ContentMart Review 2018: The #1 Platform to Hire Top-Notch Writers  

ContentMart Review
Review of: ContentMart

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On November 14, 2017
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This is the #1 platform where you can have access to thousands of skilled writers to outsource your writing work. You can also make money from it by becoming a freelance writer.

Creating great content is the key to more search traffic and sales.

If you are struggling to increase your website conversions or sales, it’s mainly because of one reason: your content sucks.

There are over 2 million blog posts that are getting published every single day. That’s a lot of competition out there. So the best way to get more exposure to your content is to write high quality and engaging content.

But here’s the problem.

Most bloggers don’t have enough time to create content. Or they simply don’t have prolific writing skills to create content that sells. Here’s where a content writing platform like ContentMart comes into play. It’s the best marketplace for all your blog content writing needs. You can find a ton of people to outsource your content work.

In this ContentMart review, we will discuss about why you need to consider it if you want to outsource your blog’s content. Are you ready? Let’s dive into the details.

ContentMart Review 2018: The best place to outsource your blog’s content

ContentMart Review

Let’s first quickly talk about the platform: ContentMart. Then, we’ll move on to the detailed  ContentMart review (along with its benefits).

What is ContentMart and how it helps?

ContentMart is a marketplace where you can find hundreds of top-notch writers to create content for you. It’s also the best place to make money if you want to be a freelance writer (you can find a ton of writing jobs ranging from technology to gaming to real estate).

It doesn’t matter whether if you’re a blogger, eCommerce or a small business owner, you can find services for all your writing needs.

Contentmart Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of using ContentMart:

  • You can get high quality content at an affordable price.
  • You can hire writers from various languages ranging from English to Hindi to Spanish. So if you want to start and grow a blog in your local language, this is the best platform to find suitable writers.
  • You can outsource your blog content to the best writers (so you can save more time).
  • Google rewards top notch content over thin content (best ROI for you).
  • 100% safe and secure (full refund if you don’t like the content).
  • Fixed deadlines (so no headache).
  • Automated payments.
  • You will get access to hundreds of verified writers once you register for free.
  • You will also get access to their support team (so you can ask questions before placing an order).

All in all, ContentMart is the best marketplace for all your writing needs. Create a project with your own requirements, look for quality writers, make the payment and you’re done. It’s really as simple as that.

How to get started with ContentMart?

Let’s now talk about how you can get started with ContentMart so you can outsource most of your writing work for others to save your time and money.

Step 1: Create a free account as a client from here (you can also create a free account as a freelance writer from the same page). You will instantly get an activation link to your inbox. Click on it to get verify your account.

Step 2: Place an order to outsource your writing work

After verifying your account, click on “New Order” to create a project. Now, you’ll need to fill out a couple of sections to place your order. Let’s break it down.

In the first section, you will need to enter a title and other details of your content such as your preferred writing style, target audience etc. You can also attach files (PDF’s, images etc) to explain your writing requirements in detail.

new order

In the next section, you will find details like deadline, language, category of your content, expertise.


In the final section, you will need to enter your article requirements.


In the above screenshot, you will notice things like:

  • Article quantity: How many articles do you need?
  • Word required: What’s your word limit?
  • SEO requirements: Do you need to optimize your content for specific keywords?
  • Quality of content: It starts with 2 stars (costs you less) and go up to 5 stars (costs you more but you’ll get high quality stuff).

You can also pick a writer of your own choice.

Now, after filling all the details, simply click on “Publish This Order” and wait for the magic.

Step 3: Pick a writer of your choice

After publishing your order, wait for a while to get bids from other writers.

Once you get the bids, you can pick a writer of your choice (either depending upon their expertise, review ratings or price).

Step 4: Review content and you’re done!

Once you find the RIGHT person to tackle your project, have a chat with the bidder and talk about your writing requirements and assign the work to him. The good thing about ContentMart platform is they also have a chat section (so you can chat with the bidders instantly).

Make sure you have deposited funds on ContentMart to place an order. To add funds, simply click on the “Balance” tab and add funds according to your article requirements.

deposit contentmart

You can add funds either using a Credit/Debit card or PayPal.

3 reasons to use ContentMart

Sharing three big reasons to chose ContentMart:

#1. It’s a great replacement for Fiverr writing gigs

It’s a great replacement for Fiverr. If you’re already using Fiverr to outsource your writing and not satisfied, this platform can be the right fit for you.

We all know, Fiverr is NOT a great platform. There are a ton of people who offer cheap services (most of them are plagiarised) so you can’t build a successful blog using it.

Here’s where a quality writing platform like ContentMart comes into play. Their content is cross checked by Copyscape so you can be assured that you get original and unique content at an affordable price.

#2. Access to thousands of skilled writers

ContentMart connects with over 50,000 freelance writers all around the globe. That sounds like a HUGE platform for outsourcing your writing project, right?

You can find writers from almost any country and any language.

  • Are you running a Spanish blog? No issues, there are Spanish writers.
  • Are you running a Hindi blog? There are a ton of Hindi blog writers for you.
  • Do you want your content to be written by native English speakers? Yes, you can do that.

Not only that, you have all the freedom in the world to quote your own price while outsourcing your writing projects.

There will always be a lot of people placing bids with various prices for your projects. But you can also quote your own price (if you’re on a budget, this is extremely helpful for you).

Before allocating your project to a writer, you can carefully explore his writing skills and portfolio. You can read the reviews under his name to get a fair about how he writes and delivers.

#3. Make money as a freelancer

If you’re a freelance writer or want to make money as a freelance writer, ContentMart can be a great starting point for you.

Why? You can find a ton of writing gigs that pay you great. The best part about the platform is you can also chat with your clients before taking up the project so you can worry less while creating content for them.

Also, you’ve the freedom to bid your own price tag and you can choose your own preferred language to create content for others. You can withdraw your funds (min. Withdrawal limit: $50) directly to your PayPal account. So it’s a great platform for both writers and clients to use their time wisely.

Tips for people who want to outsource their writing

Do you want to use ContentMart marketplace to outsource your writing? Here are some tips for you that can save your time and money.

  • Make sure to spend quality time in carefully reading the content provided by the writer of your choice. If there are any changes required, immediately contact the writer to make the changes. If you’re still not satisfied, you don’t need to worry as you can get your money back!
  • Use filters to your advantage. If you’re targeting US audience, it’s better to find writers who are native English speakers (choose your filters to match US writers). Likewise, you can use filters to find the right people for your business.
  • Have a chat with the bidder before assigning your work. Make sure to read his writing samples before you place an order.

Click here to get started with Content Writing Agencies

Tips for freelance writers

Do you want to use ContentMart as a platform to find freelance writing work? Here are some tips for you!

  • Focus on attracting less clients when you’re just starting out. Instead of taking bulk projects at once, it’s better to build a solid social proof for yourself. You can do that only by taking baby steps. Give the work on time, take quality time to research and craft your articles.
  • Once you started getting good ratings, you can start taking more projects without sacrificing the quality. Make sure to learn how to write compelling copy quickly.
  • Get in touch with other writers who are already making good money from ContentMart, ask them for feedback. Take notes, learn new stuff and focus on quality. You’ll definitely make more money that way.

Here are a couple of benefits of using ContentMart to become a freelance writer.

  • Easy payment options: You can withdraw the money once you have funds over $50. It will be credited to your PayPal account.
  • Very convenient: This is the best platform you can use to find paid writing gigs. Just make sure to find the relevant topics that interest you and offer the bids that entice your clients. Make sure to focus on deliver more value when you’re starting out.
  • Perfect platform for non-native English speakers: It’s the perfect platform to find writing gigs not only in English but in other languages as well. If you’re not good at English, you can always find a ton of other languages to offer your writing services. So it’s a great start to make money as a freelance writer.

FAQ’s About ContentMart

Want to know more about Content Mart? Here are some of the FAQ’s about Content Mart that can help you better understand about the platform along with some of the benefits.

#1. What is Content Mart all about?

Contentmart is a content marketplace where you can find writers who can create top notch content for you. It’s also a great platform if you want to offer writing services to other customers.

Just make sure to pick the language that you want content from (it offers over 20 languages for content services), pay for the bid, find a writer and get quality content for your websites.

#2. Why should use Content Mart?

It doesn’t matter whether you need business writing, creative writing or travelogues – you must need great content in order to get more traffic from search engines like Google. Here’s where you need a platform like ContentMart for outsourcing your content writing services (especially if you are not a good writer or don’t have enough time to create great content).

With ContentMart, you will have the following benefits.

  • Plagiarism check allows you to check for any copied content from the writers
  • Overspam tool allows you to check if the writer is optimizing your content using keyword stuffing
  • Relevance helps you find how relevant your content is for the related keywords that you give to the writers
  • And many more that helps you get quality content at affordable prices

#3. What type of writers can I find on Content Mart?

The great thing about using Content Mart platform is that you will find a wide range of copywriters in almost every industry which includes;

  • Entertainment Copywriters
  • Travel Copywriters
  • HealthCare Copywriters
  • Resume Copywriters
  • Science Copywriters
  • Business Copywriters
  • Kids and Parenting Copywriters

In a nutshell, no matter what industry you are in, you will find a writer who can be the right fit for your website and content marketing needs.

#4. How to order your content using Content Mart?

You need to register a free account and then follow the below simple steps.

  • Login to your account on ContentMart
  • Post an order
  • Refill balance to be able to hire some writer
  • Choose a writer and give your content writing requirements
  • Get content
  • Accept and pay (if you like the content)

Quick note: The minimum pricing of placing an order on the ContentMart platform is for Indian Clients: ₹0.20 per word and for International Clients: $0.3 per word.

#5. What if you’re not satisfied with the quality of the work?

If you don’t like the content from a writer that you choose or if the content is not up to your expectations, then you can send the content for modification to the same writer. But still if the updated content doesn’t satisfy you, you can simply decline the content and assign it to another writer. It’s as simple as that!

Final thoughts about ContentMart Review 2018: Top Platform for Writers & Business Owners

Content marketing is growing rapidly. People are spending millions of dollars on content to drive more search traffic and sales to their sites. If you are not creating content on a regular basis, you are going to hate yourself later.

If you’re a blogger who wants to outsource your blog content to experienced writers, platforms like ContentMart can offer you great help. It offers a ton of writing services including business writing, SEO content, case studies, white papers and a ton more.

Above all, it’s the perfect platform where you can find skilled writers at a reasonable price. If you’re a freelance writer, there are a plethora of ways to make money using the platform. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try once.

Did you like this ContentMart review? Are you going to use it? Do you have any more questions? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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