6 Easy Ways to Make Money When You Need It

6 Easy Ways to Make Money When You Need It

Who else wants to make money whenever you need it? Are you searching for different ways to make money online QUICKLY? If yes, you are in the right place.

Making money online is not a rocket science if you have a specific set of skills. But the problem arises if you don’t know where you are good at. This is the reason why most teenagers and youngsters spend their time online wasting on Facebook, twitter etc. instead of spending productively to make money.

If you are one among them, don’t worry I will guide you through this detailed post on how can you make money online fast without cheating others. If you need to make money fast, what do you do? Whether it’s to pay an overdue utility bill or to pay for an unexpected emergency, sometimes we need money that we simply don’t have. Luckily, there are ways to make money that are both easy and fairly quick. Here are 6 easy money making ideas:

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How to make money online when you need it?

make money online fast

1. Sell Your Stuff

The world is now taking a minimalist lifestyle to survive the financial crisis. Minimalist lifestyle is nothing new, from ancient times humans are minimalists. According to minimalism, there’s one rule: less is more. The less you own things, the more you become happy because the things own you often ends up in owing you.

Find out the junk that you are not using, go check out your store rooms, terrace etc. to find all the junk.Walk through your home and you’ll undoubtedly find things that you no longer have a use for. Clothing is outgrown, toys are no longer played with and those old antiques collect dust. Decide what you can part with and sell it! Tag sales are a great way to sell your things and spend a fun weekend afternoon.

Alternately, you can sell your belongings online on sites like eBay and Craigslist. If you choose to sell your things online, make sure that you keep your personal safety in mind when completing transactions in person.

2. Freelance

Most of the times, it doesn’t matter whether you are good at something or not to make money online. Almost everyone can hone in few skills within a short period of time. For example, just by writing daily, you will be able to hone your skills and find few writing gigs to make some quick money online. There are plenty of sites that help you make money online if you know what you are talking about.

Whether you enjoy writing or giving people great customer service, there are dozens of legitimate ways to make money online. Sites like Textbroker and LiveOps hire people as independent contractors to write articles, proofread others’ articles and answer incoming phone calls. If you’ve got an internet connection and a phone line, there’s no reason to not take advantage of these opportunities.

If you have a website or blog, you will be able to land tons of clients using your services. You just need to update your portfolio with quality links to make sure you are getting quality clients over random guys. You can also use testimonials on your sites to build trust among your clients. Having a blog can definitely boost your online revenue (it doesn’t matter whether you are a writer, designer, SEO expert or a random selling guy).

3. Use Your Vehicle

If you are not working, are working only part time or have weekends free, why not consider using your vehicle as a way of making money. The elderly and home bound often need help in running errands or other day-to-day tasks. You can charge as little or as much as you like to provide assistance to these people. If you have a truck, you can use it to help people move. People post on Craigslist everyday for a single ride or a series of them. Use this to your advantage! Instead of letting your vehicle sit in the driveway, useless, make money with it!

Also you can hire your vehicles (motor cycles or cars) online to get daily customers. You just need to take their driving licence copies before handing your vehicles to them to make sure they won’t theft your hard earned money spent on buying them.

4. Get Crafty

Do you love to use your hands to make things? If you have got the time, this can be a great way to make money on the side. Whether you bake, crochet, scrapbook or make candles, there’s always a market for your wares. Begin by selling to friends and family, sell on Etsy, rent a table at a craft fair or set up at your local flea market. Once you gain momentum, the sky’s the limit. You may even be able to turn your crafting into a full-fledged business!

If you are good at cooking, you can also start a video channel on YouTube, get more views and likes to generate a passive income from YouTube. Doing this is absolutely for free, you won’t have to invest even a penny except your hands to make things.

5. Offer Your Services

Everyone is good at something. Your ability to make money online depends on knowing what you are good at. Once you know your potential skills, you can make more money in a short time. There are plenty of websites like Fiverr or few other writing gigs available if you are good at something (ranging from designing logos to making videos).

Are you good at something? Do your friends and family come to you with questions and help with a particular issue? If so, expand your services to others. For instance, if you know how to turn a computer inside out and put it back together again, why not offer to fix people’s computers out of your living room?

If you can change the oil in a car in no time flat, offer to do so for your neighbors. If you have got a plow on the front of your truck or a riding lawn mower, offer your services for a price. Get creative! Almost everyone has something that they can do better than someone else.

So make sure to know where you are really good at and search the web for different ways to make money online and you will be surprised with the results. But you need to remember that, consistency and quality are very important to make some passive income from your efforts.

6. Get Money Quick by pay day loans

There comes a time when we all need more money than we have. If you need cash immediately and can’t afford to wait for any of these options to pay off, consider a payday loan. These loans can offer a quick solution to your money problems. While a payday loan can help you now, chances are that you’ll need money again in the future.

Look to these six options and see what peaks your interest and fills your needs. Use one or more to start creating an emergency fund to keep yourself out of a bind down the road. If you can put into action some things to be able to put some money away, you will be less likely to have to figure out how to scrape money together in the future.

Note: Most of the time, these pay day loans are very expensive (they include high interest rates) and you should only consider using them for short term borrowing. The great thing about pay day loans is that even if you are in bad debt, they will arrange some money so you can invest it on making more money or utilizing for your day to day chores.

Bonus tip to make money online fast

Work as a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is someone who doesn’t need a separate office to work, he just needs a computer with Internet to work from anywhere anytime. Once you know where you are good at, Google different sources to come up with different website owners. Contact them through emails and ask them that you are interested in working for them as a VA (Virtual Assistant). Also tell them why they need your skills, if they really need you they will hire you. Generally you can make $3o to $50 average per hour working as a VA.

In a nutshell: Getting creative is the key to make money online quickly. Don’t fall for the spammers who keep on saying “making $1000 in a day even if you are new”. Making money online is an art, you have to be bit patient to understand how the cash flow works online. Only then you will be able to make passive income from your efforts. The methods mentioned above are some quick ways to make money online whenever you need it, so make sure to follow the advice.

Did you find the above ways to make money online fast? Also let me know what monetization options you recommend to others when they need to make some quick money online. I’d be glad to know your opinions.


  1. Dean Saliba says:

    Hmmm there really isn’t that many ways to make money fast, things like sponsored post, freelance writing & affiliate marketing will not pay you quickly, you normally have to wait around a month or two to receive the income you’ve accumulated.

    Selling your stuff on Ebay is probably the best way if you want to see money quickly.

  2. Selling your stuff is the best way to get it quickly, freelancing can work to on websites like Fiverr

  3. Carlos says:

    All of the suggestions you mentioned here are truly easy to do if you want to make money immediately. If you aren’t lucky enough getting a freelance job, then try doing part-time jobs at your local area. But, if your aim is to have an emergency fund, then why not try saving a bit of your money each time from your allowance or salary? That is, if you don’t have the time to do extra jobs for others.

  4. Ankit J says:

    Selling old phone to get new one can also help as I sold my Samsung Galaxy note to get my new HTC One X. Thanks

  5. Pankaj says:

    Selling your own stuff and using your skills to give solutions to others are the best options to earn money. This actually helps you to establish your trust and reputation and you’ll start getting money automatically once you become popular.

  6. Anubhav Gupta says:

    Hello @Rusell

    Great ideas you shared regarding make money rapidly. But, my experience said that” Not a single way to become rich over a night”.

    Keep patience, consistency and hard work will reach you to success.

    Thanks for Article
    Anubhav Gupta

  7. Michael says:

    Selling stuff on eBay has always been my go-to for quick cash. Every 5-6 months I’ll rummage through the house and find all the junk I bought in the previous months. Unfortunately, I’ll have a net loss on everything but it’ll put money back in my pocket by selling.

  8. Jason says:

    Great tips for earning money online. Eventhough the initial payment would be small, as days goes by it increases and we get more exposure.

  9. Thomas James says:

    I started off Freelance writing, since it is my Passion and hobby when I was a Kid. It’s never easy because we all have competitors who does the craft too. But I am happy that until now, I continue my writing where I know I could earn and learn something. Thanks for sharing this!

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