5 Advanced WordPress Tips For Smart Blogging

Wordpress url shortening services

One of the most popular blogging platforms – WordPress allows you unlimited facilities and features to extend its functionalities beyond blogging. But many of us are not even able to exploit some of the basic features that WordPress extends to bloggers. Basics of WordPress blogging can are discussed here. However, to increase the understanding and ensuring the maximum usage of WordPress as a blogging platform, we present 5 advanced blogging tips for WordPress bloggers.Advanced Blogging Tips

1. Shorten the URL’s via WordPress  URL Shortening Service: Though there are many URL shortening services which may or may not be ad supported like Bit.ly, yep.it, retwt.me,  URL shortening services like ad.fly also allow you to earn some money whenever someone clicks on the shortened url,  but how many of them are still alive is open to question.

Any website needs funds to operate and most of the start-ups run out of funds pretty quickly unless they have a good financial backing. WordPress itself is a huge platform with big fan following, user base and is professional successful. So there are good reasons that one should go for WordPress url shortening services.  After stating the merits of WordPress’s  excellent and stable shortening service a natural question to arise in the mind of a newbie WordPress user is – where to find the WordPress url shortening service?

Whenever you edit a post there is a permalink displayed above the WordPress editor which describes the permalink and allows you to edit the permalink, next to the edit permalink button view post button right next to it is a Get short link button which when clicked opens ups a popup with the shortened url You can use this WordPress shortening url without leaving the post or using any third party url shortening service which can run out of business any time, leaving you with problems.

Wordpress url shortening services

2. Automate WordPress Tasks: Automation can be one of the main arena, which can take the pain out of the blogging, reduce workload, make the entire operation more efficient and thus deliver optimal results with minimal efforts. Where does automation begin and what can be automated is limited to ones’s technical capability and the resources he has at its disposal. A simple example of automation can be scheduling the post.

The WordPress scheduler helps the blogger with this option and he can write the post for an entire month or so or even more and schedule them to go live on specific dates. Many of the successful bloggers use this feature when they are too busy to post on a day to day basis or are on a vacation   Similarly creating spam filters with auto-detect features can also save a lot of time for bloggers, if a comment has a particular set of words or links or is of short length , the blogger can set rules to send such comments to spam. Macros are another features which can reduce a lot of burden on the blogger, creating keyboard shortcuts, pre-recorded actions , setting up the permalinks structure so that it  shouldn’t be done every time a post is created are several such examples. The lesson to learn is to automate as much as possible without breaking your blog so that you are able to optimize on the time spent and revenue earned.

3. Use caching mechanism to speed up your blog: There are several plugins that help delivered a cached page to the browser and the WordPress doesn’t have to send calls to the database and other resources to generate the page. The plugin manages it all and generates a html out of it and presents it to the browser. This speeds up the blog tremendously. Caching plugins also have settings on when to purge the existing cache and generate a new one so that the page always has the latest information for the user. I’m currently using W3 Total Cache plugin on Bloggers Passion.

4. Add social streams to your blog: Twitter for example helps you add relevant tweets or tweets from the experts in your domain to your blog. Similarly you can also add Facebook news feeds to your blog and give the users more avenues to interact and connect with. This creates a win-win situation for you and your blog readers as your blog is loaded with latest happenings in the social domain and the user is contextually aware of what other thought leaders or trends exist with the content of your blog page.

5. Create a weekly or monthly summary of your blog: With millions of blogs out there, you can imagine the sheer volume of content being churned out every single day. Each blogger is clamoring for the reader’s attention. How many of the readers are aware of all the posts on your blog or a more relevant question to ask is how many of them have the time to read all of our posts?  An honest answer will point towards a solution that is presenting a weekly, fortnightly or monthly summary of all the popular and not so popular posts and present them under separate sections. This if done in the right way will help save time for readers who just want skim what you have to offer and read only what suits them. You as a blog owner also give the readers an opportunity to get theses updates deliver right into the inbox of the users, who have subscribed for the newsletter or regular updates from your blog.


Blogging is a rewarding experience in many ways, it gives you to express your thoughts on a particular topic, gain respect in the community, help you earn some money etc. But the ease with which one can take on blogging as a profession or a hobby makes it a valid point for you to keep yourself equipped with latest tips and techniques that help you stay ahead in the race.


  1. Lorenzo C. says:

    GTMetrix is another tool that can provide recommendations for speeding up your site.

  2. Vivek R says:

    Most common methods only…Expected something different.I enjoyed the last point though..creating summary.

  3. jay1 says:

    Wonderful tips to go through…
    It would be even better if the cache could interrogate more on its own.

  4. Dean Saliba says:

    Some very good tips here, my favourite post to read on blogs is the monthly wrap-up posts and the monthly income reports, I incorporate both into one monthly post.

    For some reason scheduling posts to go live doesn’t work on ANY of the blogs I own, they just sit there in the queue with something like “date missed” and I have to publish it manually. :-/

  5. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    I rally enjoyed reading this post anil sir, all this points are really helpfull task automation is my favorite you can schedule your post with this. Adding social media streams is really important to get more traffic. And google also giving more importance to such site which have mora social media linking.

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