5 Sure-Fire Ways to Make More Sales from Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

make sales web hosting

Are you blogging for money? I’m sure most of us are blogging for profits, not for fun. We are all searching for different ways to make money blogging. One of the most effective ways to generate passive income from online is by selling affiliate products.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are tons of products out there and most of them have great ROI. One of the easiest ways to make more affiliate income is to recommend hosting services for your blog visitors.

Why refer web hosting affiliate programs?

The simplest reason is, almost every person who wants to start a website on WordPress need a hosting service. Other reason is, you can make really good amount from every successful sale you make from hosting providers.

Which one can you recommend?

It depends on your readers and visitors. If your readers are looking for limited budget web hosting programs, you need to only refer affordable web hosts like Bluehost, HostGator, DreamHost etc.

If you have small business owners as your customers who want a VPS, then you can refer few costly hosting services like Media Temple, SiteGround, WP engine etc.

How to make more sales from web hosting affiliate programs?

make sales web hosting

1. Only recommend the web hosts you use

Honest website marketing is the key to make more sales by selling affiliate products. Take any successful online marketer for instance you will understand that they will be only promoting the products they personally use.

Don’t promote affiliate products just because they are giving you extra income, you should look out for the trustworthy of the products. So before giving web hosting service advices to your audience, use them first. Then recommend the hosting services that you really liked most, it is better if you promote only those hosting services that you personally use.

I personally use and recommend Bluehost for any new blogger who wants a hassle free web host service for their WordPress websites.

2. Write unbiased web hosting reviews

If you want to increase your web hosting affiliate program sales, write unbiased and honest product reviews. If you convince your visitors the pitfalls and advantages of using the products you recommend, you can make more sales without selling your soul.

Hone your writing skills to create great reviews on the products you want to promote. Analyze how your competitors are promoting their products by writing reviews. You can have a better idea if you go through all the product reviews of popular bloggers who are making decent affiliate income.

I recommend you to read Smart Passive Income and Problogger.net to increase your writing skills as well as affiliate sales.

Don’t Miss: Bluehost Coupon for maximum saving.

3. Promote your web hosting affiliate programs

If there’s only one secret tip to increase your sales from web hosting affiliate programs it is PROMOTING. Reach more audience and you will be making more sales from affiliate marketing. Here are few simple yet effective ways to promote your web hosting affiliate programs without irritating your blog audience.

  • Use your web hosting links on sidebar and footer
  • Write product reviews as said above
  • Use social media sites to increase your online reach
  • Build an email list of dedicated subscribers and start promoting

Try to give huge online reach to your web hosting programs as the more reach they get, your chances of making money from them increases. But don’t appear like a spammer who wants to just increase his affiliate income, it can only hurt your readership.

Don’t sound like “hey, I’ll earn some commission if you buy this web hosting using my affiliate link”. Instead of hard selling, try to help your readers to decide the best web hosting service for their needs.

4. “Special occasions” can boost your web hosting sales

By promoting special offers on your web hosting services, you can boost your affiliate income quickly. Most people wait for the right time to launch their websites and if they see a huge price drop in web hosting service they love, they will instantly buy.

So I suggest you to sign up for all the web hosting services you recommend on your websites so that you will be the first one to get notified if they are offering special offers or discounts on their web hosting.

If they offer special discount, make sure to become the first person to write a review or give a shout out to your visitors to increase your sales. Try to get the best promo codes from the product owners to make more people buy from you instead of your competitors.

5. Offer your visitors something extra

If you are a new blogger and searching for few smartest ways to increase your web hosting sales from your websites, this tip works for you like a charm. Offer your visitors something extra for free.

For example, you could offer your writing services, free blog installation etc. at free of cost when your visitors use your affiliate links to purchase web hosting services that you recommend.

This way, both you and your visitors get benefited, though it seems like an additional work, but you can surely increase your sales even if you are new to online world.

Note: Always disclose your web hosting affiliate products and let your blog visitors know you are using affiliate links on your blog posts and links. This way you will be able to build trust even with the first time visitors, also mention (affiliate link) whenever you are using affiliate links on your posts.

Final Thoughts about Making More Sales from Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Use your blog posts to increase your web hosting sales, use personalization and only recommend the products that you are personally satisfied with to build trust. By offering few samples of web hosting services, you can double web hosting sales from your websites. Also make sure to write honest product reviews and optimize well for the search engines for long tail keywords to get the rewards from search engines.

Let me know your thoughts on making more sales from web hosting affiliate programs. Do you have any more tips to increase web hosting sales? Please share them in the comments and I’d be glad to consider them.


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