Digg Digg Plugin: All in One Social Media Sharing Bar For WordPress

Since Social Media Signals seems to be playing a major role these days on Google Search at least when it comes about driving targeted traffic to our website from Google search results. We need to make all possible measures to make sure our blog contents get good number of shares on major social media websites. So we need to show up promising buttons and links for theses websites on our blog posts and pages. Do you know how to go about it?

No doubt there are lots of plugins available that can help you in adding icons or buttons for social media websites of interested on your blog. There are plugins for adding Google Plus, for Retweet, for Delicious Save, For Facebook like etc. So you may need to use 4-5 plugins to show icons for 5-6 social media websites on your blog. It will slow down your blog speed and there will be lots of issues at configuration and placement level.

About Digg Digg Plugin

Today I’m introducing Digg Digg Plugin to Bloggers Passion readers who are looking for a plugin that can install buttons for all social networks in one go. Digg Digg is one of most popular Social Sharing plugin for WordPress blogs which has already been downloaded more than 400,000 times from WordPress Plugin directory. You can consider Digg Digg Plugin as all in one Social media sharing plugin for your WordPress blog. It will not only show icons for these websites but will also shows up a real time votes counter against each button.

Digg Digg Plugin for Social Media Sharing

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Digg Digg Plugin Installation and Customization Options

You can download the latest version of Digg Digg Plugin from WordPress Plugins directory here. You can install it like any other WordPress plugin on your blog. This plugin comes with lots of customization options. You can customize it from Digg Digg under Settings in your WordPress Dashboard.

  • First of all you can decide which social media websites you want to show up on your blog. This plugin comes with the list of 24 social media websites. Most probably you would not like to show all of them on your blog, you would like to go for 5 to 6 most popular social media icons only like Google Plus, Facebook Like, Digg it, Retweet, StumbleUpon and Delicious etc. So you can easily select which social media icons you want to display on your blog.
  • You have the option to show Digg Digg share button to your blog home page, post level, page level, categories, tags and archives etc. So you can decide by yourself like where you want to show Digg Digg Share Bar buttons.
  • You can show buttons in horizontal and vertical order.
  • In case you don’t like Digg Digg predefined style of share bar buttons, you can manually add code for all social media websites on your blog wherever you want to show them.
  • You can show floating share bar which will be shown to the left of your blog content as shown on Mashable.com and blog.bufferapp.com.
  • You can decide social sharing button integration type like left float, right float, before content and after content. Button size can be normal or compact.

Here is a screenshot showing some sample share bar buttons you can generate with Digg Digg plugin:

Some Social Media Button Samples Generated by Digg Digg Plugin

It would be great to know what you guys are using to increase visitors engagement on your blog. And your thoughts about Digg Digg plugin which I hope will increase Social Media shares for your blog to many times. More sharing of your blog content on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus type of Social Networks means you are sending strong social media signals to Google bots about your blog which should result in better visibility on Google organic search results for your blog for its targeted terms.

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  1. Social Proof says:

    This turned out to be a good plugin, thanks

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