Creating A Marketing Message For Your Blog That Makes Money

blog marketing messageWhether you run a blog today or you’re trying to get one launched, you know this. Without a way to find (and convert) new visitors, your blog will never generate money.

In other words…you need a marketing plan. And every smart marketing plan starts with a marketing message.

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For a lot of us, “marketing” is not our favorite word. It’s the tedious, uncomfortable stuff we’d rather not do.

But here’s the cold hard truth. Most business bloggers fail.

Not because their blog isn’t packed with valuable or useful content.

Not because their blog doesn’t have a cool, catchy domain name.

Not even because their blog is in a saturated niche.

Many bloggers who set out to make money online sharing great content fail, because their initial marketing message didn’t work. It doesn’t matter what kind of business blog you have. Weight loss, social media, gardening, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is this – If your marketing message doesn’t resonate with the right people you can’t grow an audience. You don’t have an audience, you don’t have customers, you don’t have customers, you don’t make any money!

Which means you have to figure out a real plan for building a strong business blog…you know, the kind of marketing plan that works!

So where do you start when you don’t know where to start or you’ve tried and failed?

If you are struggling to find the “right marketing message” here’s a breakdown for laying the foundation to a successful blog marketing message starting today.

Get Your Business Blog A Marketing Message With A Unique Identity

There are two questions you need to address immediately: Why should anyone read your blog, given all the other options they might choose? and What is your irresistible marketing message?

It can take hours to get a blog online but months to figure out what makes your blog unique in the market place. If you identify your unique selling proposition in the beginning you won’t have to reinvent yourself in the future. This is a crucial step that most new business bloggers skip because they are just so excited to get out there. But what do you do when you’ve launched your blog only to find out your marketing message is just as generic as the next?

Here are four steps on how to craft your own irresistible marketing message so you stand apart from the competition:

  1. Claim Your Ideal Clients: Know exactly who your ideal customers are and what you are supposed to be doing with them. Don’t worry about the niche. Worry about who you want to help solve their problems and who will benefit the most from your content, then only market to them. Understanding this will help you not only generate profits it will also satisfy your passion.
  2. Use Your Ideal Clients Words: If your clients are saying “I don’t know how to start a blog”, “I don’t understand social media”, or “I’m overwhelmed with starting a business online” use these words in your marketing message to attract your audience.
  3. Sell What People Are Buying: When it comes to education, you can’t force people to learn what you think they should learn. You’ve got to teach them what they want to learn. People are searching for and buying products everyday that will help them solve their problems. Figure out what these “solution-seekers” are buying and give it to them.
  4. Focus on Your Juicy Benefits: To become a successful blogger you must communicate to people clearly and confidently how the information your share is going to change their life. Communicate what makes you different!
  5. Magnetize Your Message: Systematically translate your message into all of your marketing, training, tools, and support. Not only should your marketing message have a dominant theme, it should tell a story that leads to understanding and action.

Leverage Other People’s Traffic

If you really want to put some momentum behind your blog’s marketing message, begin tapping into other people’s traffic. How do you do this?

  1. Strategic Partnerships: Consider partnering with someone who already has an audience. Use other peoples list, community, and audience to promote your own marketing message. There are tons of creative ways to work with other bloggers in your niche that create a win-win for the both of you.
  2. Steal Other People’s Traffic: Check out where your competition is getting their traffic from and start doing what they are doing. How are they promoting their own marketing message online.
  3. Save Room For Guest Posts: Obviously BloggersPassion understands the value of guest blogging and the exposure it can bring. Invite other bloggers that compliment your marketing message to contribute to your blog.  Guest bloggers usually bring their traffic and fans with them because they’ll promote the post when it goes live on your site.

Experiment With Your Delivery

Remember the saying “Try to please everyone and you’ll end up pleasing no one.” Well that’s not necessarily true when it comes to marketing your blog content. While you want to know the desired learning style of your prospective audience – do they prefer text, audio, video – don’ be afraid to mix it up. Psychology demonstrates that all people benefit from a blend of media formats, so try different formats to see which one your target market responds too. If your videos tend to drive more traffic, consider creating video content more often. Do you have an audience that likes to listen to audio, offer an audio version of your blog posts in addition to text. While it may be a little more work, you’ll “please” more people and as a result create more responsive traffic.

Ongoing Promotion of Your Marketing Message

Any blog can be launched but to maintain your community and traffic you must consistently find creative ways to promote the content you’ve already created. It’s more effective to create one high quality pillar post a week and really promote it than publish average content everyday that nobody reads. It is such a waste of valuable time. Go to the places where your ideal audience hangs out. Are they on Facebook, Twitter#12, in Forums, Online, Offline? Where ever your traffic is, you should be too!

Focus on promoting your best content, keeping a pulse on what your readers truly want and give them what they need. Promoting your marketing message takes effort, strategic thinking and most of all consistency. Your priority as a blogger is to develop a community of loyal followers and participants that do the heavy lifting for you. Solve their problems and they’ll tell everyone they know. That’s the best marketing a blog can have!

Do you have any tips for creating a blog marketing message that makes money. Share in the comments below!

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