Changing a Boring Topic into an Interesting Article

You can’t write about hyper exciting topics all your life. Some topics are just boring and you can’t escape writing about them. Especially if you want to market something or sell it. Still, you may not like the topic, but you can make your readers like the article. And here are a few tips that will help you do that:

1. Surprise readers with the title

Let’s do a quick test: check how many articles you will find with the title “how to write a post” or “how to write an article”. You get more than million results in both cases. Which one of them would you choose? And how are you going to choose? Check every single one? Judging by the title you can’t really tell which one of them is going to be unique, helpful, important, interesting – written just for you. However let’s see what will happen is just add another sentence to this title. Not even replacing the “how to…” phrase, but expanding it. For example:

Super blogger finally professes: how to write a post!

Look what you did just there – you got the phrase “how to write a post” but also you added original flavor to your title making it more unique and more encouraging to click on. Already you can see the difference, and it is just the beginning.

2. Follow with a catchy headline

The title helps your article stands out in the research results. But it is not the only reason people will choose to read it. Remember that the first things they see are the title and the headline. So being creative with the title and following with a boring headline will get you nowhere.

What you really need to do is follow a few simple guidelines:

  1. keep your headline short;
  2. don’t be too mysterious;
  3. don’t reveal everything from the article;
  4. invite readers with a question that you are going to answer if he keeps reading.

magic bloggersOne thing I won’t recommend is writing a headline completely off topic, just to attract readers. It may work once or twice, but in longer perspective you will lose your readers trust and that is certainly something you don’t want to do.

3. Change your perspective

This is a change that you should make before starting to write the article and is usually connected with the change of articles’ title. Change the perspective you are writing from. Maybe just a little bit. Even a small change can do wonders. Abandon your typical “my opinion which is personal but also very, very close to being objective” position. Try something new. Some say “set your personality free”. I would add – “let your personality morph into someone else one in a while”!

Moses-by-pasukaru76If you chose the title with “the super blogger” – roll with it. What would he say about writing a post? Would he establish his superiority with some sentences? How would he profess? If it is professing, wouldn’t it sound a little like words taken from the Bible? So maybe add a “thou” here and there?

Thou shall not bore the reader! 

4. Take care of the content

My first two points make no sense if you simply lack the knowledge on the issue, and other bloggers agree with me on that.  The topic can be even extremely boring, but if you want to make it interesting you won’t do it without a bit of research. Try to become an expert, dig a little deeper. Who knows – maybe you will find a few new anecdotes? Maybe a less known fact? Put in some work and you will be really surprised of the results.

Taking care of the content also means you can use your experience: tell a true story of your problems with this topic, share your own observations even when they contradict everything you read on the subject. Still – don’t base your article only on your experiences. You can tell an interesting story in addition to information you researched, and this can be a nice variegation to your article.

5. Additional tips

My two additional advices will seem like a no brainer to some. And they are, but I still find hundreds and hundreds of posts that could clearly need this help. So don’t laugh at them – check your own posts and find out if you really should.

The more boring the topic, the more you need humor. Being funny could go a long way. Think about – if the topic is boring, and it is written seriously, full of even more boring information do you REALLY have the strength to finish reading it? I’m not talking about scientific articles – they tend to be boring because they have to J. Being funny can help you “sell” even the most unexciting, uninteresting topics. And also – it will make it easier for you to write it.

Another no brainer. Do I really need to remind you about using images? Maybe I don’t, but I still will.

Images are also the last way to use your creativity. So if you haven’t managed to create a funny, exciting post, the least you can do is add interesting, funny images. Choose images at least remotely related to the subject.

With a super blogger professing you can do a little playing with images of Moses carrying tablets (or a Lego Moses, the one I used as an example), or with an image of superman, batman etc. (you can choose a superhero that has a new movie coming out). If you have the time – change the image or create your own – simply use your imagination.

The Result? An exciting article?

Do I think following these simple steps will automatically help you? To be honest – yes. These may seem like easy and simple changes, but as you will try to implement them you will see than it is easier said than done. It will slow your writing process a little, but the goal is the quality of the material, not quantity. Once you realize, that you need enjoy the creative process, and my tips will surely help you enjoy it, writing will become much easier. So don’t get discouraged when you can’t find ANY interesting perspective to deal with a topic. Remember – the more you write, the better you get.


  1. Saad says:

    Does Branding Images Help ?

  2. Nizam says:

    Well yes, the he first things readers/visitors see are the title and the headline, so having an interesting title and headline does help the article stands out in the research results and using images in the articles will surely help to attract readers/visitors. Thanks Jack for this wonderful post 🙂

  3. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    Creating a attractive headlines works reaaly well because before reading any post people read the title they found in the search result .
    I appreciate what you have written here making some humor and adding related images also works well for post

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