5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins List

No doubt WordPress is the best blogging platform and it is the ultimate choice for millions of blog owners. But what will you do if you lost your website database due to certain type of server errors, attacks from hackers or due to your own mistakes. All of your efforts will be gone in vain if you don’t have a database backup mechanism.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

So you need to optimize your databases and should have something in place that could store automatic backups of your website contents and files. But good thing about WordPress is that there are plugins available for almost every task and same thing applies to WordPress Database backups and optimization. Here is the list of best WordPress backup plugins you can try on your blog:

1. WP DB-Manager

This plugin is developed by GamerZ and is the most popular Database plugin for WordPress blogs. You can use WP-DB Manager Plugin for optimizing, repairing, backup scheduling and for deletion of old database backup files. Best thing about this WordPress Backup plugin is that it can do automatic scheduling of backup. You can also make certain changes at table level through this database backup plugin. You need to configure the database options from DP Options under Database after installation.

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2. BackWPup Plugin

This plugin is available for free and is developed by Daniel Hüsken. You can do lots of other things apart from database backup with BackWPup plugin. You can do WordPress XML Export, file backups and can store backups in Zip, Tar or Tar.gz formats etc. And you can also store backups to a folder, on your FTP server, Amazon S3, Google Storage, RackSpaceCloud, Dropbox, into your email account and Microsoft Azure. Important thing about this plugin is that it will only work on WordPress version 3.1 or higher and PHP 5.2.5 version is required.

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3. BackUpWordPress Plugin

BackUpWordPress plugin will automatically take backup of your WordPress Database and files automatically on daily basis. This plugin is quite easy in using and no setup required for this plugin. Your backup files will be automatically saved into backups folder. You can decide the frequency of automatic backups like daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can even get a copy of backup files directly into your Email box.

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4. Online Backup for WordPress Plugin

With Online Backup for WordPress plugin, you can take backup in three ways namely direct download on your computer, full back up file emailed to a specific email address and online backup. You can schedule backups on hourly, after every 6 hour, after every 12 hour, daily or weekly with this WordPress backup plugin. For online backup, you have to create a free account on WordPress Backup Technology and share your backup username and password with them. Every data on our WordPress blog is very important and this plugin gives us the facility to take backup of databases including settings, pages, posts, plugins, themes and media files etc.

5. WP-DB-Backup Plugin

WP-DB-Backup is another plugin that you can use to take backup of your database tables on demand. Backup files can be downloaded to your hard drive, can be uploaded on server and into your Email box. Database backup can be scheduled once hourly, twice in a day, once in a day and once in a week with this WordPress Database Backup plugin.

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It would be interesting to know how you guys are taking backup of your WordPress database and important files, please share your method of backup in the comments section. Are you using any of the WordPress Backup plugins that are mentioned above on your blog?

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