3 Vital Relationships Between Skin Care And Social Media Marketing

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August 10, 2018

Social media marketing and skin care are like Siamese twins that cannot be parted.social media

In this informative post, I want to highlight the three vital relationships and how this applies to grow your online business.

Things would remain as they’re until you decide to change course and do the right thing.

A lot of bloggers and social marketers are missing the “point.”

Even though there are millions of people on Facebook and Twitter, as well as LinkedIn, you may succeed in sending all of them to your blog and still be broke.

Guess what? That would be a lot of money for your web hosting service. This type of traffic will definitely burn your bandwidth and crash your site, especially for beginners and intermediates that wouldn’t go for unlimited file transfer.

Take note of these vital relationships. You won’t regret ever reading this.

1.    Determine Your Skin/Niche

In web marketing, the first thing to do isn’t creating a website or blog and writing quality contents. Although, these are aspects of building a strong web presence but it doesn’t start there. You need to know your niche. It also applies to skin care and health in general. Diagnosis is the first step when someone isn’t feeling active and healthy. If you don’t know your skin type, how would you know the kind of cream and ointments to use?

Your niche (people you’re targeting) is the same thing as your (skin type). This determines the next step you take and how best your offers convert.

So, start with market research. Marketing online isn’t a guess work. You need a master-plan of what works and what doesn’t. Until you do this, the foundation of your business empire may still be shaking. Social media isn’t a one-off marketing system. As you understand your market and stay with them, you’ll profit.

2.    Manage Your Sphere of Contact

When you finally know your skin type, what’s the next step to take?

It now bestows on you to manage your skin. Skin management simply means knowing what to apply and what not. If your skin is oily and you decide to use “burning” creams, your skin could be dented.

So, how do you manage your social media audience? As pointed out above, the system is entirely the same as in skin care. The people who follow you on Twitter and those sharing your quality contents should be appreciated.

With all courtesy and compassion, tell them how pleased you’re been with them for such a long time (or short time).

The bottom-line is to strike a good balance whereby you’re able to manage and retain these followers, because your best clients may come from your social media fans.

Yes, I’ve gotten review writing jobs from my Google+ circles. Even before I launched my blog that features free skin store discount code, skin care products, clarisonic discount coupon etc. Audience management helped me build strong business networks and thereby increasing affiliate sales.

3.    Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

If you want your skin to come alive, you need to be consistently maintaining it. In the same vein, social media marketing sometimes looks vague and unproductive, but that’s when you need to stick around and explore deeper things.

As you grow in your marketing skills, a lot of loopholes will be unveiled to you and this is the secret of successful social media examiners. They carefully observe a trend; follow it through until they are certain about it.

The smart use of Twitter and LinkedIn could turn targeted traffic on to your blog or website. But how do you achieve results when you’ve made a decision to quit?

If you’re a B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) entrepreneur, consistency is the missing hammer to hit the nail right on spot. Be consistent – that’s all!

Skin Care & Blogging Quote

Your skin defines your innermost complexion and what life truly means to you—Michael Chibuzor.

When you’re tempted to quit blogging and go back to your 9-5 job, challenge yourself of looming success. As the Chief Executive Officer of your life, you cannot relinquish your business and destiny to some “fear” of the unknown.

Start implementing the above tips. It would define your journey to living the internet lifestyle and prosperity is sure. See you at the top!

Michael Chibuzor is a skin care enthusiast & build niche blogs to promote affiliate programs. At leisure, he writes for skinstore promo code and clarisonic promotion deal sites and occasionally for skinstore.com. Use these  skin store discount code and clarisonic discount coupons to save on skin care products, tanning products and skin therapy.

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