3 SEO Tactics That Works After Google Panda Update

After the launch of Google Panda search algorithm the whole indexing and ranking system of Google have been changed. Now blogs and websites with unique and quality content get more weight in Google search result as compared to website with creepy content. These creepy website are now completely ignored by Google.

So if you want to see your blog in top places of search engine result then the first thing that you can do is start producing and marketing quality content. Because we all know that unique and meaningful content is ruler of search engine rankings. But when it comes to marketing your unique content to boost the ranking all SEO tactics that works like wonder before the launch of Google Panda updates is not working now in very effective manner because of the Google Panda.

Google Panda Update

So now you’ve to stick with only few SEO tactics that still works and has no effect of Google panda. Below I’m sharing some old school SEO techniques that still work when it comes to boost the search engine rankings…..

1. Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of very effective old school technique that is used by lots of bloggers and webmasters to secure the best place for their websites and blogs in search engine ranking. And you know what article marketing still works like magic after the launch of killer Google Panda algorithm.

Do you know why Articles marketing still works because it requires quality content to do article marketing in effective way? And as we know after the launch of Google panda the importance of unique and meaningful content increased tremendously.

2. Content Sharing sites

Are you familiar with Hub pages, Squidoo?

These 2 sites are known as content sharing sites. Content sharing’s sites are a place where bloggers and webmasters share their valuable and meaningful content to get some link juice and traffic for their blog to boost their search engine rankings. And you know what this tactic also works after the launch of Google panda update.

You can find lots of content sharing sites like hubpages and squidoo by using similarsite tool and then create a list of best one to submit your content to get backlinks and traffic for your blog. Content sharing site also helps you to make some extra money by monetizing your published article with affiliate links and adesnes ads. So you able to get benefits from both ends from search engine end as well as from income end…

3. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is also a well used old school techniques used by millions of people to boost their search engine rankings by grabbing a links form well authority blog.

According to me blog commenting is easiest tactic that you can use to boost your blog rankings. Because in commenting you are free to share your thoughts about what you’ve read and what you’ve learned. So is as simple as abc…..

All above tactics still works like wonder when it comes to boosting search engine ranking even after when Google panda is completely live in action. Share your valuable opinion and thought about this post in below comment section.

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