5 Best Software Tools for Tracking Affiliate Campaigns in 2021

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February 19, 2021

Are you an affiliate marketer who wants to improve your conversions and track all your clicks? Are you an internet marketer who wants to improve your PPC campaigns and track your links in a better way?

If yes, this post is for you where you’ll discover some of the best software for tracking affiliate campaigns. If you’re wondering what link tracking is all about, we’ll discuss that too, but before that, we’ll first talk about the benefits and the purpose of doing it.

Link tracking software can be used for;

  • Tracking affiliate campaigns
  • Tracking PPC campaigns
  • Tracking almost any online marketing funnel

Link tracking software gives you an idea about the following things;

  • Your link visitor’s country
  • Which ad they clicked on
  • What type of device they used (tablet, phone or laptop)
  • What time of the day they visited your website
  • And so on

So if you’re an affiliate or an internet marketer who is looking for the best software for tracking multiple affiliate campaigns online, this post is for you where you’ll discover some of the best tools for tracking your links easily and efficiently.

Why Use Affiliate Tracking Software?

As your internet ventures grow, imagine the work involved in manually processes new sign-ups, creating personalized identifications, tracking your site’s statistics, monitoring new sales and developing your own advertising campaigns.

Installing affiliate tracking software allows you to automate the process, making it more streamlined and less of a day-to-day hassle. There are several types of affiliate tracking software available. Learn about the different types, the services offered by the various companies, the initial installation price and the cost of future upkeep, upgrades and technical support.

Best software for tracking affiliate campaigns: Top 5 tools

Best Software Tools for Tracking Affiliate Campaigns

1. ClickMeter

Do you want to create a tracking link within seconds and use it for your affiliate campaigns, PPC ads and so on? Start using ClickMeter as it offers all in one toolkit to track affiliate campaigns, PPC campaigns and so on at one place.


What are the key features of using ClickMeter?

Here are some of the reasons to use ClickMeter:

  • Track views, clicks and conversions at one place
  • Target those visitors where they give you massive conversion rates
  • Monitor all of your broken links
  • Gives you access to click fraud
  • Monitor all of your latency and blacklists

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Why should you use this software ClickMeter over other tracking tools?

ClickMeter is used by over 100,000 brands and businesses worldwide to create links, monitor links and track all of their online campaigns including affiliate products, PPC ads, website and social media related links.

2. Voluum

Voluum is a top notch software to track, manage and optimize all your affiliate and advertising campaigns in one place and it is one of the widely used tools for online tracking.


What are the key features of using Voluum software?

Here are some of the reasons to use Voluum:

  • Excellent reporting tools no matter what kind of traffic your website gets
  • Gives you up to 30 data points for better tracking
  • It supports CPC, CPM, and CPA, along with RevShare cost models
  • It gives you SSL access for better security

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Why should you use this software Voluum over other tracking tools?

The #1 reason to use Voluum over other tools is it gives you really extensive data analytics from all paid and organic sources. It doesn’t matter what channels you’re using to drive leads and traffic to your sites, Voluum tracks down every single click.

That means, you can track all the traffic coming from sources like;

  • Social media sites
  • Paid campaigns
  • Email lists
  • Websites
  • Videos, podcasts and so on

Not only that, it also offers you A/B split testing to improve your overall affiliate campaign performance. So if you’re looking for a robust tracking software to manage and check all your stats and clicks, go for Voluum.

3. Post Affiliate Pro

Whether you want to track PPC ads or affiliate product tracking, Post Affiliate Pro is just for you which gives you ultimate tracking options at an affordable price.

post affiliate pro

What are the key features of using ‘Post Affiliate Pro’?

Here are some of the reasons to use Post Affiliate Pro:

  • You can integrate Post Affiliate Pro tracking software with any website or shopping cart yourself and start tracking all of your clicks easily
  • It also helps you track sales in multiple currencies and recompute them into one default currency
  • It also provides you fraud protection to safeguard your site and affiliate campaigns from fraudulent transactions

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Why should you use this software Post Affiliate Pro over other tracking tools?

Post Affiliate Pro is considered as the #1 ranked and most reviewed affiliate software on the market right now which is also used and trusted by over 30,000 businesses all over the world.

To put it in a nutshell, Post Affiliate Pro can be considered as an all in one affiliate tool that not only helpful for tracking your clicks but also helps you with other things such as fraud protection, tracking sales, allows you to create private campaigns, managing multiple curries at one place and so on.

4. ClickMagick

Do you want to track all of your sales funnels along with PPC, affiliate ad campaigns and other marketing channel ads at one place? Give a try to ClickMagick then as it provides you everything you need from geotargeting to click fraud protection.


What are the key features of using ClickMagick tool?

Here are some of the reasons to use ClickMagick:

  • You can easily track all of your sales funnels be it PPC or affiliate ad campaigns
  • Allows you to perform geotargeting
  • Allows you to perform mobile optimization
  • You can easily add retargeting to any link you want
  • 24/7 click-fraud protection
  • 24/7 link monitoring to keep an eye and track your link performance better
  • Excellent speed and accuracy to provide you insightful data
  • You’ll also get one-on-one support
  • Intelligent split testing
  • Gives you access to ad rotators

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Why should you use this software ClickMagick over other tracking tools?

Whether you’re looking to effectively track all of your clicks on campaigns or monitor your links 24/7 or perform mobile optimization to better track all of your clicks and links, go for ClickMagick as it provides you all those features.

5. LinkTrack

LinkTrack is considered as one of the most effective and best link tracker which can be used for affiliate tracking and ad tracking all over the web.


What are the key features of using LinkTrack software tool?

Here are some of the reasons to use LinkTrack:

  • You can track unlimited clicks and links for all premium accounts
  • You can track all kinds of links including ad tracking, click tracking and impression tracking
  • You can use your own domain name for tracking links easily
  • Access to real-time reports where you’ll get real time tracking information

Why should you use this software LinkTrack over other tracking tools?

Using LinkTrack, you’ll get detailed tracking statistics so you can easily create custom links and see who is clicking on those links to improve your overall affiliate campaign performance easily.

You can track almost everything track your PPC (pay per click) campaigns, email marketing campaigns, social media advertising and affiliate campaigns and what not?

Pros and cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of tracking links for all of your online platforms such as PPC, affiliate link tracking, social media tracking and so on.


  • You’ll be making a lot of money and sales if you know how your audience or visitors are behaving. The only way to find out that is to track your links to see how many clicks are getting and how many of them are actually converting.
  • You can easily increase website conversion rates if you’re tracking each and every link that you use (be it for social media, SEO or PPC campaigns)
  • Tracking links give you an idea of what type of contents are working well for you
  • Tracking links can give you an idea of what’s actually working and what’s not so you can make changes accordingly


  • You’ll be losing out on a ton of helpful information if you don’t track your links be it for affiliate campaigns, PPC and so on
  • You’ll never have an idea about things like conversion tracking, deep stats for impressions, clicks, click through rates, users behaviour and so on if you don’t track your links

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Few More Affiliate Tracking Software Options


Tracking202 is an affiliate tracking software that offers several attractive features, including keyword tracking, spy view and keyword cloaking. The additional services offered are many, and there are several versions to choose from. The first is absolutely free, but only offers a minimal amount of support.

The biggest issue with Tracking202 is privacy, despite the company assuring users that their PPC information is completely protected. Tracking202 hosts all your data and although the company adamantly insists the information won’t be stolen or sold, they still have unlimited access to it. If you’re uncomfortable with another entity viewing or having access to your leads and effective keywords, Tracking202 isn’t the right software for you.


Prosper202 is the self-hosted version of Tracking202, and pretty much does everything that Tracking202 can. The service is once again free, and if your computer meets the minimum requirements, the software is user-friendly and worth trying.

The biggest downfall of Prosper202 is the software’s ability to handle large amounts of data at one time. Your server, even if it’s dedicated, can easily crash if you’re not equipped to handle the huge amounts of PPC traffic. The setup can be difficult and even tedious at times, and daily management is a chore, especially if you’re not dedicated completely to your PPC/PPV operation. Also, if you’re planning on handling several keywords daily, the limited amount of support offered by this free software might not cut it.

Whichever type of affiliate tracking software you choose, make sure to read the fine print to discover any hidden fees associated with the service. You might be surprised to find out that the initial small or non-existent start-up cost isn’t so attractive, when you are offered little to no technical support.


Here are few important questions you must go through if you want to know more about the best software tools for tracking affiliate campaigns.

What is an affiliate tracking system?

Affiliate tracking system allows you to easily track and manage all your affiliate product links, software and tools effectively. That means, you can use affiliate tracking tools to track how many people are clicking on your links, ad stats and more easily so you can make changes your marketing campaigns like PPC, affiliate marketing and other online marketing solutions.

What is the best affiliate software?

You can use Google UTM tracking code and embed it in all of the links that you want to track so you can effectively track the exact traffic sources (it’s also free) but you need to get used to it and you’ll have to put a UTM tracking code every single time.

Can the link tracking tools also count mobile and desktop clicks?

Yes, most of the tracking links can count both mobile and desktop clicks.

What is click tracking in SEO?

Click tracking is the ability to track all the clicks that are used in online marketing platforms such as social media, emails, affiliate campaigns, PPC campaigns, paid ads, Google AdWords and so on. It provides you all the necessary data that you need to improve your tracking, performance and ad behaviour.

What are the most important things that I should track?

There are few important things you should be really worry about when tracking affiliate campaigns, PPC and so on;

→ Clicks
→ Click through rates (CTR)
→ Cost per click (the value of each click)
→ Cost per acquisition (CPA)
→ Impressions (CPM)
→ Lifetime value of the clicks and so on

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Final Thoughts

While it’s always nice to focus on your website metrics such as how much traffic your website is getting and how many people are actually subscribing but it’s even more important to keep an eye on the links you use for various online platforms such as affiliate campaigns, PPC, social media, paid ads and so on.

Just start using any of the above mentioned tools and you’ll be mastering the art of tracking your online campaigns really efficiently. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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