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Being a mom is already a great responsibility to have. Bringing up children while going to the job has always created a lot of hassles for mothers especially single mothers. Internet and modern technology like blogging has presented opportunities of working from home and taking care of the family both at the same time. There are many successful mommy bloggers who have taken up the challenge of parenting and earning a livelihood for themselves. Here are few of these enterprising women who have made it work for them and what they have achieved from blogging:Mommy Bloggers


Catherine her bad motherNamed one of TIME’s one of the top 25 Blogs of 2012 – is owned by Catherine who is also the Editor In Chief of Disney Interactive Family. Catherine has an ambition to be an author of political thought and children books.

Catherine loves to write about Africa, babies, bad mothers, celebration, Canada, blogging, breastfeeding, HIV, digital life, Disney, feminism, social media, photography and motherhood etc. on her blog

Achievement of Catherine and

  • Named one of TIME’s Top 25 Blogs of 2012
  • She has also made appearances on TVO, Lifetime Television, and Disney Family’s ‘Get Hatched’ video series with Teri Hatcher
  • Her Bad Mother has been mentioned in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the American Prospect, the London Times, and sundry other publications, as well as on CNN, ABC, CBC and the BBC online.
  • She also speaks regularly on mothering in the public sphere, blogging family life, women and blogging, social media and marketing.

Catherine’s writing has also appeared in a variety of on- and off-line publications, numerous books.

Tanis Miller:

tanis millerThe woman behind the Attack of the Redneck Mommy – Tanis Miller has been active on the blogging scene since 2006. The reason she started blogging was really shocking – to overcome the grief of the sudden death of her youngest son Shale. Her quest for finding solace by searching on Google led her to blogging.

Tanis miller blogs around the joys of parenting, delights of a marriage and the heartbreak of losing a child. Her hardships have given her immense courage and she’s now a staunch supporter of children with disabilities as she says:

Life later kicked us (and our entire family) in the arse when her son died but since then they have adjusted to the mantle of grief they all wear and have moved on to adopt a special little boy after what had to be the world’s worst longest adoption attempt ever. Tanis is now a fierce advocate for children with disabilities and has no problem standing in front of 1500 people and lecturing them not to use the R-word.

Tanis lives with her family in Alberta, Canada.

Achievements of Tanis Miller and

  • Her blog has been featured on CNN, The Globe and Mail and in a variety of Canadian daily newspapers.
  • Attack of the Redneck Mommy™ has repeatedly been named as one of Babble’s top mom blogs and has won the Best Canadian Blog award in the 2011, 2010 and 2008 Bloggies, earning her a spot in the Bloggie Hall of Fame.
  • Babble’s Top 100 Mom Blogs 2012
  • Reader’s Digest Canada’s Top 10 Mommy Bloggers
  • Yummy Mummy’s Club 24 Mom Blogs You Should Be Reading
  • Babble’s Top 100 Mom Blogs 2011 (number 15)
  • CBC Live Blissdom Canada Comes to the CBC
  • Babble Media contributor, Hogwash From a Hoser
  • Canadian Family 18 Mom Bloggers We Love
  • Canadian Parents Canadian Parents to Follow on Twitter
  • Cision Navigator Top Ten Most Influencial Mommy Bloggers
  • Eleventh Annual Weblog Awards, Winner Best Canadian Blog
  • Momversation contributor
  • Babble’s Top Fifty Mommy Bloggers 2010
  • WE Magazine’s 101 Women Bloggers To Watch
  • Canadian Living Magazine Best Canadian Blogs
  • CBC NewsNetwork Connect With Mark Kelley
  • Tenth Annual Weblog Awards, Winner Best Canadian Blog

Rebecca Woolf:

Rebecca Woolf Girl's Gone ChildA thirty-year old mother of four, living in Los Angeles with her husband, Hal, two dogs and a brand new minivan, Rebecca Woolf has been blogging since 2003.The blog Girl’s Gone Child (GGC) was started in 2005 when she gave birth to her first child, Archer. Presently she’s happily married and contributing with her writing and videos to the blogging community in more than one ways.

Girl’s Gone Child’s achievements:

GGC has been featured in the The New York Times, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, Angeleno and NPR, was recently named Blog of the Year by and was a finalist for Lifetime Achievement in the 2011 Bloggies.

Other Achievements of Rebecca Woolf:

  • A panelist (Kin Community) at, and, where she’ll be hosting and curating “ChildStyle: with Rebecca Woolf” a web series about nursery/children’s room decor.
  • Author of Rockabye: From Wild to Child (Seal Press, 2008) and have
  • Has contributed essays and stories and multiple anthologies including the latest The Moment and Crush and in a former life
  • Wrote dozens of stories yes, poems for the Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul and Teen Love Series books.

Rebecca Woolf writes about parenting and lifestyle related topics.

Stacie Vaughan:

Stacie Vaughan simplystacie netThe blogging journey of Stacie Vaughan started in 2007, when she left her job as a Certified General Accountant (CGA) at a firm to become a stay-at-home mom and earn her living from it.  In 2008 Stacie started a review and giveaway site and there has been no looking behind since then.

Over the years has grown as a team and now has four writers on board contributing to Weight loss, product reviews, travel, books, recipes, crapfts, blogging tips, contests, giveaways, photography are some of the most popular topics covered on

Stacie lives in Nova Scotia, Canada along with her two daughters.

According to Stacie:

By sharing our personal experiences and opinions about products, we endeavour to help make our readers lives a little easier. Along with family friendly product reviews, moms can discover meal ideas under Recipes and be inspired to cook delicious food for their family.

Achievements of Stacie and

  • has become one of the top review & giveaway blogs in Canada.
  • Stacie has worked with numerous companies, PR and handmade businesses on the social media front over the last two years while helping them get the word out about their product or business.
  • Stacie has also organized many multi-blog events included the Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop and the Handmade with Love Giveaway Hop where 200+ blogs participated.

Ms. Ileane –

Ms Ileane basicblogtipsIleane the founder of started blogging in 2009 using WordPress as her blogging platform. During her learning process she found out the importance of building strong connections via social media, participation in communities and contributing to the blogosphere.

Over the period of time Illeane has lend developed expertise in the domain of blogging tutorials, guest blogging, blogging on CommentLuv, social media, search engine optimization and web analytics etc.

According to Ileane:

Welcome to Basic Blog Tips… get blogging tips or help with social media optimization and I’m here to help. Basic Blog Tips is all about helping you reach your goals and having some fun along the way. I’m glad you decided to connect with me…

 Achievements and recommendations of Ileane:

  • Several guest posts on Blog Engage and the CommentLuv blog.
  • Blogger with a variety of interests including marketing, graphic design, music, networking, finances etc.
  • Share what she has learned with you and as she continues to acquire new skills and strategies the focus will be on providing content that will help achieve the reader’s goals.
  • She’s a role model that with hard work, persistence and being a stand for other peoples success that what you want in life is absolutely achievable.

Tammi –

Tammy my organized chaosOne of the Top 10 Most Influential Canadian Mom Bloggers Tammi Roy a married Canadian work-at-home owns the blog and skillfully shares the responsibility of owning and updating this blog with her family of 8 year old Princess named Isabelle and 4 year old Twincesses, Katelyn and Sophia.

The blog was founded in 2008 to help spread awareness about latest and greatest family products available in the market and discounts and giveaways on them. According to Tammi:

Finding the best bang for the hard-earned buck means that more time, energy, finances and attention can be focused on other areas of life… What started as daily ramblings on parenting twins + 1 {and everything in between}, is now all those things and more. A successful business!

Achievements of Tammi’s

  • A highly popular online resource for photography, travel features, motherhood, product reviews, giveaways and tasty recipes.
  • The Huffington Post included Tammi in their article on the Fifteen Best Canadian Parents
  • #1 spot in their ‘Top 10 Most Influential Canadian Mom Bloggers’
  • Fisher-Price Brand Ambassador for 2011, 2012, 2013
  • Miracle Mom, raising awareness and support for the Miracle Children’s Network
  • Sobeys Food Blogger
  • Travel Reviewer for Barceló Resorts, Azul Hotels, Iberostar Resorts & Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
  • Attendee at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2012 at Walt Disney World
  • Disney Home Entertainment Blogger for Movie Premieres and Release Events: 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Appeared in 2012 Effie Award Winner, the Music Video for Dove haircare, Singin’ in the Rain
  • On the Magnum Ice Cream Canada Launch Team, this was selected as #2 on the Mashable top 10 contests of 2011 and awarded Silver PROMO! Awards for Best New Product Launch and Best Activity Generating Brand Volume

Jody Arsenault:

Jody mommy moments Jody Aresenault started the blog in the spring of 2010 I’m Jody Arsenault, Founder and Chief Editor of the Canadian blog Taking on the role as the Founder and Chief Editor of this blog she took it to one of the Top Canadian Mommy Blogs.

Jody is a former Montessori teacher and lives with her family of husband and two daughters which are bilingual in Manitoba, Canada. Jody has acquired perfection in the balancing act of running a blog and a family together successfully.

According to Jody:

The blog was started with the hope to give all women a place to come for a moment to be inspired!  I love spending time with my family and I love to encourage others! I have perfectionist qualities – I like to plan perfect activities, decorate the prettiest birthday cakes, make lists, keep the house spotless, etc.

I am also a REAL woman. I have days where I have to go through the laundry pile to find a somewhat clean shirt to wear, or days where I feel like pulling all my hair out because the noise level reached all all new level in my home! I tell you this because I NEVER want to come across as one of those “perfect – have it all together type mommy bloggers”. We are all human…we all have tough days, so take a Moment – You deserve it!

Achievements of Jody and

  • One of the top blogs in Canada.
  • Jody has been published in Canadian Living magazine, Canadian Family magazine, on Shaw TV, radio and in various other mediums.
  • Fisher Price Play Ambassador.
  • Guidecraft Educator.
  • Disney Junior Mom.
  • Kelloggers Network.
  • P&G mom.
  • KinderMom.
  • Sobeys “Better Food Lovers” Blogger.

Jenny Lawson:

Jenny Lawson - The bloggessEarlier a writer for Good Mom/Bad Mom on the Houston Chronicle she always craved to have her own space to express her thought – so was born. provided the perfect platform for Jenny to express her thoughts on parenting, interesting issues in life, cats, her book which debuted at #1 on New York Times bestseller list (Which she never expected) as she tells:

I can balance live cats on my head but no one will pay me for it.  Yet. My book (Let’s Pretend This Never Happened) debuted at #1 on the NYT best-seller list. I assure you, no one is more surprised about this than me.

Jenny has also written a book – Let’s pretend This Never Happened (A mostly true memoir) which she claims is filled with awesomeness.Here is an excerpt from her book:

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir is a poignantly disturbing, yet darkly hysterical tome for every intellectual misfit who thought they were the only ones to think the things that Lawson dares to say out loud. Like laughing at a funeral, this book is both irreverent and impossible to hold back once you get started.

Jenny lives with her husband Victor her son Hailey and an army of pets.

Achievements of Jenny Lawson and

  • She Good Mom/Bad Mom on the Houston Chronicle.
  • Author of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened which debuted at #1 on the NYT best-seller list.

Eschelle Westwood:

Westwood mumfectionEschelle Westwood, the woman behind is dedicated young mother to two wonderful, though mischievous at times, boys. About her blogging adventure she says:

After I had my boys blogging became a wonderful outlet for me to rediscover myself, it helped me learn that there are other parents out there just like me and I didn’t have to be perfect.  I deeply love my blog and I quickly realized it’s incredible ability to create such amazing opportunities for myself, my family and my friends not to mention all my amazing readers and fans!

Eschelle is based out of Vancover and writes about parenting, christmas, giveaway, family, Vancouver, Vegetarian, back to school, blogging, photography, restaurants, charity and social media etc. She is also the author of  an e-book – The Mother I Strive To Be

Achievements of Eschelle Westwood:

  • The ultimate blogger: Top 30 –
  • The versatile blogger award
  • Stylish blogger award
  • Mimsy’s Fierce Mom Blogger Award
  • Trendy blog award
  • One in a million best blog friend award

Heather Armstrong:

heather armstrong dooceHeather B. Armstrong also known as  Heather B. Hamilton – the woman behind comes from Salt lake City Utah where she lives with her two daughters and pets. Heather likes to call her as a professional blogger and about her daily routine she says:

What do I do? Why, I just sit in my pajamas all day long writing about my feelings! At least, that’s what my lawyer thinks I do, and I don’t think he cares as long as I pay his ridiculous hourly fee.

Heather had a chaotic childhood and graduated valedictorian in high school in 1993 and later to BYU from 1993-1997 where she graduated with a degree in English. She taught herself HTML and got experience as a web designer. It was in Los Angeles that heather started initially as an hobby and in 2001 she started to write about her experiences as a single woman and life in general on this website.

On her struggle with life while continuing with she says:

This website chronicles my life from a time when I was single and making a lot of money as a web designer in Los Angeles, to when I was dating the man who would become my husband, to when I lost my job and lived life as an unemployed drunk, to when I married my husband and moved to my mother’s basement in Utah, to when I became pregnant, to when I threw up and became unbearably swollen during the pregnancy, to the birth, to the aftermath, to the postpartum depression that landed me in a psyche ward.

I’m better now.

In fact, five years after checking myself into a hospital we decided to have another baby, and things turned out so much better.

Things became a bit smoother when she was able to make money from her website and became her full time job. She was finally able to find her el-dorado after a long struggle.

Achievements of  Heather Armstrong and her

  • Forbes, Top 100 Websites for Women 2011
  •, Best blogs of 2011. Also includes as one of the five essential blogs to read.
  • New York Times Magazine, Queen of the Mommy Bloggers
  • Daily Mail, Who’s WHO? The 25 web celebrities you’ve probably never heard of
  •, The Web Celeb 25
  • New York Times, HGTV Scores Mega-Blogger Heather Armstrong, Dooce
  •, Heather was ranked at number four on Babble’s Top 50 2011 “mompreneurs” overall list and number one in Books & Media
  • NPR, Marketplace, The power of the online product review
  •, Top 50 Mom Blogs
  • Dallas Observer, Moms Gone Wired: One Woman’s Journey Through the Mommy Blogosphere to Gain Parental Prowess and Free Stuff

Jane Sheeba:

Jane Problogging successA highly educated woman blogger Jane holds a Ph.D in the field of Medical Physics as Lancaster University in UK. Currently she’s working as a young scientist in India. Besides having such a high educational profile how does she manage her time and resources to run such a successful niche website and for that matter why did she start blogging? To this Jane has her own answers:

According to her started as a stress reliever. Back in 2005 – coping up with home sickness she started to probe the online domain while she was doing her Ph.D. Slowly learning the benefits of blogging she came into a position where she was able to run a successful website which not only made money for her but also helped others to do it.

What started as a self help blog on Self Improvement and Relationships grew on to become an authority Blogging Tips, Relationships, Self Improvement.

According to Jane Sheeba:

My topics of expertise includes (not limited to) General Blogging, SEO, Link Building, List Building, Social Media, Relationship, Self Improvement, Personal Development, Time Management, Goal Setting, Motivation and so on.

Achievements of Jane Sheeba and

  • Author of an eBook Problogging Action Plan (winner of the Small Business Book Awards, 2012) – helps you identify your blogging goal and helps you devise a professional action plan to achieve that goal.
  • Author of an eBook Guest Blogging Champion – helps bloggers achieve quicker blogging success through guest blogging in a systematic manner.

Kristi Hines:

Kirsty Hines KikolaniKristy Hines the owner of claims to be a freelance writer, social media enthusiast and professional blogger. There is an interesting twist to how the website was named as Kiristy says:

Kikolani, a name I derived from combination of my middle name and my grandmother’s name, is home to my blogging tips and blog marketing advice catered to personal, professional, and business bloggers alike.

She maintains her website with her own posts and content from experts who post as guest authors on topics of interest to small business owner.

Achievements of Kristy at

  • Featured on KISSmetrics
  • Featured on Social Media Examiner
  • Featured on Search Engine Watch
  • Featured on Crazy Egg
  • Featured on SEOgadget
  • Featured on SEM Group.

When not writing Kristy is engaged in her hobbies like include tennis, photography and hiking etc.


Allie Ramblings of a WahmAllie the woman behind the started blogging in 2010 full time and diversified into social media and email marketing. Calling herself a ‘mompreneur’ she says:

This journey into becoming a WAHM or mompreneur has not been easy.  That is why I have dedicated my blog and time to helping other moms with their businesses. I love to help other WAHMs build their mom empires online. I know the road is tough and long and confusing at times.  And even lonely.  It does not need to be.

Allie holds a bachelor’s at University of CA, San Diego with a degree in Anthropology (a social science). After a short stint as a CA park ranger the pressures of parenting and carrying on with the job raised its head and Allie choose to become a WAHM (Work at home mom) was started with no financial backup, just the domain and hosting were bought to begin with. What started as a learning process to make money online through blogging and other platforms became a full fledged website and a god source of income for Allie.

Allie started her life near Los Angeles CA and presently lives in the Bay area with her family and pets.

Achievements of Allie and

  • Provides a free eBook – Get Your Mom Business Noticed Online
  • Earns a decent income through affiliate marketing, online consulting, social media promotions and email marketing.


Sally whosthemummySally a freelance blogger and writer, who lives with her fantastic daughter Flea in Lancashire. The blog Who’s the Mummy is a blog about Sally and her fantastic daughter, Flea.

Sally writes about her life’s adventures, about flea, bad mother moments, cookery, kids and their antics, parenting dilemmas, product reviews and other rants and rambles etc.

Describing their lives Sally and Flea say:

  • We don’t cook. Except with (unintended) comedy effects
  • We like swimming, beaches and travelling, but we are not keen on early mornings and pink
  • Our family motto is It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how. We tried “Dignity at all Times” but honestly? It wasn’t a good fit.

Their blog is a record of the things they do while having fun together.

Achievements of Sally and

  • Founder of the Tots100 community of UK parent bloggers (5,000 members and counting)
  • Included in the Foodies100
  • Got MAD Blog Awards.

Momma Maven: is an interesting and inspiring journey of a woman who likes to call her:

Momma to The Dudes est. 2009 & 2011, business owner, nurse, perpetual student, sassy beer drinker, prissy tomboy, loving life in my mile high suburban bubble complete with chickens and ducks.

Blogging to her is both a job and an hobby. The reason she decided to blog was that she was asked to document her pregnancy week by week. Later she found it so interesting that she took it to full time blogging and build a business of her own.

Being brutally honest about what she says on her blog she finds that the writing gives her a sense of camaraderie which she gets by chatting with all of her friends and relatives.

Reflecting on the events and happenings of her life, to witness the ongoing changes when she became a mother and how life has grown since is another reason for her to blog. She finds her blog an extension of her own personality.

Achievements of Momma Maven and

  • Ranked among top baby blogs.
  • Ranked in top 25 circle of mom bloggers.
  • Blogger at Mom To Be Depot.
  • Blogs about cancer and the sufferings it brings to the patient.

Annie Urban:

annie urban phd parentingAnnie Urban, who’s working on her proverbial PhD in parenting, which takes the most of her time to think over the issues, challenges and joy of parenting.  According to Annie:

I’m a parent, a feminist, and a humanist. I believe in creating a collaborative environment of mutual trust and respect where people can learn from each other and make the world a better place. I will never graduate from my proverbial PhD in Parenting. But I will keep plugging away. I hope you’ll join me for the journey and the conversation.

With her blog she constantly works towards improving on how people relate to their children, to each other and to the environmental issues concerning the modern world today.

Annie has been blogging since May 2008 and uses her blog as a platform to create awareness among the corporate, society and people in general on the issues mentioned above.

Achievements of Annie and

  • An entrepreneur and stay at home mom.
  • Crusader for the issues of good parenting and an eco-friendly approach towards the environment.
  • Canada’s Top 10 Mommy Bloggers

Leanne Shirtliffe

leanne ironic momA humor writer, an exhausted mom to eight-year-old twins, Leanne is the founder and owner of Leanne writes about three posts per week on her blog besides maintaining a work life balance and focusing on her other assignments.

Presently living in Calgary, Alberta Canada, she was born  and grew up in a rural form in Manitoba. She has worked in Asia, met her Canadian husband in Bahrain and got her twins.

About her blog she says:

The best thing about the blog are my readers. They are hilarious. The comments they leave will have you spewing coffee over your laptop.

Achievements of Leanne Shirtliffe

  • 15 of the Best Canadian Parenting Tweeters, Huffington Post, Feb 2013
  • Top 10 Mommy Bloggers, Reader’s Digest, Sept 2012
  • Laughing At Your Kids, Queen’s University Alumni Review, Spotlight
  • Virtual Baby Book Behind Parent Bloggers, Calgary Metro
  • On Screen: Rise of the Mom Bloggers, Banner
  • What To Expect When Your Child’s Expecting Company, The Globe and Mail
  • Honey, Don’t Forget…It’s Date Night, The Globe and Mail
  • School Nurses Could Be Making a Comeback in Alberta, The Calgary Herald
  • Author of DON’T LICK THE MINIVAN: Things I Never Thought I’d Say To My Kids (Skyhorse, May 2013).
  • Cision: Top 10 Canadian Mom Bloggers on Twitter, April 2012
  • Canadian Weblog Awards: Best Humor Blog, 2011
  • 35 Mom Blogs We Love
  • Home to Heather: Top 10 Calgary Blogs
  • Most Laugh-Out-Loud Mommy Blogger
  • 5 Must-Read Calgary Blogs
  • The Family That Reads Together: More Great Blogs
  • Wit and Women: Some Funny Women in The Blogosphere
  • Getting To Know Canadian Bloggers – Leanne
  • Ellie Ann: Navigating through My Week: Good Teacher
  • Blog Brew Review: reviewing blogs so you don’t have to
  • Pregnant with Anticipation: Now That I’ve Got a Title
  • Canadian Weblog Awards: Finalist, Best New Blog, 2010
  • Mabel’s Labels: Finalist, BlogHer ’10 Contest


The list of successful mommy bloggers is endless and equally diverse are the challenges they faced which landed them into the world of blogging. The very fact that they’ve been able to juggle their responsibilities and managed to create a successful online presence speaks volumes about their courage and determination. We all know in the blogging community that it’s not easy to get success even after full time blogging. So, we at bloggerspassion salute the efforts of these ladies and wish them all the success.



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