Earn Extra Income with Asian Beauties White Label Program

This post is for those website owners and bloggers who are interested in making money by sending high quality traffic to affiliate websites. This is about joining White Label Program affiliate program for promoting Asian Beauties website.

Anastasia Affiliates owns lots of dating websites. Asianbeauties website gives limitless opportunities to single men from US and Europe to create romantic relationship and lifetime relationship with Asian beauties. Currently, there is a White Label Program running on Asian Beauties Website.

Asian Beauties Website

What is White Label Program?

White Label ProgramWhile label program invites us to make thousands of dollars every month by sending single men to Asian Beauties website. Under this program, we can have our own dating website that can be hosted on our own hosting or on Anastasia Affiliates hosting. There are lots of resources available that will help us make a fully functional dating website within few minutes time only. We can use our created dating websites for sending new members to Asian Beauties website. Asian Beauties Affiliate program White Label, is one of highest paying program in the industry where we are able to make $250 per first order. So here are the earning potentials you will enjoy while working as an affiliate for Asian Beauties website:

  • Make from $150 to $250 per first order
  • Make up to $125 per every order your client make
  • Earn $5 for every lead generated
  • Refer new affiliates and earn 10% of their total earnings

Creating First Dating Website in Minutes Time

Now take a look at how one can create fully functional dating website in few minutes time only with White Label Program:

  • Click on this link to start creating your first dating website for promoting Asian Beauties website.
  • Enter your website details like name, slogan, logo and URL in available window. After filling in all details, click Next Step button
  • Select a template for your first website from 4 templates available and click Next Step
  • This screen is giving you access to the Asian ladies gallery that you can place on your website. There are lots of customization options that you can use to showcase the best Asian Beauties gallery on your website. You can even upload your own beauties image gallery. Once checked the image galleries you want to use on your website, click Next Step
  • It’s time to finalize the content for home page. There is some standard content available that you can use as such but for maximum benefits, you should create your own content. Once finalized the content and banners that you want to show on your home page click Next Step
  • Use this screen to add content for About US page of your first dating website. Once added, click Next Step
  • Use this window to add contact us details and click Next Step
  • Use this section for creating FAQ page and once done, click the Publish the site link

That’s all we need to set up our first dating website for making thousands of dollars while sending single men interested in Asian beauties through our website. I was able to build my first dating website here in few minutes time only.

I did not spend any time in customizing this domain, so you can have much better website if you spend some time in adding custom content for your website. Websites with custom content are supposed to perform well in search engines and thus will give you lots of traffic and clients in the form of single men from Europe and US.

So White Label program from Anastasias Affiliates for their Asian Beauties website will help you start making money from your first Asian dating website in no time.

Click on the Join Asian Beauties While Label Program on Anastasias Affiliate website home page to start creating your first Asian dating website.

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