How to Choose The Ideal Advertisement Option For Your Blog

How to make money from my blog is the most frequently asked questions online. Making money from blogging is really not a big deal if you know how to sell without pitching hard. Many people fail to make money online because they don’t know what to sell and how to sell.

If you know the art of selling, it becomes a cake walk for you to monetize your blogs and websites. Choosing the ideal advertisement options for your blog play a key role in making money from your blogging efforts.

Blogging can be with two motives one for sharing your thoughts and views with others and second for earning some money through it. So blog monetization came in existence. For that advertisements on the blog are the primary and the best source. There are various types of advertisements available, and that determines how much revenue can be generated from it. Also the advantage of having ads on a blog can is increase in traffic. Positing of the ad on your blog is also a big criterion in deciding that.

So choosing the correct type of ad for your blog is very important as a wrong type and placement of ad can damage your blog’s traffic. If you don’t want to hurt your blog’s readership and want to make more money from your website traffic, choose your ad options wisely.

But how to do that means how one should choose right kind of advertisement for their blog. For that you need to consider many factors while deciding like ad type, its size, its color and its placement in your blog.

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Choosing The Ideal Advertisement Option For Your Blogs

choosing ideal ads on blogs

The advertisements options available online are Banner ads, in-line text ads, contextual ads etc. Let’s discuss few of them here:

Banner ads are widely popular in online world. If your website has decent amount of traffic or website hits, you can make a passive income from it using banner ads. You don’t have to show hundreds of banner ads on your websites to make decent income each and every month, but by selectively using “few” golden banner ads can give you great boost in your overall online income each month.

Banner ads are the visual ads, which convey through an image supported with a text. They can be enhanced using animation, flash in them. Banner advertisement is one of the oldest and most popular forms of advertisement. They also have lot of advantages attached to them, like they are easily made ad copies.

Banner can be of any size or you can re-size them to fit in the most optimum space on your blog. You can adjust the colors of the banner to go with your blog theme and colors; this also helps in catching visitor’s eye or attention. This help you in getting higher click through rate. Moreover it helps you to fill the empty space of your blog and make it attractive.

There are many websites including Mashable, Verge, Tech Crunch etc. use banner ads to make their primary income from their website traffic.

Things To Avoid While Placing Banner Ads In Your Blog

Bloggers should be aware of the content and its impact on the blog visitors, as irritating animations can displease the visitors which could lead to high bounce rate. While selecting the banner ads special attention should be given to the size of it. As Banner ads with heavy images and animation can lower the website load time. Avoid implementing banner ads with sound.

Don’t place your banner ads in the header section as it may distract your blog’s readership. Unless you are running banner ads to increase your income and not much worried about your blog’s readership, don’t use banner ads on header part (or side of your logo).

Don’t use misleading banner ads that distract your visitors. Don’t make them land on totally irrelevant websites through your banner ads. You will not only be getting high bounce rates using misleading banner ads, but you will also killing your loyal readership.

Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is one of the best advertising options for any blog to make more money. You will not only helping your visitors or customers to buy the relevant products for them, but you will also be reducing your bounce rates to a great extent as the relevancy is more in contextual ads.

As going with the relevancy trend contextual ads are becoming popular. Their content is in relevance to your blog content. Context Ads use the information from your blog, blog post keywords and your blog’s tag cloud. These kinds of ads are dynamic in nature and display the ad relevant to the content. Such ads work on the model of PPC (Pay Per Click). The relevancy in the ad and content leads to higher click through rate.

Contextual ads need to be handled more carefully, as in some cases slight re-design in blogs are required to use such ads. There are a lot of great service providers out there like  Yahoo! Bing Nework Contextual Ads, Microsoft adCenter, to provide excellent contextual ads that are suitable for your websites.

Contextual ads generate more revenue for a website because they are highly relevant to your blog’s visitors, the more relevant ads you show, the more clicks you can get. The more click through you can generate, the more money you can make, it’s as simple as that.

In-line Text Ads

Another popular form for advertisements is In-line Text Ads. These ads are like contextual ads but with a difference that they are displayed into the text of your blog. Whenever a reader hovers over a specified text a small pop up appears providing more information about the text.

The main advantage of such ads are that they are not flashy not even visible on your blog until a mouse over is made on a text. One thing need to be noted that in-line text ads are usable for the bigger and established blogs having regular high traffic. Small blog cannot be benefited from them.

Note: I don’t recommend using in-line text ads if you are a novice blogger as you may want to first focus on giving great user experience to your readers rather than giving false text ads on your internal links. Even if you want to use in-line text ads, don’t use more than 3 to 5 in-line text ads on a web page as it may give less click through rates.

Video Advertisement

These are the type of ads which most of the bloggers avoid having on their blog, as it gets away the attention of the visitors from the blog to the video. But the average revenue per conversion is generally higher in video ads as compare to any other form of advertisements.

We all know how popular videos are going these days, and they can generate more money that any other advertising option if used right. Use relevant ads on your videos, show only those video ads that help your visitors to solve problems and you will be fine. But make sure you are not using too many video ads as they can slower the speed of your websites.

Avoid playing the video ads on auto play mode; it will not be liked by the visitors. Also do not add heavy video ads to your blog, as it will lower your loading speed.

Pop-up Ads

Pop-up Ads
First rule to follow while using pop-up ads is that open the pop-up in new browser window or tab. These kinds of ads have mix reactions. On one side they work effectively in providing good cost per click. These ads leave users with no option to simply ignore them; ad will be flashed in front of them. Users can just simply close the window if not interested.

There is one side of such readers also which really hate such kind of ads which act as a blockage between the blog and them, which in some cases irk the readers to such extent that they decide to leave the blog or website. This gives you high bounce rate, which is not good.

The other negatives of such advertisements that most of the users have enabled that pop up blocker in the browser which will lead all your ad efforts to go in vain. Therefore, pop up ads should be used rarely and wisely.

The above advertising option works for you best if you get massive hits on your websites, and you don’t want to simply convert them into sales but just clicks. Music, entertainment, technology etc. related websites can make decent income by using these kind of advertisement.

This is another great way of making money from your websites, allow few advertisers to publish sponsor reviews of their products on your blogs. This is often a win/win approach as  you will be getting paid for each sponsor review that you post on your blogs. You will also be helping your readers to select various options to buy from you, by allowing sponsor reviews, you can deeply describe about the products you promote.

But don’t publish too many sponsor reviews in a month as you might irritate your website visitors. Minimize and only post the sponsor reviews that are highly relevant to your visitors.

So that’s it! The above mentioned are few popular advertisement methods to earn money from your blogs and websites. Make sure to use the ideal advertisement for your blogs to grow your income.

In a nutshell about best advertising options for a blog

Use blogging ad platforms like Blosvertise, Buy sell ads etc. to easily browse through the selected areas on your website topics to find the relevant ads to show on your blogs and websites. Analyze your competitor’s blogs to find what the type of advertisement options they are using to make money.

Don’t use too many ads as it can not only make your website loading time worse, but it also won’t give you much results in the long run. Always remember the fact that, less is more. If you use selective ads on your blogs or websites, you will get better results.

Please share your thoughts about the ideal advertisement options that you choose and recommend to make more money from a blog.


  1. Dean Saliba says:

    I’m a big fan of trext link ads at the moment, I seem to be able to sell more units of those than banner ads these days. 🙂

    I HATE ads that start playing an audio or video clip when it is loaded, I had to drop an advertiser recently because they kept running ads on my siters that were video clips. It put off my visitors.

  2. Sophia says:


    Nice post which is saying many things about increase your site visitors i am totally agreed with you we should avoid to add heavy video in our site other wise it can be put bad impact on visitors. Beside that pop ups are second very irritating thing which can be prove like loss for you because when anybody reading about you and suddenly any pop ups comes in between that then he/she will not give more time to your site.

  3. I agree with Dean, any ad that plays audio or video is horrible, I’ll close the site and leave right away, also pop ups are annoying and dated. Text and Image ads are great, or ever paid reviews or reviews with affiliate links work well too.

  4. Abhijit Bangal says:

    Honestly speaking, I was aware of some of these tips. However, I didn’t know what to avoid. So, those 2-3 paras in the middle made my day. And I will agree that sound files with animation in banners will increase the load time (I guess not lower it).
    Thanks for the tips!!!

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