Easy WP SEO vs SEOPressor – Which is the Best Onpage SEO Plugin?

No doubt Easy WP SEO and SEOPressor are the best Onpage SEO plugins for WordPress blogs. But which is the better option when it comes about Easy WP SEO Vs SEOPressor. I’m going to compare both the premium SEO plugins and share my thoughts about them as I have seen enough of both the plugins on my WordPress blogs.

Onpage SEO Factors

Since both of these plugins do the similar kind of tasks i.e. helping you in doing the Onpage SEO for your blog contents, so you should look at the various factors that are taken into consideration by both the plugins. Easy WP SEO uses 23 Onpage SEO factors while optimizing your blog contents and SEOPressor only use 12 Onpage SEO factors which is about half of the factors used by Easy WP SEO plugin. You can know more in details about Easy WP SEO Onpage SEO factors here and SEOPressor Onpage SEO factors list here.

Onpage SEO factors that are missing in SEOPressor Plugin are:

  • Presence of targeted keyword in title tag
  • Availability of keyword in URL’s available at your blog posts and pages level
  • Availability of keyword in Meta Keyword and Meta Description section
  • Analysis of multiple keywords
  • Latest Semantic Indexing (LSI) keyword functions
  • Readability Level Analysis
  • Copyscape integration to fight with duplicate content issues
  • Users cannot customize Onpage SEO factors
  • Can analyse other type of contents except posts and pages
  • Support for Membership plugins
  • Import and Export facility for plugin settings. This facility will be really helpful when you want to configure the same kind of settings on other websites that you own or on your client websites.

Easy WP SEO vs SEOPressor Keyword Density Issues

There is huge difference when it comes about how keyword density is calculated by both the plugins. Easy WP SEO plugin considers all of words contained in your targeted keyword while calculating the keyword density while SEOPressor plugin considers all the contained words as one. If you are targeting single word keyword, calculated keyword density will be same in both the plugin cases. But if you are targeting multiple word keywords, keyword density numbers will be totally different.

Keyword Density Calculation Formula

For single word search term, Keyword Density should be calculated as:

(No. of occurrence of search term * 100)/Total number of words

Suppose you are targeting 2% keyword density in a content of 1000 words length for a single word search term blogging, in that case you need to use blogging search term 20 times in your page content. So the calculation for this will be:

(20*100)/1000 = 2%

For multiple word search term, keyword density will be calculated as:

(No. of occurrence of search term * No. of Words in Search term * 100)/Total Number of words

Suppose you are using Guest blogging guide as the search term and you have used this term as such 20 times on a page having 1000 words in total, so the keyword density in this case will be:

(20*3*100)/1000 = 6%

EasyWPSEO uses second approach while calculating the keyword density for multi-word search terms but SEOPressor plugin uses the first formula all the time. So what will the end result, keyword density calculated as 5% by SEOPressor plugin comes out to be 15% in actual which no way looks natural.

EasyWPSEO vs SEO Pressor keyword Placement Issues

EasyWPSEO asks you to use targeted term once in the first 50-100 words and then in the last 50-100 words. But SEO Pressor plugin asks you to use the targeted term once in the first and then in the last sentence. First option looks to be ideal to me and second option forcing me to compromise with my writing style and may take my blog content to spam side in Google eyes. You could have different opinion on this.

Page Content Analysis Approach

EasyWPSEO plugin not only analyse your page content that is seen by your website readers but it also considers extra HTML code which is noticed by search engines only. On the other hand, SEO Pressor plugin uses to analyse content which is available in your WordPress editor only. So lots of important SEO parameters gets missed with the second plugin and thus SEO Score and keyword density etc. for your website posts and pages may not be calculated correctly.

SEOPressor Charges Too Much Compared to EasyWPSEO

Apart from these issues, the biggest issue that you will face when you went out to purchase SEO Pressor plugin is their pricing. They are charging too much when compared with EasyWPSEO that charges too less and offers lots of features and customization options to its customers. SEOPressor unlimited version which can be used on multiple website will cost you $97 apart from the $7 that you will be paying during 7 day trial. While EasyWPSEO will cost you $37 only and you can use on any number of websites that you own.

I think these are good enough reasons that should motivate you to choose EasyWPSEO over SEOPressor.


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