All In One SEO Pack Tutorial: Free SEO Plugin for Wordpress Blogs

All In One SEO Pack Tutorial: Free SEO Plugin for WordPress Blogs

If you have ever through of optimizing your WordPress blog for search engines, you would already have heard about All in One SEO plugin. All in one SEO pack is of the oldest and most popular plugin for WordPress. Popularity of this plugin can be estimated by the factor that it has already been downloading more than ten million times.

Apart from All in One SEO Pack, One can try other SEO plugins to make their WordPress blogs search engine friendly. Some of SEO Plugins I recommend apart from this plugin are Google XML Sitemaps, SEO Smart Links, WP Super Cache Plugin and WP etc. But today I will be sharing detailed insights about All In One SEO pack plugin only.

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All In One SEO Pack Installation Process

Step 1: Go to plugins directory into your WordPress admin section and click Add New and in the search box available make search with All In One SEO Pack search term

Step 2: The very first result should be for the plugin we are intended to install. This plugin is developed by Michael Torbert. Click the Install Now link and activate this free SEO plugin for WordPress blogs. One can download this seo plugin from WordPress plugins directory from here for free.

Step 3: Once you click the activation link for this plugin, next window will ask you to configure it from its admin page as shown in the screenshot below:

All In One SEO Pack Configuration

Step 4: Now you need to click on the admin page link. First thing that you need to do from the next window is enable this plugin. So select the Enabled button available against Plugin Status and click Update Options >> button available towards the bottom of this window as shown in the screenshot below.

All in One SEO Plugin Update Options

Step 5: You should use the same window i.e. All In One SEO pack Options to set meta data for your blog home page like its Title, Description and keywords. Apart from this you can set the format that need to be used at post title, page title, category title, tag title and search title level.

Step 6: From the options menu, you can noindex less valuable content types on your blog like category pages, tag pages, archives etc. Different people have different views about the indexing of these types of contents. Some people feel that if you are allowing search engines to index our blog contents available at category, tag and archive level, we are creating some level of content duplicity in our blog as these types of pages are automatically created by WordPress CMS and thus sending no real value to our blog readers.

Step 7: You can easily set the page title, meta description and meta keywords for each and every page and post on your blog with All in One SEO pack plugin. You should try to limit your title length to 65 characters and should restrict description length to 160 characters with spaces in both the cases. With this plugin, we can try different page title and post titles to target maximum number of keywords. We can use post title for our blog readers and page title for search engines. In case you have any confusion about what is page title and post title and how we should create SEO friendly Titles, please check this post. Here is screenshot showing Page Title, Meta Description and Meta Keyword widget in action at Single Post Level from Alll In One SEO pack:

All in One SEO pack meta data

All In One SEO Benefits

I think I have already explained most of features you will get benefit from installing the All In One SEO pack on your WordPress blog. Still I’m revising these features in brief:

  • We can set Page Titles, meta keywords and Meta descriptions for our blog home page, each and every post and page through this free seo plugin.
  • We can noindex certain content types like tag pages, category pages and archives through All In One SEO Plugin. We will not need to touch robots.txt file even for doing this.
  • We can target more keywords by making use of page titles and post titles through this Plugin.
  • Google Analytics can be integrated
  • We can set predefined title types that should be used at post, page, category level etc.
  • It can generate meta tags automatically.

With this, I come to the end of this post explaining All In One SEO Pack installation and features list. In case you find any difficulty in using this SEO Plugin or have something more to say about this plugin, please let me know in the comments section below.


  1. Fabrizio says:

    This is a very thorough tutorial Anil, well placed together. I use this plugin on a few blog projects although it’s not my favorite SEO plugin, it’s still a great plugin nevertheless.

  2. tonygreene says:

    Can you do a tutorial on WordPress SEO by Yoast?

  3. Vijayraj Reddy says:

    All in one SEO is a must have plugin for new bloggers…

  4. abhishek says:

    By using All in one SEO i think i have already experienced some of these benefits,
    is there any other SEO better than this

  5. Indian says:

    Hi Anil
    What would You Reccomend in between yoast and all in One SEO pack ?
    both have same features but yoast is more user friendly than all in one SEO pack

  6. Netref says:

    Hi Anil,
    i’m using all-in-one-seo plugin, i tried to insert special characters into description (black stars and white stars, which seems to be possible like i saw somes on google’s serp) but they cant be seen on google, do you know if the problem comes from this plugin ?
    best regards

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