Are You Born to be a Blogger?

If you ask kids 10 years old and below about what profession they want to be in the future, becoming a blogger will never be on their wish list. Why? Because maybe the word “blogger” is not yet familiar to them or they are just too young to ask. But if I would ask you the same question, what would be your answer? Is it blogging?

For the benefits of newbies out there, blogging is one of  today’s best online business tools. According to Google, there are over five hundred thousand blogs added each day and still growing. This fact can’t deny the popularity of blogging and maybe ten to twenty years from now, blogging could be the only thing in cyberspace. With the emergence of Web 2.0 sites such as Blogger,, Weebly and many others, this assumption could very well come true.

Essence of blogging

child bloggerBut why are you blogging? Or perhaps this question – why do you want to explore a blogging career? First off, nobody was born to be a blogger. Did Darren Rowse know that he would be famous with Did Jeremy Schoemaker know that he would be one of the most famous blogger in America with Or did John Chow of knew, that he would achieve total success in blogging before he leaved China? So first thing you should know is that, blogging is for everybody. You just have to explore it yourself if this endeavour is truly destined for you or not.

If you like the idea of an Internet profit machine or a work from home business without of course a lousy boss, then blogging might help you achieve that goal. Like websites, a blog can be similarly monetized through various streams like sponsored advertising, pay-per-click ads, affiliate marketing and many others. Web 2.0 sites can offer that features with an easy to set-up blog for your convenience. Gone are the days that you have to code everything just to design a single web page. With content management system (CMS) programs, you can build websites or blogs through just drag and drop features.

But before you plunge into this endeavour, you have to possess one trait that every bloggers have and that is patience. Why? Because a blog business takes time to nourish which means that you have to endure writing hundreds to thousands of articles just to have content and succeed.  Plus, the burden of Internet marketing should be one of your priorities because like other traditional businesses – no customers means no profit!

Some of the Internet marketing methods that you have to learn are article marketing, viral marketing, email marketing, forum marketing and of course search engine optimization. I suggest you concentrate more on SEO because that is the best way to acquire targeted and organic traffic for any sites especially a blog.

SEO alone can get you years to reach your desired keyword ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing, the three major search engines. If you like to make money online, you have to learn every white hat tricks in SEO to make sure that you win your online business competition. Poor SEO means less success. Other marketing methods that you have to consider is your social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Facebook and the now uprising Google+.

So in summary, you could blog even if you are undergraduate or just a student. There are no educational requirements if you want to set up your own money making blog. The most important thing is that, you heart blogging as your career and you write with passion which of course is intended for your readers. Once you achieve success, then you can truly say that you are born to be a blogger!

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