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On May 17, 2012
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With BlueHost, You will get One Click WordPress Installation, Anytime Money Back Guarantee, 99.99% Uptime Guarantee, Unlimited Space and Bandwidth etc.

Are you searching internet to find the best web host for your first website or host for your first WordPress blog, if any of your answer is yes, stay on this page as I’m going to recommend you best and one of most trusted web hosts in the industry for your needs. Today there are thousands of web hosting companies available in the market that are claiming to be offering the best web hosting services to its existing and new customers. But truth can be otherwise. When choosing a web host, we should go for a best host which fulfils all of our technical needs, have a reputation in the industry, offers 99% uptime guarantee at least, 24×7 friendly support and should be affordable etc. Today, I’m introducing one such web host it’s BlueHost, which requires no introduction.

About BlueHost

BlueHost Web Hosting CompanyBlueHost is one of best web hosts in the web hosting industry and they have been in business since 1996. This web host is very popular for providing secure and high quality shared hosting with the powerful servers they have, to its customers. Apart from shared hosting, they have been providing Reseller hosting plan to its customers for years. Currently they are trusted by two million domain owners and their customer base is increasing in thousands every month. They are one of the 20 largest web hosts in the industry.

They are serving the single hosting plan to all of its customers. This single hosting plan includes the entire powerful features you will need to run your heavy traffic website smoothly. They are able to provide the World Class service to its customers by deploying the best technologies on their servers. Their target customers are individuals, small businesses and large organisations.

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Blue Host features List

You will enjoy lots of features after buying their web hosting for your standard website or Wordpeess based blog. Here is the detailed analysis about some of their features:

Host Unlimited Domains

With the single Hosting account, you can host unlimited domains. This feature is offered by very few web hosts in the industry. So you can manage all domain names in one go. BlueHost was the first company introducing the concept of hosting multiple domains under single account. It becomes very problematic when you are managing multiple domains through different accounts.

Free Website Builder

If you don’t know how to create a website, they have website builder tool to help you create your first website with simple drag and drop only. You don’t need to be a webs developer or designer to use website builder tool. They have lots of readymade templates available that can be customized to help you give a new look to your website.

Domain Name for Free

Before you start shopping for your website, you need to register your domain name. You can get your domain name for free if you are buying their web hosting services. Free domain name feature should be utilized. In case you decide to quit their web hosting plan within 30 days of purchase, you will need to pay $10 only to keep your domain name with you.

Blue Host Support System

They have Won Best Support Award in the year 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. They have a team of technical persons who understand Linux web hosting and their customer needs very well. They are providing the single Linux Hosting plan to all of their customers. Their support is already ready to help you and you can contact them anytime to discuss the issues you have related to web hosting and they will help you fix all of your issues in no time with the award winning support system.

And here is the summarized list of features you will enjoy with them:

Features List

  • They provide Any Time Money Back Guarantee which is big thing in itself. Apart from them, I haven’t noticed any other web host giving such kind of guarantees to their customers
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Unlimited GB Hosting Space
  • Unlimited GB File Transfer
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • Free Domain Names
  • Free Website Builder with Templates
  • Secure Shell, SSL, PHP, MySQL
  • $100 Free Google Adwords Credit
  • 24×7 Support through Email, Chat and Phone
  • Easy to Use and User Friendly Cpanel
  • Giving away uptime Guarantee of 99.99%

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BlueHost Pricing Plan

If you are looking for cheapest web hosts in the industry, BlueHost is not for you. Their basic plan will cost you $4.95 per month if you go for 12 months pricing plan. But you could save some money in case you decide to buy their hosting in advance for 2 to 3 years in advance. Suppose you have decided to buy their Hosting for 2 years in advance, monthly cost that you need to bear will be $4.95 only and in case you are buying their hosting for 3 years in advance, average monthly cost will be $3.95 only per month. So you can save some valuable money by purchasing their hosting for 2 or 3 years in advance. If you decide to purchase their hosting 12 months only in advance, you will end up paying $4.95/month.

$3.95 only per month

  • 12 months plan: $5.95/month
  • 24 months plan: $4.95/month
  • 36 months plan: $3.95/month

BlueHost for WordPress

BlueHost is one of best WordPress Web hosts in the industry. Even Website is Recommending you to Host your WordPress blogs with them, you can confirm the same from here. Do you know how many WordPress websites are currently hosted on BlueHost, its 800000 and these are not small numbers in any sense? One-Click WordPress Installer is available in their control panel. Apart from WordPress installation, there are many more scripts available for free which can be installed with one click only. With their web hosting, you will get all updates automatically from WordPress within 24 hours only. You will also get unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, can host unlimited domains, 24×7 support and 99.9% uptime guarantee for your WordPress blogs. You have to pay Just $3.95/month to start using BlueHost for Hosting Your WordPress Blog.


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BlueHost Contact Details

BlueHost, 1958 South 950 East
Provo, UT 84606, Unites States,
(888) 401-4678

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Final Thoughts about BlueHost Hosting

If you are looking at cheap hosting solutions where you need to pay $10 or $20 only for one year hosting, this is not for you. But with this price, you cannot expect best web hosting solution in the industry. We need to pay extra to get best solutions for our needs. In case you have decided to work on a Niche website or blog for longer period of time, I would recommend you purchase BlueHost hosting for 3 years in advance to save some extra money. Purchasing their web hosting for 36 months in advance will cost you $3.95/Month only. Anytime Money Back GuaranteeAnd the best thing is that you can cancel your membership anytime and get all your money back as they are providing Anytime Money Back Guarantee. So choosing BlueHost as your web host will be complete win-win situation for you.

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  1. Zachary says:

    BlueHost sure looks like a great site other than HostGator, and it’s much cheaper for beginner bloggers! Thank you for sharing a detailed review about BlueHost!

  2. Charles says:

    Now a days many options are available to take hosting service but we should decide that after watch some reviews of that host service provider from where we are making plan to take hosting service.

    Beside that “”Blue Host”” is the best company to take hosting service because they are giving assurance for fast loading speed for our site which is one of the best idea to make our site/blog search engine friendly.

  3. Sarah says:

    Blue Host seems great than the Hostgator as it is trustworthy and more secure. Blue Host provides good Host service to host websites and WordPress blogs.

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