10 Best Premium WordPress Themes Designed by Elegant Themes

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January 26, 2021

Are you looking for the most gorgeous themes for WordPress? Are you running a WordPress blog and searching for the best themes that come at an affordable price and offer excellent features? You are in the right place. In this post, I’m going to talk about few amazing looking themes designed by Elegant themes.

First impressions matter A LOT especially when it comes to online. If someone don’t like your website design in their first visit, the chances are they will instantly abandon your site.

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If you are blogging for a while, you already know the importance of having a clean design on websites. If you land on any website, the first thing you notice is the design of it. It doesn’t matter whether you are building an eCommerce site or a business oriented site, you must have a responsive and appealing web design to capture leads and sales.

When you are designing your website, it’s also equal important to keep search engine optimization in mind. Because SEO is the lifeblood for any profitable website and if your design is not SEO friendly you are not going to get any organic traffic even if you have nicely optimized content. Design plays a key role in getting traffic from search engines to any website.

Why choose Elegant themes over other premium WordPress themes?

First things first. Most of the themes designed by Elegant themes are extremely good, they look good, they feel good and more importantly they come at an affordable price tag.

You read the unbiased review of Elegant Themes here.

If you are blogging on WordPress, you must be aware about Elegant Themes website. Elegant themes website offers premium themes that we as blog owner can use to give a professional design and better user experience for our blog readers.

While we all know there are plenty of premium WordPress themes available but most of them are too costly or not SEO friendly. If you want to try a lot of themes under a limited budget, you should definitely consider buying Elegant WordPress themes.

For any good looking premium WordPress theme, you have to spend at least $50 to $500. Even then that’s only on getting ONE design or theme, and that’s it. What if you are not satisfied with that one theme? You have to again take a look back to the WordPress themes and browse through various categories to choose the corresponding theme that you love.

Why not buy a lot of themes at a cheap price? That’s where Elegant themes comes into place. They are currently offering 87 themes for only $80.

I know that’s a deal you really can’t miss out. I mean who else on the earth would throw away so many good looking, properly optimized and fast loading designs at such a low price?  Elegant themes is used by over 250,000 bloggers and web masters and that’s saying the importance and credibility of using themes from Elegant themes website.

They are also offering a risk free 30 day money back guarantee so that you won’t lose anything. If you are not satisfied with their themes after using for 30 days, you can ask for a full refund.

Elegant WordPress Themes website is giving access to 87 plus premium themes where we need to pay $80 as the yearly subscription fee. With this post, I’m including 10 best Themes from ElegantThemes.com website.

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List of Premium Themes Designed by Elegant Themes

designed by elegant themes

Since Elegant website contains 87 plus premium themes, so sometimes, it becomes difficult for you to find the best WordPress themes for your blog. So with this post, I’m interested in sharing the list of best Premium themes that are designed by Elegant Themes website. Elegant Theme website is owned by Nick who has been developing WordPress themes for years.

1. Evolution WordPress Theme

Evolution WordPress Theme

We all aware of the importance of mobile friendly websites. If your WordPress site is not responsive, you are going to lose a lot of traffic and sales every day. The online information that we consume is rapidly changing, mobile Internet usage is growing like never before. So you must design a mobile friendly website that runs across all the devices including smart phones, tablets and desktops.

Evolution is the first responsive theme designed by Elegant Themes website developer Nick. The best thing that differentiates it from the rest of themes is its ability to adapt to various screen sizes. It is compatible with all modern browser’s most used versions and latest versions of WordPress. This theme also offer four unique colors to make your site design look unique and appealing. You can also use short codes to make any design changes that you need without having to modifying your core CSS files every time.

It is available in four-color schemes namely blue, green, white and red is Gravatar ready and has threaded comments facility. In case if you are looking at a professional themes which is mobile and tablet friendly, Evolution themes is specially designed by Elegant themes for you. We can easily add 125×125 and 468×460 kind of banners on our blog through WP Admin quite easily. Please click this link to see the live demo of Evolution WordPress theme

2. MyCuisine WordPress Theme

MyCuisine WordPress Theme

If you are running a Restaurant, Café or food oriented business; you will have some professional theme options in Elegant Themes Gallery. MyCuisine theme is specially designed keeping Restaurants kind of businesses in mind. We can choose a color of our choice from the 5 color schemes available. This theme can be used to develop a standard website or blog style website.

MyCuisine has special features including displaying menu items, location page template, operating hours and contact information etc. To buy MyCuisine theme for your restaurant website or blog, you need to buy Elegant WordPress Themes website membership which will cost you $80 and will give access to 70 plus extra premium themes that you can use on your WordPress based blogs.

Please click here to see the live demo of MyCusine WordPress theme

3. HandHeld Mobile WordPress Theme

HandHeld Mobile WordPress Theme

There will be lots of people who will be browsing your website through their mobile phones. But due to their small screen size, their browsing experience on your website can be really bad. Handheld will solve this problem by serving the mobile friendly version of your website when accessed by mobile phone. HandHeld Mobile WordPress premium theme is compatible with iPhone, Android and Blackberry. HandHeld also supports WordPress 3.0 plus version and is compatible with most used versions of popular browsers.

HandHeld WordPress Theme gives lots of other facilities like threaded comments, Gravatar ready, Theme option pages, Portfolio section etc. Handheld also works as standalone WordPress Plugin to make our WordPress blogs mobile friendly. Again HandHeld design is very responsive and thus can adapt to any screen size quite easily.

Click here to see the live demo

Note: This theme preview is meant for mobile devices so please browse through this link through your smart phones to see the live demo, you can’t see this demo from your desktops.

4. Nova WordPress Theme

Nova WordPress Theme

Want to showcase your portfolio using WordPress? You can’t find a better premium WordPress theme for portfolio sites better than Nova theme offered by Elegant WordPress themes. Nova is a sharp and simplistic theme designed by Elegant Themes website for WordPress blog owners.

Most attractive thing about this theme is its home page which is divided into two areas and Nova theme as the most versatile slider that you will find in all WordPress themes designed by Nick. Like other Elegant themes, Nova WordPress theme is compatible with most used version of popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape etc. This theme is available in six color schemes, so have plenty of options to choose from color schemes that we want to use for our WordPress based blog.

Click here to see the demo

5. ElegantEstate WordPress Theme

ElegantEstate WordPress Theme

We can convert our existing or new blog into fully functional real estate website through Elegant Estate WordPress theme. This gorgeous looking theme designed by Elegant themes makes adding new properly listing very easy and can add lots of information that we generally add-on a real estate website like property information, Photos, Google Maps for property Location etc.

If you are running a real estate related blog or site and want to convert more people into buyers, you should definitely have a look at this theme.

So we can increase lots of sales to our real estate website by using ElegantEstate premium WordPress theme specially designed by Elegant Themes website to help blog owners establish a full-fledged property website on Blog. Some of features you will enjoy with ElegantEstate WordPress Theme website are Four different color schemes, optional blog style structure, automated thumbnail resizing, advertising space management, lots of shortcodes, page templates etc.

See the live demo here

6. eStore WordPress Theme

eStore WordPress Theme

Are you searching for an appealing design to create an eCommerce site? Look no futher. eStore theme designed by Elegant themes is the perfect choice where you can tweak your eCommerce site as however you want to increase sales.

We all know eCommerce sites are taking off everywhere, but you need to create an appealing design if you want to stand out. This is where this eStore theme comes into play by providing easy to customize options. Even if you don’t know how to code, you can use their dashboard to customize however you want. It’s as simple as that!

eStore WordPress Theme is specially designed by Elegant Themes website for those who want to sell products online or want to run an e-Commerce website on WordPress. eStore WordPress themes can be easily configured and provides integration options for popular e-Commerce plugins like eShop and PayPal shopping cart etc.

Click to see the live demo

7. eNews WordPress Theme

eNews WordPress Theme

If you are running a news site or thinking to start a news related website on WordPress, once check out eNews theme. eNews WordPress Theme is specially designed for those WordPress blog owners who are interested in showing their blog contents in a clean and user-friendly style. This theme is well suited to run a News based website. eNews theme is compatible with Opera, Netscape, Safari, WordPress 3.3, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer latest and most popular versions.

Click here to see the demo

8. Cion WordPress Theme

Cion WordPress Theme

Cion WordPress Theme is one of the gorgeous looking themes designed by Elegant themes and basically designed to help blog readers give a personal feel to their blogs. This is a classic blog style theme and is totally different from magazine style themes. Apart from compatibility with latest versions of browsers and WordPress, it offers lots of features like Social Bookmarking, featured articles, Gravatar ready, thumbnail image resizing, site-wide search bar etc.

Cion WordPress Theme from Elegant Themes website is available in three color schemes namely purple, blue and green. We can easily add 125×125 and 250×250 size banners in blog sidebar and 468×60 banners in blog post level from our WordPress admin panel quite easily with Cion Elegant Theme.

Click here to see this theme demo in live

9. EarthlyTouch WordPress Theme

EarthlyTouch WordPress Theme

EarthlyTouch WordPress Theme is specially designed by Elegant Themes developer Nick for those who want to convert their WordPress blogs into a professional looking website. EarthlyTouch theme design is very smooth and calm. You will get lots of great features like custom thumbnail images, recent comments, featured posts, random articles etc with this theme.

EarthlyTouch Elegant theme is available in five different color schemes namely orange, blue, green, purple and red. With featured article facility, we can show the posts of our choice on our website home page. You can show random articles, thumbnail posts, featured posts in a slideshow etc. using this theme. Perfect for those bloggers who want to customize their WordPress sites in a user friendly way.

Click this link to see live demo of this theme

10. MyResume WordPress Theme

MyResume WordPress Theme

Hunting for a new job? It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a new job in online or offline, you have to promote yourself through websites to get the BEST offers. If you want to create a long lasting online presence through your websites, use MyResume theme as it offers excellent features.

This theme is a bless for the people who are using LinkedIn or Quora to find new jobs. I highly recommend you to start your own blog and use this theme and showcase all of your working portfolio, experience to get more job offers.

We can use MyResume Theme specially designed to help us showcase our resume online and is the fastest method to highlight our professional experience on our domain. This theme looks really professional to me and will help recruiters check our documents quite easily. So who knows, a great job is waiting for us. So I would recommend using My Resume WordPress theme in case you want to create a website specially to showcase your professional resume online.

See the live demo of this theme here

Other Resources Around Elegant Themes:

Final Thoughts

Having a nice looking design on your blogs is the surefire way to get immediate attention and bring in more sales. Did you know that 47% of people decide whether or not to buy from by just looking at the design of your site? It’s true!

A professional looking design increases your traffic and sales and at the other end, a mediocre website design adds cheap looking to your site and kills your conversion rates. So make sure to invest money on getting a good design for your WordPress websites. Luckily, most of the themes designed by Elegant themes come at an affordable price.

Elegant themes are basically designed by keeping just one thing in mind: to give exceptional look to your WordPress blogs at an extremely low cost! It doesn’t matter whether you are running an eCommerce store or a real estate business online, you can find the perfect theme for all your needs at Elegant themes.

If you are on a budget and still want the BEST looking WordPress themes that are both search engine friendly and mobile responsive, don’t look beyond Elegant themes. As you will not only get a collection of 87 excellently designed WordPress themes just for $80 (for lifetime), but you will also get a top notch customer support. Try your hands on Elegant themes and I guarantee you won’t regret your decision.

So that’s all friends, above are the list of top 10 WordPress Themes designed by Elegant Themes website. Please share your favorite Elegant themes in the comments section below, I’d be glad to consider to list them here (if they worth it!).

Click here to buy any or all of these themes designed by Elegant Themes website for $80 only. Let me know if you’ve any questions before buying Elegant premium WordPress themes and I’d be glad to respond to your comments. You can also mail me at anil@bloggerspassion.com for further assistance.

Anil Agarwal

10 Best Premium Wordpress Themes Designed by Elegant ThemesAnil Agarwal who owns Bloggerspassion.com, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like Forbes, Huffingtonpost, Semrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.

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