DreamHost Alternatives to Choose for Frequent Downtime Issues

Not satisfied with DreamHost frequent downtime issues? Are you looking for unbiased reviews on DreamHost before getting your hands on their services? If yes, you are in the right place as I am going to share the best DreamHost alternatives for 2018 in this article.

So far I have tested some major web hosts in the industry on my own or friends websites. I had also used Dreamhost (DH) web hosting services for more than a year for hosting my WordPress blogs. Initially things were very cool but later I started facing frequent downtime on my blogs.

I used to get email notifications from Dreamhost support team where they asked me to remove certain plugins from my blog to make things normal. But I could not survive without those plugins and I was not sure if I managed to remove those plugins from my blog, things will get back to normal. So I started looking for Dreamhost alternatives.

I was looking at shared hosting alternatives of Dreamhost as that will be more than enough to fulfill my requirements and will not cost me much. I was paying around $9 every month for DH hosting and I hope I could find a much better alternative to DH for this amount or even less.

I must say Dreamhost is used by many professional web masters and bloggers to run their websites and it has a lot of customers using their hosting services for years. But you also need to consider the fact that Dreamhost also has disappointed customers who often face worst customer service and frequent downtime issues on their websites.

Whether you agree or not, web hosting is an essential part in any website’s success, if you don’t host your sites on a better host, your visitors often face downtime issues while opening your sites. This is the #1 reason why selecting a better hosting service can save your blogging life.

Dreamhost Frequent Downtime Issues

I was really frustrated to see frequent downtime on my WordPress blogs when I was using DH hosting. It was not only me whose website was down due to technical issues at Dreamhost, there were other guys on Twitter who are facing downtime on their DH hosted websites and blogs.

Facing frequent downtime on Dreamhost?

If you spend some time going through the results appearing against dreamhost down search query on Twitter, you will see you are not only one who is feeling the heat. It is the reason why I have decided to write the best alternatives to Dreamhost web hosting service in 2018 to make your sites better in both hosting and performance.

Without much ado, we will get into the details now.

Best DreamHost Alternatives

best dreamhost alternatives

So if you are facing regular downtime like me with DH hosting, here are some alternatives you should look at in case you are thinking of moving your website from DreamHost to other web host you can actually rely on:

BlueHost Web Hosting Solutions

Apart from Hostgator, few of my websites are hosted on BlueHost and like any other website owner; I’m satisfied with their services so far. If you want to move your WordPress blog from Dreamhost hosting, Bluehost can be considered as a good option keeping in mind, it is recommended as one of best web host for hosting WordPress blogs by WordPress.org website.

They use to offer the single hosting plan to all of their clients and thus you will never need to move to higher configuration with the aim to get more resources for your business website.

BlueHost (Click This Link to get Hosting for $2.95/month & Free Domain for Life)

Bluehost is widely used by many professional bloggers as has lots of great features that make your site rocking in performance and speed. Using Bluehost, you will not only get a free domain name, but you will also get unlimited add-on domains and you can host unlimited sites on their servers without spending extra money.

If you are on a limited budget, but want a better hosting service than Dreamhost, Bluehost professional plan is just for you as you can get it as less as $3.95 per month and it is the most affordable plan than Hostgator. Also, Bluehost includes automated weekly backups of your sites in their plans at a cheap pricing rate around $1 per month.

Bluehost loads really faster than Hostgator or Dreamhost on server response as many people claim they notice 90% increase in their server response comparing with the other hosting services. If you are worried about website loading time, Bluehost is the perfect choice for your websites. Also Bluehost offers any time money back guarantee as it makes this hosting stand out from its competition.

Here are some reasons which force me to include BlueHost as one of best alternative to DH:

  • Recommended by WordPress.org website
  • You will get one free domain name for first year
  • Will cost you $3.95/month only
  • You will get 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Anytime money back guarantee available
  • You can host 100’s of websites using the same hosting account. So you will be paying less than $4 every month to host 100’s of your standard websites or blogs
  • Unlimited bandwidth, disk space and email accounts

Want to Start a WordPress blog on Bluehost: Click to Get Maximum Discount on Bluehost| Bluehost hosting plans

HostGator Web Hosting Solutions

I have been using Hostgator (HG) web hosting solutions on some of my WordPress based blogs including Bloggers Passion. And I have been really happy for choosing Hostgator and so far no complaints against them. If you are looking at web hosting solution for single domain only, you should buy HG hatchling plan and if you want to host multiple domains using the same hosting account, you should purchase HG baby plan.

Hostgator (Use this link to get up to 60% OFF)

With this coupon code, you will be paying $133.65 for three years of Hatchling hosting (Suitable for single domain) and $214.65 for their baby plan (Can host unlimited domains) for the same tenure.

If you are a beginner blogger or WordPress starter and looking for an easy option to host your websites, Hostgator would be a great deal for sure. Hostgator serves more than 5 million users on blogging world to share their hosting servers, dedicated servers etc. Hostgator uses both Linux and Windows platforms to run their servers.

HostGator comes with 3 web hosting plans named Hatchling, Baby and Business respectively and you need to decide on what hosting plan to choose according to your business needs. I strongly recommend anyone (especially the starters) to go with Hostgator baby plan as you can add unlimited add-on domains and sites to host your websites.

If you want to automatically take full backup of your websites, Hostgator charges around $15, and you can also take manual backups at no cost using your control panels (cPanel).

Here are some reasons why you should consider Hostgator as the best alternative to Dreamhost:

  • Free migration facility from Dreamhost to Hostgator
  • Unlimited Diskspace and bandwidth
  • 45 Days complete money back guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support through chat, email, phone and through ticketing system
  • Free Website builder and access to thousands of free to use professional templates
  • 1 Click installer for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, discussion forums and E-commerce

WP Web host

WP web host is a web hosting specialist and you can get their hosting for as cheap as $4.95 per month to host your websites on their servers. It also comes up with 1 click WordPress installation, 500 GB disk space, 50 addon domains and a 30 day money back guarantee.

They will also migrate your sites from any other platform to WordPress without taking any extra charge as this is the rare feature most web hosting services don’t provide. So if you are not a tech savvy and find it very hard to migrate your sites to WordPress platform, this is the right hosting solution for you.

The great thing about using this hosting is you will get a life time free domain name as long as you are using their hosting services to host your sites, they won’t even charge you everywhere for your domain names. And it also offers a wide range of hand picked themes and plugins exclusively for its users so you don’t have to invest money on design. Here are few additional features that are offered by WP web host.

  • 1 click upgrades
  • Free WordPress migration
  • WordPress compatible server
  • Free domain name for lifetime
  • WordPress savvy support
  • Automatic backups

Click here to sign up for WP web host

Other Web Hosting Services Review:

Conclusion about best DreamHost alternatives

If you are really worried about frequent downtime issues with Dreamhost, please consider shifting to a better hosting service as soon as possible as your site visitors may get irritated if they see frequent issues. All the above mentioned 3 web hosting services including Hostgator, Bluehost, WP web host are highly recommended by many top bloggers and you won’t notice any downtime issues with them. Also they all include great customer support that comes in handy when your sites are in trouble.

Have you ever been a customer with Dreamhost and how was your experience with them? If I ask you to recommend a web host which is better than DreamHost, what will be your recommendations, please share your experiences and recommendations in the comments section.


  1. Ben Troy says:

    I prefer hostgator as it is faster and more script support to run application .

  2. me also like hostgator. very good service of hostgator.

  3. Felicia says:

    Hi Anil,
    When I was choosing a hosting company for my sites, DreamHost was actually one of my options. Fortunately I didn’t pick them as I was seeing better reviews made with Hostgator which is the reason why I picked the latter and not for just some random reason.

  4. Oasisinventor says:

    thanks for sharing, i am also a victim of your problem..thanks for suggesting the Hostgator for hosting new blog…

  5. Dinesh Verma says:

    Dreamhost is one of the best hosting providers. Hostgator can prove to be a good alternative. Go for MediaTemple if you can afford it.

  6. Definitely there is a tough competition between Hostgator and Blue host. I think both have different advantages with each other.

  7. Jenny Miller says:

    I was also having the same problem with Dreamhost, before I moved over to HostGator.

    However, none of the hosting companies monitor my website for me. When my site goes down, I had to find it out from my own customers. Then I discovered this great service called Content Site Monitor. It has a really simple web interface that allows me to configure URL’s that I want to monitor.

    When my site goes down, I receive alert email immediately. This allows me to act proactive to solve the server problem before my customers find out about it. It’s a service I can’t live without nowadays.

    If you are not sure about your server’s up-time, head over to Content Site Monitor (http://www.contentsitemonitor.com) and sign up for their free plan.

  8. Kathleen says:

    I web clients who are using JustHost and they’ve recently started to have downtime problems. It turns out that JustHost, HostGator, BlueHost and numerous others are all owned by the same company – Endurance International Group. And I’ve heard of problems with both HostGator and Bluehost

  9. Gopwing says:

    I Think Dreamhost is the Best Host Provider. I am Already Using it. Thanks.

  10. Shahriar Ahmed says:

    I like HostGator .HostGator is a good alternative of Dreamhost

  11. The main problem with Shared Hosts are they put too much users are one server. Because of that, at one point of time, the users are bound to face downtime issues. Because of the enormous load, a certain spike in traffic in one of the account can cause problems.

    Hostgator and Bluehost have also been known to show problems after they got acquired by EIG.

  12. Thanks for sharing the awesome list of DreamHost alternatives. I like Hostgator and Bluehost. The performance of both these hosting service is very good. what’s your opinion on these hosting providers?

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