AdRotate Plugin: Ads Management Plugin for WordPress blogs

If you are blogging to make money online, you would like to add some flashy banners in your blog sidebar and content area. If you own a popular blog, you much have some advertisers who are running banner ads on your blog. It can be very difficult and time consuming task if you are manually adding or editing ads, tracking their performances, their renewal & expiration etc. Since you are blogging on WordPress, there are lots of ad management plugins available in free and premium categories. One plugin I’m talking about is AdRotate plugin which I’m using on Bloggers Passion blog as well to manage different ad spots on my blog.

What is AdRotate Plugin?

AdRotate Plugin is developed by Arnan de Gans and we are really thankful to him for creating such a wonderful plugin for managing banner ads. Although AdRotate plugin is available for free in WordPress directory but it’s much more valuable than lots of premium WordPress Plugins for whom we end up paying hundreds of dollars.

  • You can manage advertiser’, affiliate and your own self-promotional banners ‘through Ad Rotate plugin with ease.
  • You can track important metrics like the number of times a particular banner is displayed and the number of clicks on a particular banner quite easily with this ads management plugin.
  • You can show rotating banners from a group of banners at a particular location on our blog with this plugin.
  • You can set scheduled date and expiration dates for the banners. It will be quite handy if you are able to sell lot of direct banner advertisements on your blog.
  • With AdRotate Banner, you can show advertisements in your blog sidebar, header section, footer section and anywhere in your blog contents.
  • You can set the priorities for a banner visibility if it’s used in a group.
  • You can decide the maximum impressions and clicks against each banner ad.
  • Automatic email notifications whenever you need them
  • Advertisers can directly approach you from their dashboards
  • You will have access to banners at preview level
  • You can export ads performance statistics into a CSV file
  • Works well with Google Adsense ads, standard banner ads and affiliate banner ads etc.

How to Install AdRotate Plugin into Your WordPress Panel

Installation of this ad management plugin is very similar to any other plugin and it would take few seconds only in installing it into your WordPress blog.

    • Go to Plugins section from your WordPress Dashboard and click Add New
    • Make search with AdRotate as such in search box and the very first result will be for AdRotate plugin.
    • Install and activate it into your plugins directory.
    • After installation, you can access this plugin just after Comments Section from your WordPress Dashboard.

Access Ad Management Plugin from WordPress Dashboard

You can download the latest version of AdRotate plugin from here in case you want to manually install it into your plugin directory through FTP software.

Adding Google Adsense Ads into Your Blog Sidebar with AdRotate Plugin

Step 1: To start adding a new ad into AdRotate banner wizard, click Add New under Ad Management as shown in the screenshot.

Creating your first ad with AdRotate plugin banner wizard

Step 2: Enter the title and AdCode. Suppose I want to enter a 160×600 Wide Skyscraper Google adsense ad into my blog sidebar. I will enter the title for my first ad as 160×600 Google Adsense Ad Sidebar and will paste the Google Adsense code into AdCode area. You should remember the adrotate banner id (In my case its 2) from this step which will be required in the next step as shown in the screenshot below.

New Ad Settings

Once you are finish with adding the values, click Save Ad button.

Step 3: In the previous step we have added a Google Adsense ad code into AdRotate Banner Wizard and now it’s time to display it into our blog sidebar. Move to Widgets section available Under Appearance. From the Available Widgets area drag the AdRotate widget to the active widgets area as show in the screenshot and enter your ad id, for me it’s 2.

drag and Drop Adrotate widget from Available widget area to active widgets section

This is how you can add a Google Adsense Ad into your blog sidebar using AdRotate plugin.

Adding Other Banner Ads into Your Blog Sidebar using AdRotate

Similarly you can add any banner into your blog sidebar where you will need to enter the targeted website URL and Image URL. Here is a screenshot showing sample code that I added for showing 468×60 Hostgator banner at single post level on Bloggers Passion Blog using AdRotate banner wizard.

Banner Ad Code Sample

After saving this code, you need to drag this widget into active widgets section from Widgets available under Appearance and enter the matching ID for this banner ad as done previously for Google Adsense Ad. Now refresh your blog to see added image in action.

How to Add Rotating Banners with AdRotate Plugin

To showing rotating ads, you need to create groups from ads you have already created. I tested it for showing 2 banners of 300×250 sizes in my blog sidebar at random. I created two ads namely 300×250 Sidebar BlueHost and 300×250 Sidebar Tweet Adder. Then I grouped both of these ads under a group name 300×250 sidebar 1 as shown in the screenshot below. From this section, you should notice the adrotate group id.

Creating rotating ads by combining several ads into Groups

Now you need to drag the group 300×250 sidebar 1 AdRotate widget into our blog sidebar the way we did for normal ads from Widgets under Appearance. You need to select the Type as Group of Ads and mention the corresponding group id as shown in the screenshot below:

AdRotate Group Ads for creating rotating ads

So in today’s tutorial we learnt how to install AdRotate Plugin, installing a banner or Google Adsense ad and rotating banners into a WordPress blog.

Do you have any question or doubts about AdRotate plugin; let me know in the comments section.


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