10 Blog Design Mistakes that Make You Look Dumb and How to Avoid Them?

blog design mistakes for beginners
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The design of your blog is very important. It not only makes someone stick to your blog (if it is good), but it also kills your credibility (if the design is worst!). So always make sure you’ve a great blog design for your site.

No doubt, there are few factors that could affect your blog design to the larger extent. You must have to concentrate on those design factors to make your blog sticky.

blog design mistakes for beginners

1. Big blog rolls:

I wonder still people are using so many blog rolls either in their sidebars or footer. There’s nothing wrong in using blog rolls though if someone’s sponsoring your site, but it will definitely kill your blog design when you’ve a BIG blog rolls. Clear your space, it will surely enhance your reader experience.

2. No About page or contact page:

How can a person stay in touch with you if you don’t have an about or contact page on your blog? Even though if you’ve an about page on your blog, you must really care to write it for the readers. Why? Readers will be interested to learn what’s in it for them, instead of writing all about you on your about page – write how your site can help them. This way you can attract more readers to read your blog in the long run.

Similarly create a contact page to easily contact you. Don’t use annoying captcha’s in your comment form, use a better contact forms like contact form 7 etc for your blog.

3. Tiny typography:

When readers find hard to read your content, they’ll always find a way to exit. This is the sad truth in your blog design. Your font size and font type should be very easy to read your content. Don’t make your font size too small (or) too big to read, keep your font size between 14 to 16 px. This is the average industry best font size that most of the bloggers are using on their blogs. So make sure you’ve a great typography for your blog.

4. Cluttered navigation:

Don’t make your blog design too much cluttered. Your readers should be able to navigate your site easily no matter how much contents you’ve in your blog. When they don’t find it easy to skim through your blog, they’ll certainly prefer reading other blogs. Make use of a search form in your blog and place the search form in the most visible place (considerably at the top of your sidebar) to get more visibility for the visitors.

5. Using free themes:

There’s nothing wrong in using free themes, but most of the free themes contain malicious code. This is where you’ve to be careful. Blogging is an online business, you’ve to be careful in choosing the right blog design for your blog to make it look appealing. You can’t achieve this using free themes. Moreover free themes are used by everyone else in the blogosphere, then how can you make your blog stand out from the crowd? So try considering the premium themes like Thesis for your blog design.

6. Unwanted widgets:

Don’t use every widget that is available in the WordPress arena. I’m sure it’ll be quite tempting to use all those flashy widgets, tag clouds, twitter feeds etc. But they actually don’t add any value to your blog design. Moreover they’ll make your site loading time slower. You must focus on building a faster site for your blog to make more people to read your blog. Because slower loading sites can definitely create a bad impact on your blog design.

7. Complicated commenting system:

What if someone finds your blog posts so interesting that they can’t resist to leave a blog comment and what if they see a complicated commenting system? They’ll simply ignore commenting on your blog, as simple as that. Don’t use captcha’s in your commenting system, they’re the biggest negative factors that could affect your blog design. Make your blog commenting system easy, so that everyone can comment without any efforts.

8. Annoying popup’s:

Few people are using Facebook like box on their blogs. It’s okay to focus on building a fan base on social media sites, but when someone have to wait until a popup loads, it’ll definitely annoy anyone then. So make this a point, and don’t use annoying popup’s that could impact on your blog design.

9. Excessive ads:

Even if you’re blogging for more than 3 years.. you can’t make others to buy your stuff from all the ads that you place on your blog, agree? Then why do you use useless ads on your blog which don’t convert at all. Remove all those ads which don’t convert and use only those ads which are targeted to your audience – so that you can make more conversions from your ads, thus making your site loading time even better.

10. Internal links opening in new tabs:

This one is no brainer, you must be opening your internal links in the same tab. When someone clicks on your internal link and if they find it in a new tab, they’ll surely don’t visit your blog again, why? People need less distractions while they’re browsing, when you fill their browsers with full of your own blog links, how can they read?

These are the REAL big design mistakes that could affect your blog.

Do you make any of these blog design mistakes? Or any extra tips would you like to add?

Written by Rahul Kuntala


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