Best WordPress Web Hosting Solutions from WPWebHost Specialist

Best WordPress Web Hosting Solutions from WPWebHost Specialist

As we all know WP Web Host is one of top 5 WordPress Web Hosts, so if you are thinking of starting a WordPress blog, buying hosting from WPWebHost will be great as it will help you save lots of money that you need to pay for buying web hosting for your domain. Keep on reading to know more in detail about special offers and Freedom Plan features from WPWebHost.

In the herd of open source web application platforms, WordPress stands out with its magnificent applications and user friendliness approach. WordPress has not only given new wings to bloggers of the world but has also carved a niche for upgraded web hosting programs. With WP webhost services, creation and maintenance of websites of personal and professional uses has become an easy deal. Today, a newbie with no programming expertise can also create a web space with numerous pages by taking help of WordPress web hosting platform. This has enormously increased significance of WordPress hosted applications in present scenario which has respectively resulted in multitude of new customers who are looking for ease of use of the mentioned web hosting platform. Increased user base has built an arena for a new business genre which is dedicated to make WordPress more approachable and familiar for those who are keen to trade in trends of WP.

About WPWebHost

WPWebHost SpecialistWhile searching for players of WordPress web host service providers, I came across WPWebHost. The website claims to provide fully optimized WordPress hosting server with a guaranteed uptime result. Such claims made me to have a look on its service portfolio and client’s testimony column.

WPWebHost Pricing Plan

The website offers its service in three different plan ranges depending on customer’s requirement which are creatively named as Freedom plan, Rockstar plan and VIP plan. The service range starts from $ 7.95/month and goes up to $119 for a month.

Freedom Plan

Freedom plan is considerably the best priced plan offered by the website which includes shared webhosting as well as 50GB of disk space and 500GB data transfer. This plan also offers 50 add on domains and parked domains with unlimited sub-domains.

Rockstar Plan

Rockstar plan is designed for those who want private virtual service and require disk space and data transfer starting respectively from 50GB and 500GB. With unlimited number of domains, add ons and sub domains this plan is priced for $ 44.95 per month. This plan caters to those who are looking for facilities of a private virtual server on minimal cost. Other attractions of the plan include granted server root access, unlimited email accounts option etc.

VIP Plan

If you are looking for unlimited disk space and data transfer with a dedicated WordPress server for a small price, WP Webhost brings in VIP plan for you. Priced $119/month, this plan brings in vivid ranges of facilities for customers and also offers them an opportunity to double up their ram and to threefold disk space. If you are an Apple devotee, this plan will surely make you all smile as you can get an iTune gift card worth $50 free with it.

Free WordPress Themes from WPWebHost

To be more appealing to customers, website also offers quality Word Press theme for free to its customers. You can easily choose for a suitable theme for your blog by having a look on example themes available in free WP theme section. Every theme seems to be designed according to the mindset of bloggers, creating a perfect writing ambience for them.

WPWebHost Features

If you have already chosen for blogging to express your ideas to the world and having a flourishing blog on any blogging podium, WP Webhost has brought in a special service package for you too. The site will play the role of a helping hand for you and help you move your blogging pad to an avant-garde WordPress web hosting platform without charging single penny. It doesn’t matter whether your blog in on or, the site will move your blog within minutes to an advanced WP web hosting. Many bloggers have already chosen this service plan and have successfully hooked on to the benefits of WordPress.

Another alluring feature of WP webhost is its kitty of WordPress add-ons which is made of WordPress CDN, WP Hero Affiliate, Domain registration, SSL certificate and Trusted Privacy. WordPress Content Delivery Network helps you to speed up your WP blog while facility of Domain Registration lets you avail cheapest available domains. To make your wallet thicker, you can opt for the add-on of WP Hero affiliate. And if you are finicky about security and privacy of your WP, SSL Certificate and Trusted Privacy are the available add-ons for you.

With an assortment of exciting services, WP Web host stands perfectly on requirement of customers. Its offering of tailor-made webs hosting services makes it a favored choice. Apart from this, with a guaranteed uptime proffering of services has also made the website stand in the row of the one of the leading players of the business. With so many exciting features and utmost client satisfaction, WP webhost surely deserves a starry review as well as a name among the best WordPress webhosting service providers.

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  1. Useful post and one thing which I highly recommend when you shopping for a hosting precisely for WordPress, make sure their servers are optimized for WordPress…As WordPress is resource hungry and one bugged script can bring hours of down time… When a server is optimized (Apache or Nginx) for WordPress, it works great….

  2. Rahul Sukhija says:

    There is always confusion for best web hosting. What is the single at most important factor for selecting web host other than pricing?

  3. Andy says:

    Totally agreed, Harsh! Our newly launched Managed WordPress Hosting solution completely taken care of the core performance and security of WordPress. Check it out at and give us a heads up for any quick comment.

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