8 Steps for an Effective Social Media Curation Strategy

Social Media ToolsManaging your online presence can be done using apps for your smartphone or by installing extensions for your web browser. The tool that you choose to use is based on the type or amount of information to manage and features that are required.


This is an app and extension that is provided by Twitter. You can install the app on an iPhone or choose to download and install an extension for the Google Chrome web browser. The same features are on all versions of this tool. Uses are able to customize all types of information. This includes scheduling for a specific tweet, receiving notification alerts for new tweets, and the management of lists.


Uses can install this tool as a desktop app or as a Google Chrome extension. The download option that is needed can be found at the bottom of their website. The app is also listed the Chrome Web Store. The tool gives users the ability to search users or keywords and to organize by using filters. A scorecard that allows users to see various statistics comes from the dashboard. There is a free version of this app and a selection of paid versions. This tool supports Twitter and other social networks.


Multiple users can use this app to post tweets on a single account on Twitter. Users can be added to this app to easily allow you to manage your social presence. A group account will display all users that have been given permission to post tweets. A name on the account can easily be enabled or disabled. You are able to use a free account or a premium account. The premium account will cost $4.99 each month.


This tool can be used with many popular social networks including Twitter and Facecbook. Users have a dashboard that is used to create teams, manage messages, multiple accounts, and to view statistics. A free plan and a Pro plan is available. The Pro plan will cost $9.99 per month. The free version includes five social profiles, the ability to schedule messages, two RSS feeds and Quick Reports.


Schedule posts to Facebook profile, Facebook fan pages, Twitter and LinkedIn using Buffer. You can share from your browser or mobile device. Additionally, there are many share bars, such as DiggDigg, that contain a link to Buffer blog posts. You can add content to your BufferApp account and determine the times that you want the content to be distributed, so your content will be slowly “dripped” out to your users at optimal times. They offer a free version as well as a paid version.

Effective social media curation strategyHow to use these tools for an effective social media curation strategy?

1. Create a Google Reader account with the most authoritative industry blogs

2. Identify and follow industry experts in Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

3. Use TweetDeck or HootSuite to spend a few minutes every day reading your top tweets, FB posts, etc.

4. Use BufferApp to distribute the content at specific times across your social platforms

5. Invite multiple users using GroupTweet to share content on Twitter

6. Use SocialBro to monitor your followers, identify new followers, unfollow those that unfollowed you, etc.

7. Engage with people in your circles, followers, and friends.

8.  Write unique content for your blog or other guest blogs, and send them to your social accounts through BufferApp or OnlyWire.

By using these tools and following the steps above you will be able to identify and share quality content. By maintaining active social channels and sharing amazing content, you will develop loyal & engaged followers.

Written by Marcela De Vivo


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