Clickmeeting Review: A Perfect Tool for Creating Webinars Effortlessly

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May 13, 2021
ClickMeeting $25/Month
Clickmeeting Review: A Perfect Tool for Creating Webinars Effortlessly

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Are you new to hosting webinars? Looking for an easier software to create your webinars? Give a try to the #1 webinar software ClickMeeting then. It’s the most affordable and super simple software to run your webinars online.

Are you thinking about running webinars?

If you are finding proven ways to reach more people to educate about your products or services, doing webinars is a great choice.

For starters who don’t know what a webinar is all about, let me define it really quickly. A webinar is a web based seminar usually includes a video presentation. Any webinar usually includes a specific topic and two or more people gather to run a webinar.

Here are few great benefits of doing webinars.

So how can you create webinars?

There are so many tools out there but one tool caught my attention and that is ClickMeeting.

So you in this detailed ClickMeeting review, you will discover what’s it all about along with the features, pricing and other details. Are you curious to find them out? Let’s get started.

Clickmeeting Review: How to Create Webinars Effortlessly

clickmeeting review

Creating a Webinar for the First Time?

If you are creating your webinars for the first time, I know it might sound horrible at first to conduct them. You never know what technical skills that might be required to run webinars.

Fortunately, ClickMeeting is an incredible webinar software which allows you to create webinars effortlessly even if you’re doing them for the first time.

You will get access to lots of tools such as

  • Add ons
  • Webinar timeline
  • Subaccounts
  • Multi users
  • Webinar rebranding
  • Customized invitations
  • Registration pages etc

The above all features make it extremely easy for you to create and run webinars within minutes.

The webinar timeline helps you quickly view all your past and future webinars and you can also view your statistics all from one place.

webinar timeline

Using their webinar timeline, you can create new events starting from scratch or you can even reuse your past webinars to reach out to new audience. That means you can save a lot of time without having to create new webinars every time.

Their simple to use registration page allows you to let multiple prospects to register for your webinars quickly by providing their useful information such as name, email address etc so you can easily build strong relationships with them in the future.

ClickMeeting also has a cool feature called “Waiting room with agenda” which helps you to keep your audience engaged before even the webinar begins. It helps your webinar participants know what the webinar will cover and who the presenter is. You can share them any message and important files if you want to let them know before the webinar goes live.

If you have a team to run your webinars, you can create sub accounts for colleagues, consultants or other webinar trainers. You can easily manage their roles from your main account to smoothly conduct your webinars.

Run Your Webinars Across Any Device

You can run your webinars across any device be it a smartphone, tablet or PC. It works effortlessly and they also have android and iPhone apps to make it easy for you to manage your webinars.

Here are few features that will make it easy for you to run and interact through your webinars using ClickMeeting.

  • Webinar room
  • Audio and video
  • Presentation
  • Whiteboard
  • Audio modes
  • Social sharing
  • Toll-Free Phone Numbers
  • ClickMeeting Mobile Application
  • Online Meetings
  • Polls and surveys

Their easy to use tools help you host and run your webinars smoothly regardless of device (be it a smartphone or desktop) and on any operating system. While hosting webinars, you can easily control your audio modes. That means you can decide who is allowed to talk while the webinar is going on.

Want to provide a private chat to your webinar attendees? You can do so with this tool. You can provide a private chat option where your attendees can easily interact with others to provide feedback about your webinar.

Their Whiteboard features allows you to present your webinars effectively by allowing your attendees to collaborate easily. You can create text boxes, shapes, and erase your ideas while running your webinars. This is extremely helpful for marketers and people who want to show real-time data or presentation to their audience.


You can also use your mobile device to get convenient access to instant audio and video. You can use your mobile’s browser to share your web pages with attendees. This makes it easy for you to host and manage your webinars from any device.

Webinar Analytics can Help you Foster your Relationships

Analytics is really important while hosting webinars. You should know how your webinars are performing (how many people are attending, how many of them are taking action etc) to run better webinars in the future.

ClickMeeting offers you exceptional features to easily analyze your webinar statistics. You can get the following great features to deeply analyze your webinar statistics.

  • Webinar And Attendee Statistics
  • Webinar Recording
  • Webinar Storage
  • Thank-you page
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Performance Rating

You can view and export detailed information about your webinars (you can find out your attendees location, the devices they are using and ratings they have given) from your dashboard. You can also see how many number of visitors are currently watching your webinars so you can quickly track attendees trends.


Did you know that you can start and stop your webinar recording just with the click of a button? Yes, recording your webinars is so simple and they will be automatically stored in your account. You can make changes to them, trim them if necessary and share them whenever you want.

You can also download your webinar recordings into MP4 format videos so you can watch them even on mobile devices. Sounds really simple, right? Yes, that’s why ClickMeeting became the #1 source for creating and hosting webinars.

You can give rating to improve your content and performance by taking your audience reactions into account. You can use ratings section to let your audience rate your webinars. This will give you a real-time and honest feedback from your webinar attendees about your webinar’s content so you can improve or tweak your future presentations.

You can use Clickmeeting webinar social media integration to spread the word about your webinars easily. Just connect your social media accounts and expand your reach through webinars.

You can also create thank you pages and show it to your webinar attendees so they don’t go away quickly after watching or listening to your webinars. Make sure to use these thank you pages wisely so you can convert more people into buyers.

Create Surveys and Polls to Get Feedback

We all know how essential it is to get feedback from people. When you are running webinars, feedback is the most important factor that makes or breaks your webinar success.

You should know what your audience wants and needs and that only way to do that is to collect opinions and feedback from your webinar attendees. ClickMeeting allows you to run polls and surveys on any topic while running your webinar. You can easily analyze the results to improve your future webinars.


Here are few more things you can do with polls and surveys feature on ClickMeeting.

  • You can run any number of polls you want
  • You can create open questions, single choice or multiple choice questions
  • You can also give points to few questions so you can find important metrics
  • You can easily display all your survey results in real-time

All in all, ClickMeeting provides you a wide range of tools to easily create polls to get feedback from your webinar attendees to boost your business and sales in the future.

So what are you waiting for?

Give it a try and you will be amazed with their features to run your webinars easily even if you are not a tech-savvy.

30 Days Free Trial (No Credit Card Required)

If you are fully satisfied with their software and want to give a try to ClickMeeting, there’s a good news for you.

You can get a 30 day free trial and you don’t need to even enter your credit card information.

Click here to try their software for free

Once the trial expires, you can select the plan that suits your budget to run your webinars in the future to build and grow your audience.

What About the Pricing?

Currently ClickMeeting has 3 pricing plans.

  1. MyWebinars
  2. MyWebinars Pro
  3. Enterprise

Let’s briefly talk about their pricing plans now so you can decide which one suits for your business.

  • MyWebinars: This one is for starters where you can host webinars to people ranging from 25 to 100. This plan costs you $25 per month and you can have 2 presenters, 4 video streams and 4hrs of recording.
  • MyWebinars Pro: Best suited for conducting webinars to attendees ranging from 50 to 500 people. Where you can have 4 presenters, 4 video streams, 6 hours of recording and 24h of recordings in archive storage. This plan costs you $35 per month.
  • Enterprise: This plan is best suited for bloggers with huge audience where you can conduct webinars with the range between 500 to 5000 attendees. This costs you $165 per month and you can all the features like Customized Packages, agency solution, reseller solution, account manager support, expert consultations, extended add-ons, live webcasting, HD recordings etc.

So go ahead, pick their 30 days free trial first and then decide which plan to go for to run your webinars using ClickMeeting software.

Is ClickMeeting Worth Giving a Try?

If you are thinking to conduct webinars for the first time and looking for an easy to use webinar software with great features, you should definitely give a try to ClickMeeting.

Over 80,000 customers are using their software as of now along with the biggest brands like Siemens, Sony, Uber etc.

Moreover, they are offering you a 30 days free trial so you can decide whether it’s the right fit for you or not by using their free trial. Their pricing plans are also really affordable and even if you have a small budget, you can easily use their software to conduct webinars without spending too many dollars.

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Final Thoughts

Webinars convert really well. They can help you turn your attendees into customers easily. That’s the reason why almost every influencer is doing webinars.

ClickMeeting can be your go-to tool if you want to run webinars to reach wider audience by educating them with interaction tools. They also have affordable pricing plans so you can choose the best plan according to your budget.

If you are looking for an easy to use, affordable and reliable webinar software, I recommend you to give a try to ClickMeeting. It helps you host webinars just with the click of a button.

So what do you think about this detailed ClickMeeting tutorial? Did you find it useful? Are you going to give a try to their 30 days free trial? Do you have any questions? Ask them in the comments.

Anil Agarwal

Clickmeeting Review: A Perfect Tool for Creating Webinars EffortlesslyAnil Agarwal who owns, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like Forbes, Huffingtonpost, Semrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.

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  1. Naman Modi says:

    The Clickmeeting appis an incredible tool full of convenience, and it performs with minimal glitches. The quality is superb and I would recommend it anytime for web conferencing. One of its unique characteristics is that you save the video in the cloud, in case you forget to download the file. If you need an app for web conferencing, this tool is the real deal. I hope this Clickmeeting review will help you to choose wisely.

  2. vikrant says:

    Great article, I have really enjoyed your article. Webinar is a great tool .You show how to Create Webinars.A webinar is a web based seminar usually includes a video presentation. Any webinar usually includes a specific topic and two or more people gather to run a webinar. ClickMeeting is very good webinar software .The good thing is that we can run the webinars on any device. Clickmeeting is a very easy and its provide the private chat also .I will definitely try this clickmeeting tool for my online classes .Thanks for sharing . The way you explained each and everything about clickmeeting is really great . Thanks once again.

  3. Donna Merrill says:

    Hi Anil,

    Wonderful review of ClickMeeting, but also a good introduction for folks who are wondering how webinars work, and IF they should be using them.

    Most of my clients are bloggers and I certainly encourage them to use webinars for personal branding, engagement and even direct sales.

    You are so right that webinars are a powerful tool that every blogger and marketer should consider.

    I’ve personally used several platforms and from your review here, I’d say ClickMeeting is something I’ll want to compare with the systems I’m currently using.


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