6 Incredible Backlink Checker Tools for Your Websites in 2018

Who else wants to know the best backlink check tools to analyze your page ranking factors? Are you focusing much on building quality backlinks to move your best keywords to Google top results? If yes, this article is for you where I am going to discuss about best backlink checker tools to analyze your inbound and outbound links.

Whether you agree or not, backlinks are the backbone of any successful site. Although, Google is not giving too much priority to the backlinks in recent days, but still backlinks matter a lot if you are targeting for first page results for your keywords on Google or any other search engines.

How important are your inbound and outgoing links from your websites? In simple terms, the strategy you use for the backlinks (internal or external) on your websites decide your SEO traffic. This is why it is essential to find and analyze backlinks before jumping into increasing organic traffic.

Why backlinks are important?

In simple terms, backlinks are any links that are either pointing to your web pages, or going out from websites. For instance, this is a backlink (also called internal link to one of my blog posts). You may now ask, why backlinks are important?

SEO is the real key to any website success. SEO can make or break a profitable site, it’s that important. If you are starting a blog or started a blog already, you need to optimize your blog posts for the search engines. If you don’t do SEO on your sites, no matter how many posts you write, you won’t receive much traffic from Google. So always make sure to optimize your posts before hitting publish button.

Google depends on different search engine ranking factors to rank different sites and web pages. There are upwards 200 different search ranking factors Google considers and one among them is backlinks.

If you give top priority to building high quality backlinks to your websites, your SEO efforts will be more fruitful. Observe any successful blog in your niche, they all have quality backlinks pointing to their web pages. That is the reason why they are ranking high for almost every keyword relating to their niche. That’s what you exactly need to do if you are aiming for top search results on Google, aim for building quality backlinks over quantity.

It’s always better to get a link from PR 5 site than getting 10 backlinks from a PR 2 site. So make sure to optimize your SEO efforts by focusing on building quality external backlinks and don’t use black hat SEO tactics, and you will be fine.

Getting Quality Backlinks to Your Websites

As I said above, it’s about the quality of backlinks that matter most than that of the quantity. It doesn’t matter even if you build thousands of backlinks from poor sites, you won’t get better SERP rankings for your keywords without having quality backlinks.

Then how to get quality backlinks to your sites in 2018?

1. If there’s ONLY one way to boost your SEO of your sites, it is getting links from the top blogs. You can use guest posting strategy to get it done. Read top blogs in your niche and find out what their readers are craving for, then write guest posts according to their needs. You will see a dramatic change in your SERP rankings once the top blogs link to your sites.

Guest blogging is still one of the finest ways to build backlinks. Most people now are aware of the fact that, guest blogging links to false sites (negative sites) can penalize their sites in the search results. So most of the bloggers are now carefully selecting guest posts to publish on their websites.

That’s a great news if you are focusing on getting quality backlinks by writing quality guest posts. All you have to do is to find out the best blogs that are still accepting guest posts, research the best topics for them, and pitch better guest posts to get links from them.

2. What if you are not interested in guest blogging? There’s one smart way to build quality backlinks without guest blogging. Write detailed blog posts on your websites and link to the relevant posts from other blogs in your niche. In other words, start linking to other blogs from where you want to get backlinks.

This doesn’t guarantee you getting backlinks, but if you email them about your stuff and convince them your posts will be useful to their users, they will definitely consider linking to your sites. After all, everyone wants to give their blog readers quality stuff. So focus on writing great content for your blogs first and then start linking to others.

3. Creating infographics is the latest trend and most people are now linking to quality infographics. So come up with a hot topic or trend, invest some money on creating visually appealing infographics and you are done. Try to promote it to reach more people so that your chances of getting links from others to your infographics will increase rapidly.

Although there are hundreds of other ways to build backlinks, the above mentioned ways always work no matter what. Moreover we are not going to cover more details on building backlinks in this post, so without much ado let’s dive into the details of backlinks checker tools for your websites.

List of best backlink checker tools for 2018

Best backlink checker tools 2018

1. SEMrush: Find Backlinks for any site

Who else wants to spy on their competitors websites? By using SEMrush, you can not only find out your competitors website traffic and best performing keywords but you can also easily track their backlinks.

SEMrush gives you a detailed list of all the backlinks your competitors are getting. By using this list, you can find out all the possible ways to acquire new backlinks to your website as well.

Whether you know it or not, backlinks are the backbones of any successful website that gets a lot of organic traffic. So if you want to boost your traffic from search engines to your websites, start getting more backlinks. To get it done easily, start using top backlink checker tools like SEMrush (Read SEMrush review for details).


In the above screenshot, you can clearly see that one of my competitor’s site Problogger.net backlink analysis with the list of number of backlinks and their sources.

Click This Link to Try SEMrush Pro Free for 30 Days (Value $99)

2. Backlink watch: Free Backlink checker Tool

As the title of this website says, this is a backlink checker tool that lets you check your backlinks (or your competitors) for free. By entering a domain name on this tool will display you the anchor text, page rank and total number of outbound links for that particular domain. Not only that, you can analyze the backlinks which are dofollow or nofollow.

Backlink watch also lets you analyze the SEO issues that your website has by giving a detailed report. You can also find out all the external links that are going out from your websites (you can update or remove once you know where you are linking to).

Backlink Watch at http www.bloggerspassion.com

3. Open Site Explorer: Good Paid Backlink Checker Tool

Open site explorer gives you the most accurate results and is used by thousands of SEO gurus and professionals to analyze their backlinks and their behavior. Though this is a paid tool (free version doesn’t give you full results!) but this site gives you mainly 4 results from where you can get the best SEO results of your websites.

Page authority: Open site explorer gives you a great page authority prediction of the domain name that you enter in its search box. It uses different algorithms to analyze your page authority.

Domain authority: As we all know, domain authority is one of the key factors that can help any website to rank better in search engines. Open site explorer gives your domain name’s ranking potential and predicts the accurate domain authority of your sites.

Linking to root domains: The number of links (external or outbound links) which are pointing to your home page (www.domain.com). Open site explorer provides you the best information on how many sites are linking to your root domains to help you better understand your SEO factors.

Total links: Open site explorer analyzes and gives you the total number of backlinks that are pointing to your sites be it external links or internal links.

This site is worth each and every penny that you pay for, you will get all the above information from a paid version.

Open Site Explorer

4. Ahrefs backlink checker tool:

This one is one of my favorite tools to check backlinks for the websites I want to analyze. This is by far the biggest index of live links of any site that mention using this site. The index of this site is updated almost every 15 minutes, so that you will get the fresh information on index of live links. Ahrefs is a premium tool to check and analyze your site though you can try it for free.

Ahrefs tool can show links including new and internal, linking domains, anchors, and best pages of a domain. This tool is used by almost every top blogger in SEO and Internet marketing industry. Why? Since they all know the importance of getting “fresh” data of their backlinks.

Apart from giving you the regularly updated data of your backlinks, this tool also lets you see your sites as if you through the search engine eyes. It means, you will better understand how Google or other search engines are actually crawling your site, and backlinks to measure your keywords. This becomes very hand if you are trying to get on the first page of Google for your selected keywords.

By using their SEO report, you can easily get a list of pages with empty titles so that you can make your SEO efforts better. Without knowing this, you can’t find the inaccuracies of your websites.

Overview www.bloggerspassion.com on Ahrefs

5. Rank Signals: Free Backlink finder tool

This is a free backlink checker tool for your website and is used by many bloggers who are not willing to pay money to analyze their backlinks. By entering the domain name on this tool, you will be able to find out the title and URL of linking pages to your websites.

This backlink analyze tool also provides you notable insights by showing your competitor’s SEO strategies, a great feature for a free backlink check tool, right? It will also show you whether your links are nofollow or dofollow.

They even have a chrome extension on checking backlinks for websites, so whenever you want to analyze backlinks of a site, this extension comes very handy.

Bloggerspassion.com Backlinks RankSignals

6. Majestic SEO: Find strong links for any website

One of the great features about Majestic SEO backlink tool is, it crawls the whole web without relying on third party. Thus, you can analyze the strength of any web page based on its backlinks data using this tool. You can easily and rapidly find all the data related to the URL’s linking to your pages and number of domains using Majestic tool.

This tool has 3 major features that are notable.

  1. Backlink history checker: This will examine the number of backlinks that are pointing to your site.
  2. Site explorer: This lets you examine your domains or URL’s in a detailed way.
  3. Search explorer: Using this, you can see the web page title and URL for any keyword that you enter along with the search score for the URL that you type.

Apart from above, you will get much information about your backlinks using Majestic SEO backlink analyzer tool, like it gives you the data on trust flow and citation flow (that makes your site rankings data to understand easily).

Site Explorer Results Backlinks Majestic SEO

Please watch this below video to easily understand what Majestic backlink checker tool can do for you to analyze the backlinks of any site.

Conclusion about best backlink checker tools for 2018:

Google considers “link penalties” of any website to measure the quality of a web page (it also considers different search engine ranking factors though). If you don’t focus on link penalties in the first place, you will suffer big time in terms of SEO traffic. The best way to figure out your link penalties is to find and analyze all the backlinks you have and the above mentioned 6 backlink checker tools effectively let you do that.

Never focus on getting backlinks from other sites just to boost your search engine rankings, Google is smart enough to know where you are getting backlinks. If false websites are pointing to your sites (that are irrelevant), your site might be penalized for few keywords and gives you less SEO traffic. If you don’t want to let that happen, use Google disavow tool to remove unwanted backlinks from your websites.

Always remember that, backlinks are bone of any successful website. It makes or breaks any blog in the search engine results, if you are striving to get more traffic from Google, build quality backlinks. Before doing that, it’s a smart idea to spy on your competitor’s backlinks to make your SEO efforts better. Use the above mentioned best free and paid backlink checker tools, and I guarantee you will find the most efficient information about your backlinks and remaining URL’s behavior of your sites.

Do you have any more tips on finding backlinks for a website? What backlink checker tools do you use? Please share your thoughts below in the comments.


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