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Who else wants to migrate from Blogger to WordPress platform without losing their Google search rankings?

If you are a beginner, you already know that Blogger to WordPress migration is really hard and sounds like a lot of tough job. And it really is. It’s almost impossible to switch from Blogger to WordPress blogging platform without losing any of your website search traffic and other things.

Here’s where you need expert help who can migrate your blog easily from Blogger platform to WordPress. I’m a full-time blogger and making a living from blogs over 5 years now and I have plenty of experience in WordPress.

As of now, I’ve managed to migrate a lot of blogs from Blogger to WordPress without losing Google rankings and giving great experience to the users.

If you are interested in using Blogger to WordPress migration service, please mail me at with the subject line “Blogger to WordPress migration service” and I’d be happy to further assist you.

If you are already a Blogger user and thinking why you need a migration from Blogger to WordPress, here are few solid reasons:

Whether you know it or not, self-hosted blog like WordPress is better than Blogger. The difference is the controlling power over your blogs. As a self-hosted WordPress blog, you will have the full control over your sites whereas in Blogger, you can’t control your blog. Blogger blogs are controlled by Google.

If you are confused between choosing Blogger Vs WordPress, please have a look at the following article, it will clear all your doubts.

Must read: Blogger Vs WordPress: Why Self Hosted WordPress Blog is Better Than Blogger

Here are few simple reasons for switching Blogger to WordPress blogging platform.

  • Extensive use of plugins (you can do anything you want from improving your SEO to making your design look amazing, there are a lot of plugins available on WordPress)
  • Support (WordPress has highly quality professionals who can solve your queries quickly)
  • Themes (you can find any beautifully designed theme under every category)
  • SEO (WordPress is known for SEO. All the major blogs and websites are hosted on WordPress content management system)
  • Independent site (you have to pay for your WordPress hosting so you will have full control over your sites)

So now, I guess your doubts are clear regarding the benefits of using a self-hosted WordPress blog over Blogger platform and you want to migrate from Blogger to WordPress, let’s now talk about the migration process.

Blogger to WordPress migration service

blogger to wordpress migration

The major steps involved in moving from Blogger to WordPress

  1. Purchasing a domain name
  2. Installing WordPress
  3. Importing your blog posts from Blogger to WordPress (without losing Google search rankings)
  4. Importing everything else from Blogger to WordPress (your URL structure, comments, social shares etc)

Let’s now talk about the above steps involved in Blogger to WordPress migration service.

1: Not losing anything

Not losing your Google search rankings and website traffic is the most important factor in migrating from Blogger to WordPress.

  • Importing all your data including your blog posts, pages and comments
  • Maintaining your permalinks without affecting SEO (this is really a crucial step, if something goes wrong with changing your links, all your efforts go in vain)
  • Retaining your links and RSS subscribers

Mail at to migrate from Blogger to WordPress now!

2. Moving to a custom domain name

This is the hardest part and takes good amount of time to get a custom domain name according to your needs and blogging topic.

If you are not an expert or don’t have hands-on experience on migrating from Blogger to WordPress, changing to a custom domain is hard.

So make sure to use Blogger to WordPress migration service provided by me (email at to get a hassle-free experience while switching from Blogger to WordPress.

Getting a memorable domain name is hard and you should spend quality time on making a list of 5 to 10 domain name ideas for your blog. Make sure to use domain name suggestion tools like Domainr to easily know whether the domains you are looking for available or not.

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3. Installing WordPress

The 3rd step is to install WordPress after buying a custom domain name.

Here you will have to move to a self-hosted web hosting service such as Bluehost, HostGator, Dreamhost etc. I personally recommend Bluehost as you will not only get a reliable and faster hosting but you will also get a free domain name for first year.

Although installing WordPress sounds easy but it takes good efforts while migrating from Blogger to WordPress. I’ll install WordPress on any web hosting service you choose.

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4. Finally, migrating from Blogger to WordPress by importing all the data

This is the final step of switching from Blogger to WordPress and the most crucial step. If not done right, you will lose all your posts and more importantly all your website traffic and Google rankings.

I’ll carefully migrate all your blog posts, pages and comments from your Blogger blog to WordPress without losing any rankings.

I’ll also make sure to redirect your URL’s without messing up with them.

So what are you waiting for?

Mail me at to avail Blogger to WordPress migration service.

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Final thoughts about Blogger to WordPress migration service

If you are a beginner and wanting to switch to WordPress from Blogger, I highly recommend my “Blogger to WordPress migration service” for a smooth experience.

Unless you are an expert in WordPress or already have first hand experience in WordPress migration, it’s really hard to move from Blogger to WordPress. So make sure to use my service before it ends (I only do 5 blog migrations every month).

Mail me at with the subject line “Blogger to WordPress migration service” and I’d respond back to you as soon as I read your mail.

Let me know if you have any questions related to the migration of Blogger to WordPress service and I’d be glad to reply to your comments.

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