5 Do’s And Don’ts of Corporate Blogging

Don'ts of Corporate Blogging

Corporate blogging is in trend these days and many companies are successfully using it to address various issues like promoting products, solving user’s grievances, increasing awareness and getting feedback on their product or services. Here we list 5 do’s and don’ts to take care while going for corporate blogging. This small list will definitely help in a big way in ensuring the success of your business blog.benefits of corporate blogging

Do’s of corporate blogging

1. Be real and original: People like to interact with real persons. How many of us like a Gravatar icon instead of the real picture of the author? This simple question can answer the dilemma a user faces on how far his trust should go towards the publisher of the blog post. Showing the readers your real personality and credentials will only help them believe more in you. This extends to your being original on the topic you write. As your credentials tell the readers about you, it will be fair enough on their part to accept an original write-up on the topic of your expertise.

2. Have an informal & entertaining voice: We often interact with our friends in a informal way not to mention with sprinkle of entertaining anecdotes here and there. Some do it generously, some are more cautious, but I haven’t seen a person who’s exceptionally formal and having a huge friend or fan following in real life. This thing applies to the online world also. It is true that business blogging cannot be all jokes and funny lines, a message, a critical piece of information about the business or the product has to be shared but it has to be done in an easy to digest way rather than sounding like the legalese of a lawyer of high court defending his clients.

3. Master the art of storytelling: Who doesn’t like stories? They have been a part and parcel of our lives since our childhood. As we grow the topics change but they still excite us. And guess what, life is full of stories all around us. Every single event we spend at our homes or workplaces can be transformed into a story. This fact gives us another tool in our hands to make our blog post more entertaining. It brings in more natural and conversational tone to our blog post and readers will definitely relate to it and take the pains to read your story till the end.

Don'ts of Corporate Blogging

Don’ts of corporate blogging

4. Ignore feedback: Listen to what your readers have to say. This is very critical for any business blogging to be successful. Nobody will post a comment on your blog, tweet about you or post on your facebook fan just for nothing. If it’s good give a pat on your back, but never ever ignore any negative feedback from any channel, be it your blog or any social media website. This is a chance to improve upon coming straight from one of your product or service user. Be prompt and tacit enough to address any such feedback and if needful forward it to an expert so that the user’s negative feedback is rectified and ensure that this process is institutionalized for the concerned product or service of your business.

5. Ignore metrics: Many can write off business blogging as a non productive activity, but as with any other business activity, business blogging must also have goals, timelines and responsibilities on the process owner. It could be improving sales, spreading more awareness among customers etc., measure the goals across the channels you are promoting. The blog could be the most important but don’t ignore the voice about your business on other social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Youtube and wherever you can. Without carefully measuring on what is being done and whether the goals of business blogging are being achieved or not the entire exercise will go haywire. Keeping a track of things carefully and providing feedback to everybody involved in the process along with focus on continuously improving it.

Corporate blogging is a powerful tool if used with all the precautions and possibilities. Posting regularly while providing great value to user, promoting brand awareness, solving the problem of your business audience, helping them reach on a purchase decision will all help in increasing your profit bottom-line. Initially there might be some inhibitions from various quarters and product owners but explaining them the benefits of business blogging will gradually pull them in the process. Nothing is more valuable to a business than a motivating employee who is also customer service oriented. Many big businesses have been built on this solid foundation. Blogging passionately about your business or service will only bring benefits; there is no doubt in it.

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