4 Benefits of Having A Website for Small Businesses


Every successful product launch starts with a small website. It will attract thousands (if not millions) of potential customers if the product is awesome.

If you don’t have a website for your small businesses, you are losing a lot of money each and every month on the table. Your competition might be already making a lot more money than you just by having a website for their small businesses. You need to understand the importance and growth of online to boost your sales for your small businesses.

Do you have a website for your business? If the answer is no, or you think you don’t need one, or your business is not large enough, it is time to think out of the box. Having a website these days for your business is a must have. Many small and medium scaled businesses invest a lot of time and money to have the perfect website. And all that is done for a reason.

So, does having a website really help in promoting your business? The answer is quite simple, yes it does! Through the advancement in information technology, now you can advertise your business throughout the world by being virtually present everywhere.

Why small businesses need a website?

This is the common question most people ask, why do I need a website for small business? It doesn’t matter whether you are running a big scale business website or small business, you have to have a website to grow it large and reach wider audience online to increase your sales.

Having a website for your small businesses increases your sales, trust and brand. Here are few simple and essential tips you need to know before building your first website for small businesses.

  • Make sure you have domain name matching your small business. Example, if you are running a fitness business (offline), make sure to select a domain like fitnessworld.com, fitnesspro.com etc. to easily convey your website visitors what your site is all about.
  • Invest money on design. Make it look appealing. Make it unique and stand out from the crowd to easily grab your visitors attention.
  • Don’t use cheap or free web hosting services on your websites. They will kill your readership and loading time, use better hosts like Bluehost to run a profitable website for your small businesses.
  • Use social media effectively. You can’t tell where your ideal customer is. Using social media sites like Facebook, twitter etc. can help you find your potential customers. Spend your time actively and promote your way to reach more audience in your specific niche.
  • Know the purpose of your small business website. Don’t launch a site just because everyone’s doing it. Know your purpose, find out your target audience.

Benefits of having a website for a small business

benefits of website small business

Does my small business need a website is the common question I get from many people. There are thousands of reasons to start a website to grow your small business, here are few strong reasons why your small business must need a website.

1. Expands your business to new horizons

Whether your agree it or not, online presence increases your reach, audience and sales. If you don’t have enough sales on your small businesses, just by having a website, you can increase the chances of making more sales from you small businesses irrespective of its type and products.

By hiring proper professionals for small business web design services, you will inevitably get a lot of traffic to your website, thereby promoting you on an international and local forum.

These days there are many professionals who specialize in SEO (search engine optimization) and can help you in getting top positions in search results. Once, your website is listed in the top three result options, it is a matter of time before you start earning revenue exponentially.

You also have the option of choosing the area in which you want your business to expand. For instance, if your area of expertise is only useful locally, you can choose a package that will promote you only in that area and get you your targeted audience.

You need to take care of SEO efforts to increase your organic traffic from search engines. Without getting traffic from search engines giants like Google, Yahoo etc. you can’t drive specific audience to increase your sales. Make sure you are focusing on both search engines and customers to increase your traffic and sales.

2. Helps you reach out to the masses

These professionals regularly upgrade your websites making them user friendly and also embed other accessories like 2d and 3d logos, flash animations, creative graphics, audio and video streaming, JavaScript programming, etc. This helps and facilitates the users to a great extent, ultimately impressing them and turning them into your valuable and loyal customers.

Having a website that gives a professional look adds to the goodwill and reputation of your business. Putting forth all that you can you do for your customers and how helpful you can be, will strengthen your impact on each customer. Moreover you can easily stand out from the massive crowd by having a unique design on your website.

Through online polling on your website, you can also gauge the tastes and opinions of people concerning your products or services for free. This is not only a cost cutter but also an excellent way of knowing your clientele.

3. Provides a global platform

Small business web design services benefits your business in a number of other ways as well. You always remain available to millions of users throughout the world. They can contact you anytime from anywhere.

If people like your website, they will help promote you on other forums as well, like social websites. This will further enhance your popularity not only in your local area, but throughout the country and world. Just imagine how many sales you can make by attracting global audience who are interested in buying your products. So focus on providing an easy to buy platform for your products to reach more audience with the help of a click.

With websites you don’t need to rely heavily on the commercial and traditional methods of marketing. E-marketing is the new trend these days and it is quite economical too. Apart from that, there is no denying that it caters to a much larger audience than any other kind of advertisement and is also substantially cheaper.

4. You can have everything in one place

Your website is one shop stop for your business. You can promote your new products or services; announce new developments and important updates, all from a single forum. You can even contact your customers and employees by sending them newsletters through your website.

Irrespective of your promotion strategies, having a website for your small business helps you grow not only your reach for products, but also helps you increase your overall income every month. You need to create a brand for your business to survive in the crowded online market. Define your audience, focus on your competition and start promoting products that solves your customers problems.

It is no doubt that day by day people are relying more on searching the internet for products, whether they need to buy a simple chair for their home or if they are looking for other products and services, individuals mostly prefer to sit at home and have things delivered to their door steps. In this case, utilizing web design services is the ultimate solution to augment one’s business and target millions of such customers on the World Wide Web.

Prefer a better blogging platform

If you have decided to launch a website for your small businesses, make sure to use a better blogging platform that servers all your needs. WordPress is one of the best content management systems that provides you easy to publish blog posts, search friendly elements and gives you access to thousands of free themes and plugins.

In a nutshell: If you are selling products offline, having a website can increase the chances of making more money online? Why waste a golden chance of making money without spending thousands of dollars on promotion or marketing your services or products to increase your income? A website is cost effective, and can bring you thousands of targeted visitors if you do SEO right. All you have to do is to choose a right blogging platform like WordPress, and host on a better web hosting service like Bluehost, come up with a great domain name that matches your small business and design an appealing theme that stands out from the crowd.

What are your thoughts on having a website for small businesses? Do you think every one should start a website or blog to promote their products relating to their businesses to increase their sales and online reach? Please share your views in the comments section.


  1. Sofia says:

    As we all know what is the importance of a website and this is very true every small businessman should have their website and it will prove more effective when the website owner will work of SEO on that.

  2. Brendan, thank you for your timely article.

    I recently wrote “Cheap hosting providers often limit your ability to use all of the resources they advertise as being available to you” at http://www.dynamicnet.net/2012/04/cheap-hosting-limits-growth-site/ because it is common, especially for small businesses, to try to count their pennies.

    But it easy to be penny wise and dollar foolish.

    32,000+ web site hosting companies in the U.S. alone; and most of them compete on price with the focus how to squeeze every cheap dollar to a penny for them — not their customers.

    Small business often fall prey, and then wonder why their site is not growing, sales are not coming in, and then think the web isn’t for them.

    Thank you.

    • malachi says:

      Hi I feel that you Peter are marvelous. That was a real good suggestion. I did not know hosting was an issue with SEO. Brilliant. you guys are real brilliant people.

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