Desktop Blogging Tools

Desktop blogging tool can help trendy bloggers in various ways. These stylist bloggers need extremely fast blogging process which is full of features and that can also speed up blogging process.

The most important benefit of using desktop blogging application is to write post comfortably, even if you are offline and can publish them later. Most of the expert writers follow schedule posting feature, so with the help of desktop blogging application you can easily define the time of publishing your article.

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Most of the desktop blogging tools provide various editors like  draft saver, spell checker, WYSIWYG editor and remote publishing along with man advanced formatting choices like structuring the post, inserting  Webware and media.

Desktop Blogging Tools

So below is the list of some cool desktop blogging editors by which you can speed up your blogging process.

1. Windows Live Writer

It is the most famous desktop blogging tool. It provides the same user interface which is provided by Microsoft Applications. With the help of Windows Live Writer you can swiftly write a blog entry and also you can add featured images along with various other media.  The distinct feature of Windows Live Writer is that,plugins can be easily added in the editor. <Link>

2. MarsEdit

You can use this desktop blogging tool on your Mac system. The distinct feature of MarsEdit is the capability to integrate with some other text editors like BBEdit, TextMate, TextWrangler and SubEthaEdit. The user interface of MarsEdit is simple and robust. Here users can easily use strong markup Macros for adding popular oddments of codes. MarsEdit work smoothly with Blogger, Movable Type, Drupal, Word Press, Type Pad, Vox and LiveJournal. <Link>

3. BlogDesk

This is another robust desktop blogging tools for Windows machine. This blogging tool supports multiple languages and almost every blogging platform. Here in image editing zone, you can easily edit and upload images without the interference of any extra image editing application. With the help of its unique feature, you can easily insert various links and can aslo remove them (if required). Local files can be easily uploaded, you can easily check gramitacil and spelling mistakes, edit a published post, delete published post etc. <Link>

4. Zoundary Raven

This is an advanced, free WYSIWYG blog editing Windows blogging tool. Some common features of this desktop blogging tool are: template based preview, quicklinks, support of UTF- 8. With theh help of Zoundary Raven, user can easily manage multiple blogs offline and online. The built- in index feature of this bloggin tool permits you to view post blogs, images, links and tags. It supports TypePad, Meta Wblog, Live Journal, Blogger and Movable Type. This si basically a portable application and you can easily use it on thumb/ flash drive. <Link>

5. Ecto

It is the popular desktop blogging tool for Mac’s machine. This powerful tool contains almost every feature like spell checking, draft saving, rich text editor, use of plugins etc. <Link>

6. W.bloggar

W.bloggar is a professional desktop blogging tool, generally used by expert users. This blogging tool is snappy and contains almost every features of Windows Live Writer. Here you can easily save your posts for suture publishing, post to different blogs, Technorati, ping-o- matic, and import text files. The best feature is that this desktop application is also available in the portable version, so you can take it anywhere in your USB. <Link>

7. Thingamablog

This is a multi platform desktop blogging application because you can use it on Mac, Linux and Windows machine. It is basically a RSS feed reader and hybrid of blog editing. This provides a cross platform blogging but it is not much  polished as other desktop blogging applications. <Link>


  1. Bentley says:

    I’ve never encountered most of the desktop blogging tools you’ve mentioned here. I’ll try out Ecto, W.bloggar and Thingamablog for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hillary Bost says:

    I am with Falicia on this one I have never come across any of these tools. I will have to look into them more. Thanks for the share.

  3. TJ Lovelady says:

    Thank you for this post. I have just begun blogging and it is a passion of mine. I have been looking for ways to make it easier as I have a full time job. I often post from my tablet via the wordpress app but I find it a bit harder to post with the app. I will be downloading the windows live writer and trying that out. Also I followed you on twitter…Hoping to learn more tips Thanks!!

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