A Step By Step Guide to Make Your Blog Popular

build a popular blog

When it comes to making money blogging, you have to keep two things in mind. One, the connections you have online and the other is how much hard work you put towards making your blog successful.

So who else wants to make their blogs and websites popular? Hands down, almost everyone is trying to get attention in this lousy blogosphere. If you are a new blogger it might be bit hard for you to get more shares, comments and links to your posts.

But when you gain connections and start knowing other people, it becomes easy for you to make your blog popular. The key here is to be consistent with your efforts and don’t give up too soon.

Here is the detailed guide on (I must say an easy step by step guide) on making your blog popular and profitable.

How to make your blog popular?

build a popular blog

Step 1: Start with readers

Focus on your readers first. Without readers, there’s no way you can build a popular blog.

If you just focus on getting more page views or traffic, you can’t build a highly popular blog or website. Sure, you may get more income if you have multiple authors updating your blogs and websites each and every day but it doesn’t mean you will become an authority in your industry.

People pay you, not traffic. People buy from you, they share your posts not search engine crawlers. So when you are new to blogging, instead of focusing on SEO related stuff, focus on user interaction.

Try to figure out what all problems they have, ask them, create surveys, use your email lists etc. to know their frustrations.

Step 2: Make sure to stand out with your content

Focus on solving your readers problems one at a time. You simply can’t give solutions all at once. You have to brainstorm the ideas, come up with great solutions and write them on your blog posts.

Only then you will be able to grab more people attention over time. Remember it’s the consistency that keeps you going in the long run, you need to be patient when building a popular blog.

The major difference between a successful and failure blog is the CONTENT. You see, whenever you read a popular blog in your niche, you will always find solutions to your problems. So whenever they launch something on their blogs be it paid or free stuff, you will definitely consider using it, right?

That’s why it is very important to focus on giving better user experience through your content.

Step 3: Engage with the social media influencers

Social media influencers like Jane Sheeba, Ileane Smith, Zac Johnson, Ann Smartyetc. can immensely help you in your business.

But you need to remember that, you should not build relationships just for the sake of getting huge benefits from them. Instead focus on offering massive value to them, help them to grow their audience, then overtime they will also help you.

Here are few ways to help the influencers before getting help from them.

  • Find broken links on their websites and let them know
  • Share their blog posts on social media sites
  • Comment on their blog posts and
  • Often send friendly emails to get in touch
  • Ask if there is any chance to guest post on their blogs

Add share buttons to your blog, but no more than 3 to 4. Using more social sharing buttons on your blog posts only piss your readers off to share your contents. If you are new to blogging and want to get more social shares, then give less options to share. It always works in getting more social shares.

Step 4: Create a hook and build your email list

Want to know the surefire way to leverage your blog traffic for success?

Turn first time visitors into repeating visitors.

How can you do that? Build an email list that is responsive. Without building a list of email subscribers, you really can’t make your blog popular. After all, you have to make few people to listen to what you have to say.

Then and only then they will be able to care about your stuff and buy your products. Only using email list, you can build strong relationships with your subscribers. If you have great connections with them, it becomes easy for you to make more sales either from affiliate marketing or your own products.

Always remember that people don’t buy from strangers especially in online business. So you have to gain trust and build rapport to make them buy. Building email list is the best option to do that.

Step 5: Making money is not a rocket science

Do you know why most successful bloggers are so profitable and making a living from their websites?

The reason is they are selling something from their websites and helping them to make passive income. That means they are making money even when they are sleeping!

There are basically two ways to make money by selling stuff.

  1. Making money by selling others products (affiliate marketing)
  2. Making money by selling your own products (eBooks, videos, podcasts etc.)

Making money from affiliate marketing is not a rocket science, you need to learn how to sell. If you are a beginner and finding it hard to make money from affiliate marketing, don’t lose hopes.

Just focus on how can you help your readers by selling relevant products, write genuine reviews and offer them something for free when they buy from your links. You will definitely notice the best results then.

You can also make money by selling your own products like eBooks (ex: Problogger.net), videos (ex: bodybuilding sites), plugins (ex: WP beginner) etc.

Make sure you are providing huge value to your audience, and build a great network that helps you make money from your products. If people don’t find any real value in your products, it will eventually turn down your online reputation as well as money.

Step 6: Gain more exposure

Promotion is the key to make your blog popular. Let me ask you a few questions before knowing the importance of promoting your blogs and websites.

  • What’s the use of writing too many blog posts if you don’t get any comments or shares?
  • Why write for people when no one buys from you?

The bottom line is, you have to make more people to read your stuff. Ultimately reaching RIGHT people with your content is the key to make more money from your websites. If no one reads your blog means you won’t be able to make your blog successful and making money only seems impossible.

So promote your blog to get wider reach and attention. Here are few simple ways to get started.

  • Use blogging forums to promote your blog posts.
  • Leave thoughtful and funny comments on other sites to get others attention
  • Write guest posts that are of highly quality to gain more attention from other people to read your blogs

Conclusion: If you are willing to build a popular blog, start with the audience first. Try to get more interaction from them, then use your social networks to reach more audience.

Here are the 3 goals to consider before making your site a success.

  1. Standing out from the crowd
  2. Getting more exposure back to your websites
  3. Making money by helping people

So what are your favorite ways to build a highly reputed blog? Please share your views in the comments.


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