products that would be of interest to your audience.

12. Solve Common Problems

Note down the solution to a common problem that your product or service provides. If your competitors’ product or service cannot solve the same problem, it makes for a good opportunity to promote yours.

13. Read Competitor Reviews

Check out what reviews your competitors’ are receiving and write content around how your company’s offering is an alternative or solution to their problems, or an upgrade on the service they are receiving positive vibes for.

14. Produce Fresh Product Reviews

If/when a new product or update is released, be the first to break the news or review these. Being the first to break news means those who subsequently cover the topic can refer back to your original piece.

15. Create Tutorials

Writing tutorials or guides can help boost your reputation and authority within your industry, as well as high quality content that could so easily gain natural links back to your website. This could be a series of How To blog posts that would keep the audience coming back for more.

16. Conduct Interviews

Interviewing an authority within your industry will not only help with excellent content, but the bonus of help leveraging both your audience and the followers of that authority figure. Expand your audience by interviewing top people in your industry. If you can’t get them on board initially, work your way up by interviewing lesser-known faces first.

17. Check Comments on Previous Blog Posts

You may respond to comments left on your previous blog posts at the time, but go through them again and see if any of them warrant a blog post of their own. Even look at the comments on your competitors’ blog posts and these may help you think of new content ideas too.

18. Involve Current Worldwide Events

Find a way to link a current worldwide or national event to your product or niche. As an example, a number of companies used the success of the Olympics to create content around this event.

19. Link Your Topic to a Celebrity

Find a way to link your topic to a celebrity. This is a fun way of communicating with your audience. An example would be “How Lady Gaga Taught Me Marketing”.

20. Share Takeaways from an Event

If you have been to a recent event, note down and produce a list of the best takeaways from this.
Having read or just scanned through the list, I hope you now have a lot of ideas in mind for when you come to writing you next post or two. I hope now to have inspired you so that you are no longer staring at a blank Microsoft Word document for hours on end struggling for ideas.

If you have any ideas of your own to inspire content, please share them in the comments section below as we can all benefit from each other’s contribution.


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