How to Create An Email Autoresponder that Turns Subscribers Into Buyers

create email autoresponder

Did you know why YOU are not making any sales or money from your email list?

Are your struggling to make money from your existing email list? If yes, you are in the right place.

They say, “money is in the list”. That’s 100% true.

But they don’t say “you need to create an email autoresponder series to make money from the list”.

If you are wondering what is an email autoresponder and how to start making money from your email list, this detailed guide is for you.

What is an email autoresponder series?

These are the emails also called as “follow-up series” or broadcast series which can be sent right after someone subscribing to your blog or newsletter. They will get a series of emails at regular intervals without your intervene.

You will have to create a set of emails and set a timing (after 1 day, 2 days, 7 days etc) so the email autoresponder will send all those emails to your new subscribers at regular times automatically.

That’s how an email autoresponder or broadcast series works. Let’s now talk about the various types of them so you will know which one will work better for your business.

The types of email autoresponders

There are so many types of email autoresponders most marketers and bloggers use but the following are widely used.

  • Offering a lead magnet: 90% of the people build their email list by offering a lead magnet such as a free ebook, video or a guide. Then, they send appropriate emails to their follow up series to build rapport with their email subscribers.
  • Selling services: There are a lot of people who are selling services such as WordPress installation, design, freelance writing, SEO services etc. All they do is to send specific emails mentioning about their services so they can get more people to buy their services. WPKube, WPbeginner, Jon Morrow – these are the sites and bloggers who are using this type of email autoresponders.
  • Creating awareness about the products: Ramit Sethi, Derek Halpern, Brian Clark – all these highly successful marketers send a lot of emails mentioning about their products such as online courses, paid books, plugins etc. They don’t often send promotional emails rather they creating awareness about the products they create.
  • Deals and coupons: Noah Kagan from Appsumo is the best example for this email autoresponder series. His blog is a huge deals site which has over 700,000 email subscribers and he often (weekly twice or thrice) sends promotional emails giving you huge discounts around marketing products.

So make sure to analyze the blogs and bloggers mentioned above. Subscribe to their blogs and analyze how they are sending emails to their subscribers. You will get a fair idea about what type of emails to send to your audience after that.

How to create an email autoresponder series?

create email autoresponder

Let’s now talk about how you can create an email autoresponder series so you can help your subscribers by sending the RIGHT emails by also boosting your sales.

Are you ready?

Quick Note: I’m using GetResponse to demonstrate this tutorial. I’ve been using it for over 2 years now and I’m really happy with its features and email deliverability rates. If you are looking for a reliable and better email autoresponder software, I highly recommend GetResponse.

Click here to start 30 day free trial with GetResponse

Step 1: Create a campaign

create campaign

You need to create a campaign in order to send emails from your email autoresponder. On your dashboard right hand side, you’ll find an option called “Your current campaign”, click on “Create a campaign” to get started. Check out the screenshot below for better understanding.

Step 2: Create an autoresponder

After logging into your GetResponse dashboard, click on “Create Autoresponder” and it will give you various options to send your follow up emails.

Create autoresponders

There are totally 6 number of ways you can create autoresponder series of emails to send to your email subscribers which are listed below.

  • Time based: This is the basic version of email follow up series where you can pick particular days to send emails automatically to your email subscribers.
  • Clicked: The emails sent using this method will be sent only to those subscribers who clicks something on your emails from your particular email campaigns.
  • Opened: The emails sent using this method will be sent only to those subscribers who opens emails from your particular email campaigns.
  • Subscribed: This is what 99% of the bloggers and marketers use. If someone subscribes to your email list or blog, this will start sending the emails at your preferred dates.
  • Goal reached: To create this Autoresponder, you need to create at least one goal and have a tracking code installed on your website. You can add goals like number of people clicked, opened or bought something from you. Depending on it, it will send the email follow up series.
  • Data changed: This will send an autoresponder to all those subscribers who change their data like age, name, city, country, mobile number, pin code etc.

Note: I use #4 (Subscribed option) from the options above and almost every other blogger also uses the same method. So I highly recommend you to use it.

Step 3: Managing your autoresponder


Now, when you click on “Subscribed” option from the Create Autoresponder feature, you will be asked to enter your campaign name to send follow up emails.

Pick your campaign and select the days when you want to send your autoresponder emails. You can create a welcome email that can be sent immediately after someone subscribing to your list.

And then create any number of emails, pick particular time to start sending emails automatically to your list. That’s it! You have successfully created an email autoresponder using GetResponse.

You can any time edit, delete or add more emails and manage your emails using their autoresponder feature.

When to send your email autoresponder series to your list?

The #1 question most people ask while creating an email autoresponder series is “when should I send emails to my subscribers?”.

I would say try using the following sequence.

Welcome email: Send this email welcoming your email subscribers immediately after subscribing to your list. You can talk about you or your blog, what it has to offer and the type of emails they can expect in the future from you.

Knowing about them email: Send this email after 2 to 3 days after someone subscribing to your email list. Find out who your true subscribers are and what they really want from. You can send an email asking about their problems or struggles and find a way to provide solutions to those specific problems in your future emails.

Products or services email: This email can be sent within a week after someone subscribing to your email list. You can make a list of all the products (both free and premium) you use to run your blog or website and add affiliate links so your email subscribers might buy if they are interested in them. This also gives you some good affiliate commission for you within a week.

New blog posts email: Every week (on Monday, Wednesday or any week day), send an email by including your latest blog posts. Give a short brief about the posts by using links to your posts or pages.

Exclusive emails: These are emails that will be sent only to your email lists not on your blog. So your email subscribers will feel they are getting massive value exclusively for them. You can use these exclusive emails to tell your secrets, mistakes or any other sources on how you can add more value to your email subscribers.

Nurture your email list to make money

Did you know that people don’t buy from strangers?

That’s especially true when it comes to online selling. If you are selling a product or service online, it’s impossible to increase your sales without building trust or creating awareness about your stuff.

This is where an email list comes into play. It helps you get the right audience attention, helps you build engagement with them quickly to boost your online product sales. By sending the RIGHT emails by using a follow up email series, you can build rapport, create awareness and increase sales. So make sure to spend quality time in what emails you are going to send to your email subscribers.

Nurturing your email subscribers about the products or services you promote is the KEY to increase your sales. Without warming up your email list, no matter how big it is, simply it’s impossible to grow your income.

So how can you warm up your email subscribers so you can generate more sales?

You can consider implementing the following strategies to nurture your email list of subscribers.

  • Always give top priority to your blog subscribers. They are not looking for your promotional stuff. They subscribed to you to learn something from you. Always remember it.
  • Personalize your emails. Use their names whenever it is possible. This will ensure you are creating great bond with your subscribers.
  • Create killer email subject lines. It doesn’t matter what’s inside your emails if you write crappy subject lines. Spend good time in crafting great lines, you can also use free tools like Portent content generator to come up with great headlines.
  • Keep your emails really focused. Target your subscribers with the right emails. Don’t bombard your email autoresponder series with full of promotional emails. People will simply get irritated and soon unsubscribe from your list.
  • Focus on recommending the products and services you create or promote. Only send the right products that serve your subscribers wants and needs.
  • Always proofread your emails. Writing an email copy full of typos is the guaranteed way to get ignored by your subscribers.
  • Don’t attach anything. It will mostly get into their spam box and don’t use spammy subject lines.
  • Always use friendly tone while creating your emails. Don’t use jargon or corporate language to impress your subscribers. As a rule of thumb, even a 5th grade student should easily understand what you are writing.

Final thoughts about creating an email autoresponder series that makes money

Despite the popularity of social media sites like Facebook, twitter and search engines like Google, email is still one of the EVERGREEN ways to increase your sales by building rapport with your audience.

If you want to make a living from online, you must be building an email list. And your job is not done just by offering a lead magnet such as free ebooks, you should also create captivating email autoresponder series to grow your sales and relationships.

Ramit Sethi, Derek Halpern, Pat Flynn, Neil Patel – all these highly successful online marketers are using their email autoresponder series to build engagement with their subscribers. That’s they are able to make 80% of their online income from their email lists.

So what do you think? Have you already created an autoresponder series? If yes, what are your thoughts? If you haven’t yet, start building one by using the strategies mentioned in this guide. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

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  1. Shafi Khan says:

    Great Article as always. I started blogging 60 days ago and I have 50+ email subscribers.

    After reading your article I will create autoresponders and hopefully it will boost my subscriber count.

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