Amazon Associates Tips: How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

Who else wants to make money with Amazon associates (also known as Amazon affiliate program)?

Amazon associates is one of the oldest and most popular affiliate programs. In fact, Amazon Associates is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs and was launched in 1996.

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you must be aware of how trusted brand Amazon is. So if you’re making successful sales from your blogs, you’ll receive payments every month without any failure. If you are getting decent amount of traffic from search engines (organic traffic is the key to making more sales from Amazon affiliates), you will definitely make decent income each and every month from Amazon associates.

How to create an account in Amazon associates?

Click here to sign up for Amazon associates and choose the products that are relevant to your blog topic. Then, place the affiliate links on your banners, sidebars and content to increase click through rates on your Amazon associate products.

How does Amazon pay its referrers?

Amazon pays you each and every month and the minimum payment threshold limit is $100. You can withdraw the money in 3 different ways including Amazon gift card, direct deposit (US based associates only) and check.

If you want to find out more Amazon associate tips, this post is exclusively for you where I’m going to also talk about few best practices to increase your Amazon associate sales. Let’s dive into the details without much ado.

Amazon associates tips and best practices

amazon associates tips and tricks

Sell cheaper products in the beginning then refer higher priced products

Refer products with lower price tags (such as eBooks) to increase your volume every month to increase your overall average commission from Amazon associates. Let me explain this in a simple example.

Amazon gives you 4% commission per every product you sell if you are selling 1 to 6 products from Amazon associates each month. If you’re selling high priced products, you may not be able to make more than 5 sales each month being a beginner. So you’ll earn not more than 4% on each product you sell that are highly priced.

But if you first sell the products with less price tag, you can increase your overall average commission, then if you can make a handful of high priced products, you can easily hit 6% commission. Here’s the percentage referral fee given by Amazon associates.


So if you’re selling 5 cheap products an average and 2 or more higher priced products, you’ll be getting an average commission of 6% .

Writing product reviews

The surefire way to increase your Amazon associate earnings is to write reviews about the products you promote. Writing unbiased product reviews can help your readers to better understand about your products.

If you show the benefits of the products you promote, they will engage more. If they see value in your products, your Amazon associates income will increase. Make sure to test out the products before you promote from your product reviews.

You can ask a product demo from Amazon associate product manufacturers. This way you will not only get a free copy of their product but you can share the pros and cons about the products from product reviews. This will give you an edge in converting in readers to buyers to boost your Amazon affiliate sales.

Use Amazon bestsellers page to your advantage

Amazon has a bestsellers page where it frequently updates the page with the hot products that sold out quickly. So you can pick your niche or industry related products and see the best sellers, and start promoting the same products on your blogs to earn more money.

Smart linking to the products

Contextual linking is the top way most bloggers make money from Amazon associates. While writing product reviews or giving product suggestions to your readers, make sure to use words like “click here to check out the easiest tool to solve your problems” etc to increase click through rates.

If you can convince your visitors to click on Amazon links, even if they buy other products (within 24 hours), the sale is counted and the commission will be sent to you.

Pro tip: If you are using images of particular products from Amazon associates, make sure to use clickable image links (use your affiliate links in your images of the products). And make sure to open all your affiliate links in new tabs.

Use promos to skyrocket your sales

One of the easiest ways to increase your Amazon affiliate sales is to promote your products by offering “product promos”. Almost every product manufacturer on Amazon affiliate gives away their stuff for 50 to 80% discount during the holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc.

If you promote your products the right way during these holidays, your readers will not only get a high discount on the products they love but your sales will boost up.

Having a list of email subscribers is the key

Whether you agree it or not, email list is the most effective asset you can have to grow your Amazon associate income. If you are a beginner who wants to make more sales from Amazon associates, I would strongly suggest you to start building an email list.

And send the sequential newsletters to create awareness about the products you promote. Creating awareness to your readers or subscribers is the simplest way to boost your Amazon product sales because if they know the benefits of the products you promote they will convert more.

Compare products for better results

Comparing two or more similar products on the same blog post or page is the surefire way to increase Amazon associate earnings. But make sure you are comparing the products that are relevant instead of distinguishing between two dissimilar Amazon products for better conversions.

Product relevancy matters a lot

What if the products you promote are completely different from the topics you cover on your blog? You will get no sales. If you want to increase your chances of making more money from Amazon associates, make sure to promote the products that are relevant to your blog audience.

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Final thoughts about Amazon associates tips and best practices

Making money from Amazon associates is similar to making money from any other affiliate program but your payment commission will largely depend on the number of sales you make every month.

So if you want to get a higher average commission, start selling cheaper products like eBooks quickly and then refer high priced products to increase your average commission sales (usually 6%).

And give better recommendations to your blog audience to increase your Amazon associates sales. Instead of making your blog an ad place, choose “few products” that are worth paying every penny.

Let me know your thoughts about the Amazon associate affiliate program. Do you have any more Amazon associate tips and best practices? Please share them in the comments.

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    By using Amazon Affiliate Links in my Ease Bedding Dot Com, I am pretty sure that affiliate programs work very well, because after launching seven months of my Blog, it is making around $1000 Monthly US.


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