How to Sell Ads On Your Website Easily [And Ditch AdSense]

how to sell ads

Are you getting irritated with AdSense earnings? Do you want to know how to sell ads on your website to make more moneY?

At some point or another, you probably used Google Adsense to make money with your web site or blog. Many people start out with Google Adsense as a source of revenue because it is so dead simple and shows relevant advertising and links on your site.

However, this easy to implement ad system comes at a cost… which is a few pennies per clicks and visitors leaving your web site, many of which who will never return!

If you have a blog that is full of useful articles and content that you are just hoping to make a few dollars off here and there, go for using Adsense. If you are looking to build an established brand a blog that you want to grow for years and years… stick with my personal tips that you will find below.

How to sell ads on your website easily in 2018

how to sell ads on your website

Types of selling ads

Here are some of the benefits of selling ad space on your website.

  • You set the price depending upon your traffic level
  • You don’t have to pay even a penny to anyone else
  • You’ll have full control over the ads you show on your website and you can set your own rules (and remove them any time you want)
  • Mostly you’ll get payments upfront (that means, you get paid even before you place ads on your website)

Enough said about the benefits of selling ad space on your site, let’s now talk about different ways you can sell ads online.

Through sponsored posts

One of the less intrusive ways to make money selling ads is to publish sponsored posts on your blog by giving a link back to the advertising site (make sure to include a nofollow tag for all the sponsored or paid links for SEO purposes).

You can either keep it for an year or a month depending upon the advertising terms that you both accept before making the payment.

Most advertisers would be happy to pay several hundred dollars for writing a sponsored post about their company or product (where you actually need to talk about their products and provide a link).

Banner ads are the most common and widely used ads to sell ad space on your website and make money. You simply need to place your advertisers or other company or product ads in the form of banners on your website.

banner ads

Banner ads are usually placed on;

  • Your website’s sidebar
  • Footer
  • Above the fold

You can decide how much to charge for banner ads by banner ad size (125×125 or something even bigger) and also for how many days you’re going to keep them (you’ll usually get paid monthly on going until the advertiser stops paying you).

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Use Email List

Did you know that you can use your email list to sell ads? Yes, there are few people (with big email lists of typically over 100000 to 1 million subscribers) often promote others products in form of ads.

Mostly these email ads can be seen in;

  • Text based ads
  • Image ads
  • Video promotional ads (sometimes)

The money you make from email ads completely depends on two things; how big your email list is and how many people are actually clicking on the links provided within your email.

You can either ask for money depending on the amounts of clicks generated through your email list or you can simply ask for commission on how many people actually sign up for the product you refer to.

Use Podcasts

Have you ever listened to marketing podcasts from Pat Flynn, Tim Ferriss and so on? Almost all of these top class bloggers have thousands of followers for their podcasts series where they get millions of downloads. So there’s HUGE potential for advertisers, right?

podcast ads

If you’ve listened any of the top podcasts in your industry, you must have heard lots of promotional stuff or ad campaigns in the beginning, middle or at the end of the podcasts. They are all podcast related ads and these bloggers get paid for talking about their products or services.

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So if you’ve a podcast or planning to launch one, make sure to subscribe to as many podcasts as possible in your industry to find out who’s actually including podcasts ads and know what companies you can get in touch with to make that additional ad space income.

Through videos

If you’re not living under a rock for the last decade, by now, you must have watched a ton of ads on videos either on YouTube or on the video hosting sites like Vimeo. There are so many video bloggers out there who use promotional ads within videos to make money.

We’re not talking about the video ads from services like AdSense though but we’re talking about selling ads that are extremely relevant to your audience.

These are also known as sponsorship ads where you get paid for sending as many people as possible from your videos to the promotional content (be it installing an app, visiting a site, trying a free trial of some product and so on).

So there you go! The above are 5 types of ads that you can use to make money either through your website, podcasts or video marketing channels like YouTube.

3 quick ways to selling ad space in 2018

Let’s now talk about some of the quick ways to selling ad space to make more in 2018.

Create an “advertise” page

The simplest and most effective way to sell ad space on your website is to create an advertise here page. Make sure to include the following things;

  • Your website detailed stats (how many visitors you get from each traffic source such as social media, search engines, email list and so on)
  • Where your target audience are mostly from (is it from US, UK or India, if you’re specific about such details, you can attract only those bids that target those audience)
  • Make sure to provide screenshots of your website traffic stats (use your Google analytics to give you enough details)

Also talk about the important things like what your advertisers will get in terms of traffic, clicks and visibility to their ads so you can easily attract high paying ads to place on your websites.

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Use BuySellAds

BuySellAds is the #1 marketplace where you can buy or sell your ad space on your website. It gives you access to wide range of advertisers where you can list your website to attract high paying ads to place on your site.

You need to create an account (which is free) to be able to start attracting ads from BuySellAds. Just make sure to include all the traffic details along with genuine traffic reports to be able to attract quality ads.

OIOpublisher plugin

Are you a WordPress user and looking to sell ad space on your website? If yes, we’ve a good news for you. For WordPress users who want to make money by selling ads on their site, there’s an exclusive plugin called OIOpublisher plugin.

oio publishing plugin

OIOpublisher is an ad manager plugin which is written in php which helps you control the ad space on your websites which costs you $47. The great thing about using this plugin is that it offers you a marketplace to engage with advertisers to sell ad space on your website.

Here are some of the reasons to use it;

  • It gives you access to advertisers marketplace
  • It doesn’t take any commission
  • You can sell banners, text links, in-text ads
  • You can also sell paid reviews and even custom products and services using it

Do’s and don’ts of selling ads on your website

Let’s now talk about some of the do’s and don’ts of selling ad space on your site easily to make more money from your website’s traffic.

Do’s of selling ad space on your website:

  • Do create an advertise page on your website and mention your website audience, demographics, traffic stats and all to attract the RIGHT kind of advertisers to publish their ads on your site
  • Before you think about selling ad space, do think about your audience. If possible, make sure to a quick survey using your blog, email list or social media or even quizzes to know their response. Don’t use too many ads though if you want to provide better user experience.

Don’ts of selling ad space on your website:

  • Don’t accept and display every advertising opportunity that you get. There are so many spammers who pay you less and try to show completely irrelevant ads or spam ads on your site, so make sure to accept only those ad requests that are relevant to your audience.
  • Don’t start accepting banner ads unless you’ve decent following be it on email list, social media or websites. If you’ve thousands of followers or getting thousands of visitors to your site, it’s easy to attract high paying ads where you can literally charge thousands of dollars for placing their ads.
  • Don’t use those banner ads with inappropriate colors that don’t match up with your website’s appeal and design. Make sure to ask your advertiser to get a banner ad that matches up with your overall website design as to improve your UX.

Here are few reasons selling ads is better than AdSense.

Google Adsense Payments Aren’t Guaranteed

As of lately, a lot of web site owners and bloggers are finding that their Google Adsense accounts are getting banned. Some for specific reasons, while others come as a complete surprise.

One of the worst parts about this is that Google makes all of the decisions and if they find that you account should be banned, they have the final say… which also means they will be taking all of the owed money in your account as well. If you simply can’t afford to lose your earnings from last month, you may want to look over your monetization plan going forward. You can give a try to other Google Adsense Alternative here.

Selling Your Own Ad Space is Easy

Another excellent reason why you should ditch Google Adsense, is because there are just so many other solutions out there. I’ve been selling ads across my own blogs for years now, and I’m able to charge premium rates which are literally hundreds of times higher than what Google Adsense would ever come close to earning me. Whether I am selling direct or through an ad market, I’m sure to gain a high CPM rate.

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Earn More Money from Your Visitors

As mentioned, I earn very high premium CPM rates from my traffic because of my high quality visitors and my established brand. When you through Google Adsense on your site, whether you are a low end web site or a super well known brand, you are going to get paid the same amount.

When you start selling your own ad space you are actually providing a service to your advertisers, and if they are seeing good results they may re-order advertising on your blog month after month. Fill out all of your ad spots and you could start earning several hundreds of dollars, or even thousands of dollars every month. This is much more consistent and reliable than serving Google Adsense and wondering how much you will earn day after day.

You can know more in detail about different ways to make money selling banner advertisements on your blog and you should check this post to go through Anil Agarwal’s Complete make money blogging guide from here.

How Much is Your Time and Web Site Traffic Worth?

In the end it’s your decision on what type of advertising you would like to run on your sites. Yes, Google Adsense is the easiest solution out there and if you are terrible at managing your site content and don’t want to deal with selling ads on your site, go for it. Just keep in mind that you will be missing out on a lot of return business and money over time.

FAQs on how to sell ads on your website

Here are some of the most important questions you might want to know before selling ads on your site in 2018.

#1. How much can you earn from banner ads?

It completely depends on two things. Your website traffic and the industry you are in. If you’re in a high paying niche such as credit cards, loans, real estate and so on and driving thousands of visitors to your site every day, you can easily attract 500 to 1000 dollars (or even more) every single month from a single banner ad.

#2. Why should you ditch Google AdSense?

The #1 reason to ditch AdSense and prefer banner ads is, AdSense mostly gives you peanuts unless and until you’re getting traffic from high CPC keywords (which is a rare case). Even if you’re generating thousands of visitors, you’re mostly making few hundreds of dollars and sending your audience to elsewhere. That’s why banner ads are much more better where you can retain your audience and also make more money.

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#3. How easy or hard is it to sell banner ads from a website?

If you really are bringing highly qualified visitors to your site from various channels like social media, search engines, email lists and so on, it’s so much easier for you to attract high paying advertisers, sponsorships etc to sell ad space on your website.

But if you’re running a new site (barely 1 year old or less) with limited traffic, you’ll have to struggle a lot to sell ads. So focus on traffic generation and selling banner ads becomes easier.

#4. What are the most popular banner advertising sites?

Although there are a ton of platforms that help you easily sell ad space on your website, but here are few of the best websites you can use in 2018 and beyond to sell ads.


#5. What are the best ways to promote banner advertising?

The amount of money for selling ads on your website largely depends on how many people are actually clicking on those banner ads. So it’s your job to attract as many clicks on your banner ads as possible if you really want to get paid more.

The best way to promote banner advertising is to use social media and email list wisely. Make sure to regularly promote even your banner ads in order to get more clicks on them.

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Final thoughts selling ads on your website easily in 2018

Selling ad space is not hard if you’re getting thousands of visitors every month. It’s definitely way better than using Google AdSense and give you more profits.

Hopefully the tips mentioned on this post can help you easily make money by selling ads on your website no matter what industry you are in.

So what are your thoughts on selling ads on your website? Do you have any questions? Do let us know in the comments and we’d be glad to respond.


  1. Becca says:

    You offered us so many interesting ideas and thoughts, that I have to think a little bit about this stuff because I am not really familiar with adsense.

  2. Dean Saliba says:

    I think people stick with Adsense (and other similar networks) because it is easier than going out and recruiting advertisers ourselves. I don’t use Adsense on my blog but I have to rely on advertisers finding me as I have no idea how to go about getting them. 🙂

  3. Vince says:

    thanks Zac, I have come across many ad-space brokers, placed my spaces for sale but …like a month now… No update. Are there any places you know for low traffic? (5000/month)

    • I occasionally use BuySellAds and other networks, but many of them simple don’t back out when trying to make money. Lots of people spend money on “branding” advertising through these networks and have huge monthly budgets to blow.

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