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Comment LuvWhat are the SEO value of leaving blog comments?

Since this is my first guest post I decided to do some research on the subject .  So I headed over to Google and looked for some articles.

The top article for my research search was this:

Blog Comments for SEO by SEO Theory

I was shocked to read some of the claims made in the post.

Here is one of the most extreme parts:

“Using other people’s blogs for your cheap, parasitical links is the lowest form of SEO. Using blog comments for SEO is as black hat as black hat gets because you are literally treating other people as if they have no reason to exist except to promote your Website for your benefit. It’s deceptive. It’s manipulative. It’s intrusive, abusive, and completely despicable.”

I must say that I have not read many articles that I disagree more on than this.. But for what I know the article might be link bait meant to cause controversy in the SEO sphere.

The author have done a excellent job, the article is ranks as #1 on my search phrase: “blog comments SEO”. Ironically there are currently 34 Responses on the comments, and to me it looks like most of them disagree on the posts.

Read More About:
10 Killer Tips to Get Lots of Comments on your Blog Posts

If the post is serious and not link bait, I will say the blog owner shows a rather strange comment policy.

If you don’t like people to comment for link, it makes no sense to allow people to link for the comments on your own blog. There are easy alternatives avoid these comment if you have a problem with comments on your post.

You can turn off the comments, use Facebook comments or other comment tools that don’t give links back to blogs.

It is an honest thing to leave comments out of the blog if you have problems giving them some dofollow / nofollow link juice. But if you disrespect your commenter at the same time as you have a box asking the reader to leave a Reply after the post, you should think twice.

In the blog the name field in the comments are links.

According to the blog posts you should not use your name in the comment field, because this can (God forbid) give a link to your website. Instead you should only write your name in the comment text field, so that the reader can to Google and search for your name.

Seriously, I think the author is pulling a SEO nerd joke here.

I have probably done hundreds of comments, most of them on Commentluv blogs with a link a post with correct anchor text.

I am not going to brag, but I will say a vast majority of those comments were comments that contributed to the post they were on. I try to stay away form leaving “nice post kind of comments”.

I can tell you right away, blog comments don’t bring lots of traffic. I have yet to see a blog comment that drives more than 5 visitors to my blog in one day.

Do you think any of these 5 visitors would take the time to do a Google search just to find a commenter’s blog?

I think anyone spending the time leaving a meaningful commenting on my blog is entitled to at least one link back his / her blog.

Personally I use Commentluv on my own site, and leave most of my own comments on blogs with Commentluv enabled.

The SEO benefit with Commentluv blogs is that they allow one deep link to a blog post.

The link can be both dofollow and nofollw.

When leaving comments I usually don’t care if its dofollow or nofollow commetluv blogs, as long as I get the deep link.


  1. I leave comments because I want to encourage bloggers, continue a conversation, give my opinion, network and build a reputation. If I get a link or not isn’t important, but it is welcome.

  2. Tiyo Kamtiyono says:

    When it come to commenting, as I want to give my own view about the topic, I will be just do that. And If I got a comment on my own, I will be just accept them as long as the name is not spamming with keywords and not using too deep link to their site.

  3. Jean says:

    Good points, Bjorn. I have to say I also disagree with that quoted article. After all, blog commenting if moderated properly is highly productive way of getting the readers to participate in the discussion. Sure a link back to the commenter’s site is a good motivational tool but it’s not the only reason people comment either.

  4. Hillary Bost says:

    Great post. Like you said the first article was a bit extreme and if you don’t want comments or links you should just turn them off. Links are not the only reason why people leave comments either.

  5. Dean Saliba says:

    Personally I have no problem with people leaving a link on my blogs as long as they also leave a comment which is not spam or something rubbish like “nice post” or “thanks for sharing”.

    I am in two minds when it comes to Michael Martinez’s articles, part of me thinks he has just plain had enough with the amount of spam his blog received and the other half of me thinks it ia just a great bit of linkbaiting.

  6. Jesus says:

    Suppose, if I post a blog comment and give my correct name, email address, and in website field enter a domain which is not my homepage but a sub-page, will it help in SEO?

  7. Bjorn says:

    I think most bloggers are happy to get good comments. As a blog owner its hard to judge the motivaton behind comments. Blogging is all about communication, so getting a discussion going is exellent. However “nice post” type comments are not adding value, and I delete comments that looks like spam. If people dont add any value, they should not expect to be included in the conversation.

  8. Brody says:

    Hello Everyone,
    Blog Comments is one of the best way of SEO……But mostly there are no follow blog so they can help to boast page rank but those are very effective to generating traffic…if you comments on do follow blog and post your link it increase your page rank and generate a traffic…..

  9. Clark SEO says:

    I agree with Hilary: if you don’t want comments or links you should just turn them off.

  10. Aleen Thomas says:

    I couldn’t understand a point that is, now a days most of the SEOs’ are placing their keyword in the name field of other’s blog. but as i know it is the most important part for ranking high with the keyword ???????

  11. Blog commenting and posting is the most powerful and common mean to reach others now a days. The SEO system increase the level of blog posting by improving bloggers skills as introducing new and advance techniques of blogging on internet market. The core point of all this industry is the choice of an article. Although some people use other posts for their promotion but it is the cheapest mean of marketing. SEO makes internet marketing very easy so that anyone can be on internet through his blogs bu using SEO system techniques. As SEO brings revolution is internet marketing and it also provides the necessary traffic to the post or link for it’s promotion on internet which makes it prominent in internet world.

  12. URL Submissions says:

    I also agree to above comments that if you do not want comments then disable the option simply but it is also a source of SEO and you cannot deny this fact. This is a simple marketing just if you like comment and find website useful then click it otherwise leave it. If comments is not spam then it can take place under your blog.

  13. Rosy Anwood says:

    Well I completely agree with this post,, mostly seo’s are using this practice for getting links from niche relevant sites. In my opinion, if they are providing genuine and useful info then its fine..but if they are spamming by providing irrelevant info or copying junk from other’s site then the site owner should properly moderate and remove it.

  14. Keen Limited says:

    I’ve noticed personally that almost all the top SEO companies in my city use blog commenting as a regular part of their SEO strategy. If some people consider it spammy it clearly works for them either way.

  15. I agree as far as the comments are not breaking the “SEO ethics” rules.

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