Top 5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins To Use in 2021

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December 30, 2020

Are you looking for the best WordPress backup plugins that you can use to easily backup and restore all your website files in 2021 and beyond?

If you’re tired of losing your data or manually backing up all of your website’s data including files, images etc, this post is for you where you’ll discover few of the top WordPress backup plugins along with their pros, cons, features and pricing details.

Why should you use backup plugins?

First things first, why should you even care about taking a backup of your websites? Here are the top benefits of website backups in 2021.

  • The #1 reason is almost all of the premium WordPress backup plugins let you save all of your website’s data automatically so you can restore and retrieve them any time you want. Some plugins allow you to take daily backups while other offer weekly and monthly backups.
  • You don’t have to buy separate addons related to backup from hosting companies such as Bluehost. Instead you can use backup plugins for taking full backups of your site.
  • It’s always better to have “off-site” backups, i.e. backups that are not on your web hosting servers so in case something goes wrong at the web hosting servers, you can’t restore your data. Here’s where WordPress backup plugins come into play where plugins like VaultPress offers you to store backup in offline so your data is always safe.

Enough said! Here are few top WordPress backup plugins along with all the essential details that you need.

Top 5 WordPress backup plugins for 2021

wordpress backup plugins

1. VaultPress

VaultPress one of the most popular WordPress backup plugins which protects your site from host failures, hackers, malware, viruses, user errors and so on. It’s also the same backup plugin we’re currently using at Bloggers Passion and we’re extremely satisfied with it.



  • You’ll get automated backups feature where your data is stored in an exclusive offsite digital vault in real time
  • You can restore all of your data effortlessly at any time you want
  • You can block all spammers with its spam defence features
  • Allows you to fix automatic file repair


  • Automated daily backups with unlimited storage space
  • Brute force attack protection and uptime monitoring
  • 30 day backup archive to restore your 30 days data easily
  • Spam protection for comments and pingbacks
  • VaultPress was founded by Matt Mullenweg (WordPress co-founder) and his team so they know what exactly is required to build a backup plugin
  • Extremely easy site migration & 1 click automated restores
  • Priority support from experts


  • There’s no free version or plugin is available as you’ve to pay and pick any of their plans to start using it

Is it free or what are the pricing plans?

It doesn’t have any free plans and it comes in 2 pricing plans which are listed below.

  1. Personal which costs you $39 per year (which is enough for most WordPress users)
  2. Business which costs you $99 per year (which is great for heavy traffic sites and eCommerce stores)

2. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is another most popular WordPress backup plugin which gives you access to backup your data and also allows you to restore or move your WordPress site to a new hosting environment or domain.

backup buddy plugin


Here’s the features list that you get with this plugin stater plan called “Blogger”

  • 1 year of plugin updates
  • 1 year of ticketed support
  • 1GB of BackupBuddy Stash storage space
  • 1 year of access to Stash Live
  • 10 iThemes Sync sites


  • Send and store your backup files off-site in a safe and secure location so your data is always safe
  • It takes a full backup of your site where you can download a zip file of the entire site
  • This plugin take a backup of your entire WordPress installation including your media library (images, gifs, videos etc), themes, plugins, widgets, content and so on


  • The pricing plans are bit expensive when compared to other WordPress backup plugins in the list

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Is it free or what are the pricing plans?

No, BackupBuddy doesn’t offer you any free plans or plugins and it offers you 4 pricing plans which are listed below;

  1. Blogger (which costs you $80)
  2. Freelancer (which costs you $100)
  3. Developer (which costs you $150)
  4. Gold (which costs you $197)

3. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is one of the most popular WordPress backup plugins used by over 1 million people worldwide along with top companies like Microsoft, P & G, NASA and so on.



  • No setup required as you can directly install and activate it to start automatic backups
  • It allows you to backup and restore with a single click on a schedule (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • It gives you access to complete manual or scheduled backups of all your WordPress files, databases, plugins and themes
  • It lets you create password so you choose which site users can access your website backups


  • Used by most trusted companies worldwide along with over a million users
  • Backup schedules every 4, 8 or 12 hours, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • It restores backups directly from your WordPress control panel so you don’t have to worry about anything else
  • Provides you expert customer support


  • Although it has a free version but it has very limited features and the basic premium plans start at $70 per year

Is it free or what are the pricing plans?

It offers both free and premium versions. You can click on this link to download its free version and its premium version starts at $70 per year where you can take backups of 2 sites.

4. BackUpWordPress

Are you looking for the FREE WordPress backup plugins? If yes, go for BackUpWordPress plugin which will automatically take backup of your WordPress Database and files automatically daily.

backup wordpress


  • Back up to your own web hosting server (so you don’t have to pay extra for hosting backup addons)
  • Add multiple backup schedules
  • Excellent support EVEN for free users (it offers you a free version of plugin as well)
  • Works with shared hosting and and all servers
  • Works on linux & windows server
  • Exclude files and folders from your back ups


  • Extremely easy to use
  • No additional setup or settings required
  • Your backup files will be automatically saved into backups folder so you can retrieve them anytime later
  • You can decide the frequency of automatic backups like daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly
  • You can also get a copy of backup files directly into your email


  • Since it only offers you free version, you’ll rarely get frequent updates or customer support with it

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Is it free or what are the pricing plans?

Fortunately BackUpWordPress is completely free to use. If you’re a WordPress user, you can click on this link to download it for free. This is also the ONLY free option in this top 5 WordPress backup plugins list.

5. BackWPup

BackWPup is another incredible backup plugin that offers you two version which include free and premium where you get exclusive features in the paid version.

backwp up


  • Multisite Support
  • Personal premium support
  • Integration of dynamic documentation
  • Database check
  • Complete Backup
  • Standalone App for Emergency Restore
  • Restore Encrypted Backups
  • WordPress XML export
  • Administration of log files
  • Log report via email


  • Complete backup of all files or backup of updated files
  • Automatic updates
  • Also available in free version
  • Widely popular backup plugin
  • Excellent customer support


  • The starter plan gives you limited features and also bit expensive in the list of WordPress backup plugins mentioned here.

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Is it free or what are the pricing plans?

As said above, it offers both free and paid plugins where you can download the free version from here and the premium version costs you $69 (starter plan) per year.

Here are 2 more bonus best WordPress backup plugins you can try on your blog:

WP DB-Manager

This plugin is developed by GamerZ and is the most popular Database plugin for WordPress blogs. You can use WP-DB Manager Plugin for optimizing, repairing, backup scheduling and for deletion of old database backup files. Best thing about this WordPress Backup plugin is that it can do automatic scheduling of backup. You can also make certain changes at table level through this database backup plugin. You need to configure the database options from DP Options under Database after installation.

Download Link

WP-DB-Backup Plugin

WP-DB-Backup is another plugin that you can use to take backup of your database tables on demand. Backup files can be downloaded to your hard drive, can be uploaded on server and into your Email box. Database backup can be scheduled once hourly, twice in a day, once in a day and once in a week with this WordPress Database Backup plugin.

Download Link

FAQs About WordPress Backup Plugins 2021

Here are some of the most important questions you should go through before you zero it down on something from the WordPress backup plugins listed here.

1. Do you really need to pay for a premium WordPress backup plugin?

Yes, if you’re taking your website seriously and looking to build a profitable blog in the long run, you should invest in getting a premium backup plugin. You can simply consider a backup plugin or software as a premium insurance policy which gives you protection when you need it most.

So spending few bucks on a premium backup plugin or tool absolutely makes sense if you’re serious about protecting your website data in case of data loss or data theft (from hackers).

2. What is the best backup plugin available for WordPress?

The answer is it simply depends on website and budget needs. If you’re looking for an affordable yet excellent feature centric premium backup plugin, you can go for Vaultpress which costs you around $40 a year.

But if you’re looking for an easy to use and free backup plugin (without requiring technical or customer support), you can go for something like BackUpWordPress plugin which will automatically take backup of your WordPress site.

3. What are the things that you need to take a backup of?

Almost every premium WordPress backup plugin listed here takes care of full website backup of your site which means, you’ll get automatic backups of the following things.

  • Files
  • Plugins
  • Themes and Updates
  • Database (both standard and custom tables)
  • Uploads such as images, videos, comments, pages, posts and so on

If you’re using a free backup plugin, you need to manually take a backup of the above things.

4. What’s the difference between free vs premium WordPress backup plugins?

The #1 difference is premium WordPress backup plugins offers you automatic backups so you don’t have to worry about losing or restoring data when needed. Here are few more benefits of using paid WordPress backup plugins like VaultPress.

  • Multiple Copies
  • Your data can be accessed separately from your website, not through it.
  • Stored In separate, off-site, locations so your data is secured not just online but also offline
  • Highly encrypted
  • Extremely easy access

5. Can you still access your backups when your website is down using WordPress backup plugins?

In general, WordPress backup plugins save all of your website data and backups to cloud storage platforms so you can access your backups when your site is down. However, you cannot restore your website using any of the WordPress backup plugins when your site is offline.

Browse more WordPress Plugins:

Final thoughts about the top WordPress backup plugins

If you’re taking your website seriously, you should definitely invest in getting a premium WordPress backup plugin since your website’s data is the most important asset of your online business.

You never know when can you lose your website’s files (due to hacking or accidental data loss), so when you’ve access to any of the WordPress backup plugins listed here, you can sleep peacefully.

It would be interesting to know how you guys are taking backup of your WordPress database and important files, please share your method of backup in the comments section. Let us know if we missed any of your favorite WordPress backup plugins in the comments below.

Anil Agarwal

Top 5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins To Use in 2021Anil Agarwal who owns, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like Forbes, Huffingtonpost, Semrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.

11 Comments on "Top 5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins To Use in 2021"

  1. Moses Brodin says:

    That’s a heck of a list.
    I’m already using many of these plugins but I’m definitely going to add the one that defers JS loading since that seems to be the biggest bugbear when trying to speed up WordPress sites (particularly for mobile devices).
    Huge thanks

  2. Mohit Kumar says:

    Great list. All the plugins are best for backup. I am also using WP-DB Manager for the backup of my blog and it is working fine.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep doing!!

  3. faithsam says:

    Thank you for this set of backup plugins. I would like to share with you my discovery. I use Backup & Restore Dropbox. Originally it is fully free, but if you need more opportunities you can use either Pro version or Online service. As for me I use Pro version with 1 year license and tech support. It is really good and cheap.

  4. John Crooks says:

    I use basically all the listed plugins on this post and i must say there is no way you can run a blog without them. This is an awesome share i hope you include plugins like NoSpamNX, ReplyMe, WordPress Backup to Dropbox etc. Thanks for the list, a lot of newbies will find it very useful and i wont hesitate to direct them to this post.

  5. Mohd Arif says:

    I would argue that UpdraftPlus is the best backup program for WordPress. It’s the most downloaded backup plugin on WordPress. this is the best plugin by which we can get out websites backup directly on google drive or any other cloud platform

  6. Rajkumar Jonnala says:

    nice list of backup plugins ,,,,,trust me i didnt know that there is such a huge list of back up plugins ….,,:)

  7. Hillary Bost says:

    I have had great luck with WP-DB-Backup Plugin.. I like all the different options that are available.

  8. Anders Vinther says:

    Great post… Some of the important things about your WordPress backup is that you store your backups outside your hosting account and that you workout a great backup strategy for automatic backups…

    Just my two cents… keep up the great work!

  9. Manoj Rawal says:

    I also keep multiple copies of the actual word files of our posts in my hard drive. It’s also a good idea to keep them in a safe online storage service.

  10. Modest Money says:

    Timely post for me. I recently disabled my backup plugin because it kept on triggering google notifications that my site was offline. So I’ve been meaning to install something different. It looks like WP DB-Manager is the way to go.

  11. Simmeon says:

    Hey Anil,

    From day one of my blog I’ve been using the WP DB-Manager, to auto backup my database. I’ve always used that one because its east to use and gets the job done with no problems.

    On the off chance one day I get a database crash, I’ll be covered. I also weekly take a manual backup of my files. Goof plugins you’ve listed.

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