Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid : Newbie Blogger Guide

Blogging is an art, it’s a passion and it’s a talent. It’s not for everyone but still everyone can do it. 

I’m a blogger from last 3 years, and back in 2008 when I started Blogging, things were very different. SEO and social signals were secondary stuff and all we need to do is right content and drive traffic. But, now in 2012, many things has changed. Blogging for a complete new-dimension and even every big business are coming into Blogging.

Here I will be sharing some tips and some of the Blogging mistakes which every newbie should avoid. These are the tips, which I learned over the time and realized how important they are for everyone.

Blogging mistakesMost of newbie bloggers (happened to me too),  when starts blogging, they grow at a very consistent rate. Sometime they get success quickly and sometime they make mistakes, but with every day they enhance their skills. But, how about instead of making some common Blogging mistakes which is made by newbie blogger, you learn from my mistakes and avoid those pitfalls:

Newbie Bloggers mistakes to avoid:

In this post, I’m going to share few mistakes which I used to make when I started blogging, and with time learned the right approach.

Blogging platform:

Like many of you, I also started blogging with BlogSpot and it was great experience. Finding new templates, new widgets and keeping my blog look fresh. But, with time I realized WordPress has more benefits than BlogSpot and for long term it’s better to have your own Self hosted blog. For example: Many monetization network which I tried doesn’t support BlogSpot. (Ex: Buysellads) Also, another major Blogging mistake was not to go for custom domain. Custom domain helps in branding for long-term. Specially, when you shift to other platform, you will realize that having a custom domain name helped you to avoid many SEO and branding issues. Here is official Google guide to set up custom domain. You can also check out my Webhosting blog for Hosting and domain related tutorials.


It’s good to start a free blog with, but as soon as you understand basics of blogging, go ahead and make a switch to WordPress. But, if you are planning to blog on BlogSpot for a while, grab a custom domain which doesn’t cost more than $15.

Editing template and widgetizing blog:

When I first started playing with BlogSpot, I was like Wow! I’m doing something awesome. I used to change the template now and then, keep adding new cool widgets and what not. So, What I was doing?

I was wasting my time!

Your blog will grow with your content and even with a simpler design, you can get more traffic and increase more conversation on your blog. Also, instead of adding those unlimited widget, keep it minimal and use some of the suggested widgets like : Facebook fan page, Google plus widget, Blog Subscription options and some content from your blog. The idea is to  K.I.S.S – Keep it simple silly.! If you are still worried about your design, you should check out this guide on making your blog attractive.

Sticking to a Niche:

Alright, let not this niche word confuse you. I’m talking about sticking to a topic. If you are planning to write more on Technology, don’t cover political or movie news. I’m not talking about your personal blog, but talking about a blog which you are planning to make money from.

Pick a niche and stick to it and try to cover as much as news as you could. None the less, just publishing content will not help you and specially Google will be penalizing your site for low-quality content. Rather, work on giving something new. If you are covering a tech news, give your own insight and opinion.

Another biggest blogging mistake which I made is, writing about topics which I have very less expertise. And, this resulted in creating bad content which is worse thing that can happen for your blog reputation. Write on topics, which you are confident about and know what you are doing. If you are planning to start writing about some new topic for example, iPhone. Spend some time learning all the basics terminology and topics related to it. This will help you to write better when you covering any news about iPhone.


Reading should be an important part of your Blogging career. Pick some of the best blog in your niche and keep yourself updated. Also, engage by adding meaningful comments on their blog. This will not help you in your branding (Do join for images in comment), but will also help you to get backlinks and drive referral traffic.

Also, it doesn’t matter what Niche you are in, but always subscribe to some of the top blogs in Blogging and Blog marketing niche. This will help you to learn latest trend in Blogging and what new methods you can use to market your blog. Something, as a newbie blogger we usually avoid.

Learn Basics and SEO:

Now, every field have some basics which we should know. To become a successful blogger, you need to learn many things but it will be worth your time. Instead of wasting years and learning from mistakes, why not spend 2-3 hrs/day for a month, and learn all the basics of Blogging and SEO. You should check out Problogger and DailyBlogtips, which is one of the top resource for Bloggers.  Specially, SEO is something which is going to be very important, if you are planning to make a career out of Blogging. You don’t need to be a master in search engine optimization, but you can simply know the basics like:

Noindex, Nofollow, Robots meta, Meta (Title, description, Keyword), Sitemap, Link building, Keyword research and On page optimization.

Believe it, it won’t take much time but you will have better approach towards writing and making your content search engine friendly. Here is a nice resource to get started with SEO.

Well, this is not all and covering all blogging tips in one post is not possible. You can check out Bloggerspassion blogging archive for more tips and also read: Blogging lessons for Newbie bloggers.

So what other Blogging mistakes newbie bloggers usually make? Do you have any tip or suggestion for them? And if you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to give it a Tweet and Fb like.


  1. Manoj Rawal says:

    Is it really necessary to post every day, or almost every day? I’ve got some ideas for additional blogs I would love to do, and with 3 or 4 blogs I won’t be able to post an article on each of them every day – especially since one will be a craft blog, and it takes time to make things (not to mention write it all out afterwards).
    Do you think 1 or 2 posts a week would still be okay? Then they’d still be updated regularly, and the readers will know the blogs aren’t dead

    • Dean Saliba says:

      I think it really depends on what niche you are writing on. I write a wrestling blog and need to update multiple times a day. Something like a craft blog would get by on just a couple of posts a week. 🙂

      • I agree with Dean.. It all depends upon your niche..!! Though my suggestion is maintain a post frequency.. If you planning to publish 2 posts in a month, fix a date…..This way your regular readers will know when to expect new posts…

  2. dlysen says:

    Hi Denharsh, My mistake is not to submit my site to Google or search engine. Its is very common to all newbie.

    • Dlysen SEO is something which many newbie Bloggers never pay attention to. Though, it’s never too late to learn from our mistakes and improve. 🙂
      Also, submit your blog to all search engines..

  3. Hey guys, im a student trying to get more out of blogging. Ive been trying to write blog articles for people trying to get into social media and advertising. the problem I have is that i spend more time revising than i do writing, any tips on how to save time?

  4. Dhruv Bhagat says:

    When I started blogging, I used to search plugins that helps my blog to look beautiful. I was using fancy plugins that were funny and entertaining at that time. But now for me, it was just a CRAP. One must always concentrate on learning SEO and always keep an eye on Google new policies, terms and condition. These things are must for each and every blogger..!!
    The best thing about the post – it is written by Harsh Agrawal. Really amazed !!! 🙂

  5. puneet tyagi says:

    newbie dont care about SEO, writting skills nothing the only thing they want is visitors and dollors ,,,,,and they keep on asking sir how can we earn more 🙂

  6. Sumit says:

    Learn Basics and SEO is the most important and useful for new blogger. I always like to learn more and more. Thanks for helping new blogger always.

  7. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    Great article to read harsh .I like your point “K.I.S.S – Keep it simple silly.”
    Keeping a simple yet attractive design is one of the common priority for the the newbies.
    I think blogspot is great flatform to start with but WordPress is the undesputed platform for blogging.

  8. Amrish says:

    This post is amazing and with tons of practical advice. I have started a blog without any idea, it wasn’t very successful, but it was an initiation for something bigger and better. Failing is very good way of learning, but these tips are awesome, for avoiding obstacles and time wasting

  9. M.Imran says:

    I am a newbie and this article help me a lot to learn what I need to know . Thank you for sharing valuable information.

  10. It is really nice to know mistakes so that we can avoid them on time and focus on what is good. Thanks for sharing. Keep doing good work.

  11. Great list of blogging mistakes, every blogger must know these mistakes when they are going to start blogging as their career. I am a blogger, when I was a newbie blogger, I was afraid about mistakes but I was trying then now I am ok. Your post help the new blogger so that they can do better. Thank you firend for this article.

  12. Rubel says:

    Hello Great Post Indeed about Mistakes, bloggers make these days.

    Personally, when I started my career in blogging, I was not sure, for whom I am writing for and what I need to provide to attract readers.

    Also, i was focused on writing for search engines as I wanted my posts to rank, but actually it was a big mistake from my side.

    As, I have learned over the past few months, we just need to cover the topic by maintaining quality and rest will be ok itself..

    But I sadly believe, many still not aware of this fact, they are still making tons of mistakes in blogging.

    So, they need to start reading more to get more knowledge and then proceed in blogging the right way.

    So, brilliantly described points.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Hi,

    This post reminds me of myself while working on my first blogs. They failed miserably, but yeah, Blogger is good for beginners, until you learn how the things are going. I decided to move to WordPress once I couldn’t work on my SEO best practice on my blogs anymore and I wanted to make changes in design and structure that blogger is not allowing. However, I still feel like I made the change way too sudden since I wasn’t looking outside my blog.
    I mean, I didn’t learn to bring traffic at that point.

    Thank you for all these tips and ideas.

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