6 Easy Ways to Bring Traffic to Your Blog from Twitter

twitter traffic

Twitter is undoubtedly the #1 social media site to engage with others. When it’s done right, twitter can bring quality traffic to your blogs. How to drive twitter traffic to your own sites using simple tips then?

Here are the top 6 ways to bring twitter traffic to your sites. Do implement them right after reading the blog posts and share your ideas in the comments section.

twitter traffic

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1. Use twitter sharing buttons:

No matter how great your content is: it has to be shared on social media sites like Facebook and twitter to get more online visibility. Especially twitter plays a vital role in bringing social media traffic to your sites. All you need is to place the twitter sharing buttons inside blog posts.

You can place them;

  • Right under the headlines,
  • End of the blog posts,
  • At left side of the blog post etc

You’ll get more shares on twitter when you place the twitter button at the left side of the blog posts. Why? Because the sharing buttons will be scrolled downed along with the blog posts – thus your readers can’t ignore them. If your content is too good, they’ll certainly share it on their networks, thus bringing more readers to your site.

So how can you do this?

Use either digg digg or share bar WP plugin to make this happen. They’re simple and elegant and most of the bloggers use these plugins on their blogs.

2. Integrate twitter box at the end of the post:

How you tried this before? Here’s a small screenshot of twitter box at the end of the post.

Only 10 days to go Until the End of 2012

Your readers will get motivated when you use these kind of twitter boxes at the end of your blog posts? Why? Because you’ve made it easy for them to share your contents on twitter. They’ll tweet and share content with their friends and followers if you add value to your content.

Here’s the best plugin to embed twitter box at the end of the blog posts.

3. Tweet the best links in your niche:

Most people don’t get much CTR’s (Click Through Rates) on their twitter links – though they’ve good no. of twitter followers. Do you know why? They always SELF PROMOTE their contents. So why would anyone give importance on clicking though your twitter links if you’re using your twitter profile just to spam with your own links?

You must be sharing and tweeting other people links too, this way you can gain more credibility and high CTR on your twitter profile.

Always tweet the BEST stuff on your niche. And keep your followers updates with the latest stuff on regular basis.

4. Follow the professionals in your niche – retweet them often:

Undoubtedly there will be so many professionals, legends and gurus in your niche. Follow them. Tweet their links with your readers. And be in regular touch with them. Ask them the questions which are relevant to your niche – take their advice. This way you’re not only building healthy relationships with the professional bloggers in your niche, but also sharing the best stuff with your followers.

This makes your twitter profile more branded and can bring your more twitter traffic to your blog posts.

5. Always write attention grabbing headlines to get more clicks:

There are thousands of links will be tweeted on twitter (if not more than that!). Then how can anyone get a chance to click on your twitter links if they consist generic headlines (which not at all attention grabbing)??

So.. always make sure you’ve great headlines for your blog posts.

According to Brian Clark, 80% of the readers will decide whether or not to click on your blog posts (links) just by looking at your headlines.

Headlines are SO vital. They can bring you traffic or can show EXIT to your readers!

So.. spend quality time on writing killer headlines which send get more CLICKS on your links.

How can you create great headlines then?

Here are few simple tactics to use to create captivating headlines all the time.

Use numbers: “7 Ways to Drive More Traffic from Twitter” can send get more clicks than using a headline like “Ways to Get Twitter Traffic”

Start with How to: How to headlines also have the tendency to get more clicks. For example, when you’ve a title with “How to Create Great Headlines All the Time?” – you’ll surely get more clicks on it. Because it’s compelling and attention grabbing.

6. Tweet your old blog posts using this plugin:

Do you know how to bring twitter traffic to your old blog posts?

It’s so simple. You need to tweet your old blog posts regularly. But what if you’ve so many no. of blog posts in your archive?

It’s not possible to find and tweet them, right?

Here’s a great plugin to bring twitter traffic to your blog which help you tweet the old blog posts.

Over to you:

I’ve shared the tips to drive twitter traffic which worked for me. Share at least ONE TIP in the comment section to drive twitter traffic. I’ll be glad to connect with you!


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