A Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online in India

Making money online is not a rocket science.

You, me, your grand-ma, anyone can make money online by using several ways. If you want to make money online especially in India, you must be aware of using trustworthy methods because there are a lots of scams and frauds will be going on.

If you don’t know how to make money online as a beginner, this detailed guide on making money online in India is exclusively for you.

Making money online in India is becoming viral these days as most of the college students, working professionals and designers are jumping into the world of blogging. Honestly speaking (from my own experience), starting a blog on WordPress is easy but it’s not really easy to make money from it unless you have special skills in marketing.

If you are a beginner with no additional skills, would it be possible to make money online in India? Yes, of course it is!

Let’s see how can you make money online in India without falling for any traps or investing a lot of money. Let’s get into the details without further ado.

How to make money online in India

make money online india

Here are few surefire ways to making money online in India.

Making money online from article writing

This is one of the best and fastest ways to making money online in India. There are a lot of bloggers around the globe who want to hire people to write content for their blogs.

Most people with blogs are always in hunt of content writers. If you have good writing skills in English (you don’t need to be a prolific writer though), you can easily find a lot of writing gigs using services like Fiverr, Problogger writing job boards, eLance etc.

How much can you earn through article writing?

It depends. It depends on your ability to write and craft the posts. It also depends upon three major factors.

  1. Your experience: If you have 1 to 2 year experience in writing, it can give better results to you to earn more money in less time. Even if you don’t have any experience, still you can make money. But you can’t expect high amount, generally for a new writer, you can expect 100 to 200 Rs/- per each article. Your price per article goes up if you have more experience. Just do the math, if you can write 3 to 5 posts a day (with the word count of 500 words), you can earn anywhere around 6oo to 1000 Rs/- a day easily.
  2. Your network or connections: If you have great connections, you will instantly get good clients who can pay you better amount per each and every article that you write.
  3. Your writing portfolio: If you have a great writing portfolio (“Portfolio” is just like a certificate, if you land on top blogs with your guest posts it can become a GREAT asset for your blog). So, try to write guest posts for the top blogs first. Slowly you will understand how it works.

As a new writer, you can’t expect high payouts as you will not have any connections with other writers or bloggers online. So you first need to create great connections with other bloggers to build some online reputations. Then you need to hone your writing skills to create better blog posts.

What skills do you require to make money online through article writing?

You don’t need a Ph.D in English to become a blog writer, you just need to write clearly (to make others easily understand what you are writing). So, try to make it a habit of writing daily (it can be from 200 words to 2000 words), the more you write, the better your writing gets, it’s as simple as that.

Making money from blogging

Blogging is undoubtedly one of the effective ways to earn money online. There are so many bloggers are raising from India but only few bloggers are making a decent income from their blogs. Because majority of the new bloggers don’t invest any money on their blogs.

Remember that, blogging is an online business, and every business needs some investment to make money out of it. Without investing a penny on your blogs, you can’t make any from your blogs.

If you are really serious about making money from blogging in India, please go through this two posts.

So how do bloggers make money?

There are so many ways bloggers make money online, here are the top 3 ways most bloggers earn huge money from their blogs.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ads/Banners
  • Coaching
  • Products
  • Paid reviews

How much can you make money from blogging?

It again depends on your experience and skills. If you have a high traffic website, you can use Google AdSense, banner ads, affiliate marketing to easily make around $500 to $2000 every month.

If you focus on building a loyal readership who are interested in getting your services (content writing, consulting etc.) you can make money depending upon the services you offer.

By offering web design services

Are you good at web design? If you have photoshop skills to turn random ideas into art, you can make a lot of money by offering web design services. You can either launch a blog or use services like Fiverr to offer your services to others. You can offer the services like;

  • Logo design
  • Theme design
  • Creating banner ads
  • Business cards, eBook covers etc.

How much can you make?

If you use services like Fiverr, one order (can be done in a few minutes if you have photoshop skills) can get you $5. That means you can easily make around $20 (1200 rs/-) daily if you are consistently finding web design related gigs.

EBook writing services

Just like article marketing, ebook writing service is one of the best income methods to earn money online. It can also help you make some quick money even if you are a beginner without having much of online experience.

What do you need to make money from eBook services?

You need connections with other bloggers and website masters. So, try to spend time in connecting with other bloggers especially in writing niche to make more money.

How much money you can make from EBook writing services?

Earning money from EBook writing is as similar as earning money from article writing, you must have good connections with other bloggers to get more amount for your work.

By having a blog, you can show some writing proof to others that you can write better contents for the online readers, that’s how you will get deals from other clients to hire your eBook writing services.

You can earn anywhere around $50 to $500 for writing an eBook (it also depends on your eBook topic, the broader the topic the more money you can ask).

Niche site marketing

Most online entrepreneurs earn a lot of money through niche site marketing. The good thing about niche marketing is, you don’t have to generate lots of content, once you create enough content with proper search engine optimization, you are good to go to make decent income on auto pilot (means making steady passive income from online).

How to start a niche site?

Choose an extremely focused and less crowded niche market and create keyword rich contents and try to generate to quality back links to get number 1 rank in Google search results for the desired keywords in your niche market.

For example, you could create a niche site on “HostGator hosting review” the only thing you can do is to write a detailed review with the cons and pros of HostGating hosting and generate quality links back to your site with keywords like “HostGator hosting review”, “best hosting service” etc.

How much you can earn from niche sites?

You can earn money by placing banners of HostGator and driving traffic to your niche site consistently, the more you generate targeted traffic the more affiliate income you can generate from niche sites. You can also place Google AdSense banners on these sites to earn decent income. Your income depends totally on your traffic, the quality traffic you drive to your sites, the better income you can get.

Final thoughts about making money online in India

There are so many other ways to making money online in India, but you can only generate good income when you have a great online platform (like having a website/blog with loyal readership).

Don’t fall for the trap of spammers who say “earn money 10,000 a day by working just 1 hour” etc.

Always follow one simple rule: start small and grow rich.

All the tips mentioned in this guide are extremely easy to follow and get you results if you implement. Although it takes time to enrich your skills and finally start making money online, but they will definitely help you bring results.

Let me know your thoughts about making money online in India? Do you have any questions, please share them in the comments and I’d be glad to reply.


  1. Ranuka says:

    Hey Anil,

    Great posts for all who try to make money online. Actually, these methods works not only for India. Anyone can make money using these methods.

  2. Shailendra says:

    Hi Anil,

    you have covered great points. I think for all points you must have writing quality and I think any one can develop this by continues writing habit.


  3. Hahaha… “You don’t need a Phd to be a blogger”. Luv it… And agree too, else I can never be one!
    Happy Blogging.

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