5 Killer Tips To Avoid Email Spam Filters

Email Marketing Spam Triggering Words

Email marketing is one of the most popular means of sending out the word to users about your product or service. Almost every person online checks his email on regular basis and some do it many times a day. If your email reaches the inbox of a user chances are good that it will be opened and read thereby getting you more business and brand recognition. The most important thing here is that your email should reach the inbox of user without getting caught in spam box. These 5 tips if followed diligently will help you reach the inbox and deliver the message to the user.

Email Spam
1. Go for double opt-in: Double opt-in means that the user has consented to receive your email communication. Whenever a user gives you an email for receiving promotional offers always send him a conformation link and add the user to your email marketing list only when he or she has clicked on that confirmation link. Many email service providers only allow double opt-in lists and keep a track of the IP address and time stamp of the user who clicked the confirmation link. This method has two advantages, first you are not sending unsolicited emails or spam secondly the chances of opening your email and reacting to the message in it increase many fold. By asking customers’ permission to send emails, you increase trust, brand loyalty, and response rates.

2. Never buy email lists: Internet is spread with offers like 100000 emails for 10$. Never buy or rent such lists. The primary reason being that the users have not consented to receive emails from your site and secondly it puts your business in the category of spammer. People can sue you and the repercussions of such an action will be drastic for your business. As the problem of spam is compounding the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are getting tougher on spam protection.

3. Avoid using the spam words: Spam filters over the years have evolved and formulated a pattern of words, which are generally used in spam and bulk emails. Avoid using these words in your emails if you don’t want to get into spam box. Some sample words are NO ALL CAPS, 50% off, Don’t Delete, Free, Double, Income, Act Now, Earn, $$$, All New, Amazing, Offer, As seen on, Compare, Million, Dollars, Order Now etc. A comprehensive and updated list of such words can be found from the internet. The priority of your business emailer or newsletter should be to avoid such words while keeping it as professional as possible.

Email Marketing Spam Triggering Words

4. Follow the Can-Spam Act: Many countries have formulated laws against spam and drafted clear cut instructions on how to send a commercial message using email. The Can-Spam Act of USA can be used as an example. USA Can-Spam Act says that – Don’t use false or misleading headers, don’t use deceptive subject lines, identify the message as an advertisement, tell recipients where you are located, tell recipients of how to opt out of your mailing list and stop receiving future email communications from your business, honor opt-out requests promptly, monitor what others are doing on your behalf. More about USA Can-Spam act can be found here. Sending mass commercial email laws and spam messages vary from country to country. They are also dependent on where the servers are located. Make sure to consider all these points and follow them before sending any mass mailers.

5. Build trust: The IP from where emails are being sent is closely monitored by the ISPs. Make sure that it is not blacklisted by them. If your IP is blacklisted it will be difficult for you to reach the inbox of your email subscribers. Always provide the details of location of your business and an unsubscribe or opt-out link in the email body. Use the same domain name to send email where the users have opted-in. These are good business practices and build trust among your subscribers.

Bonus Tip: Many email sending service providers like Mailchimp, iContact, Constant Contact etc. provide services which help you test whether the email message will provide the spam filters of Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and other major providers and how the message will look in the inbox of these providers. This service is not free but is worth the price if you want to be doubly sure that your email will reach the inbox of your subscriber.

Email marketing lists have been an asset to online marketers who have made huge amount of money online and businesses who regularly send updates, information and interact with their customer base. Regularly updating the email list, cleaning them for opt- outs, giving pertinent information regarding business, testing the email headlines will ensure that your message reaches the inbox and brings in more profits for your business.


  1. mohd akbar says:

    I really like this article. All five points you mention is very helpful for me. And i definitely avoid spam massage.
    Awesome post…!

  2. Ashish Gill says:

    Really fabulous post….now i’ll definitely get to know about spam msgs and avoid them.

  3. Zion Amal says:

    I always had hate for spams and you made this article quite informative and interesting 🙂

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