Interview With Enstine Muki: Revealing How to Make Money from Your Website

Welcome to yet another interview from the BloggersPassion interview series. This time we are glad to introduce you Enstine Muki.

Enstine Muki is not only a certified cryptocurrency expert but he has blogging for years and he knows how to make content go viral and make money from almost any website. In this interview with Enstine Muki, you’ll discover all such things on making money from your website.

So are you ready? Let’s get into the details without further ado.

Interview With Enstine Muki on Making Money from Your Site in 2024 And Beyond

enstine muki blogger interview

1. Can you please introduce yourself to Bloggers Passion readers. Please tell us how and when did you get into blogging?

It’s good to be on Bloggers Passion, sharing a bit more about me.

My name is Enstine Muki. I’m Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, speaker and blogger since 2012. I blog on topics such as Blogging Tips, SEO & Web Traffic, WordPress tips, Monetizing Strategies and Cryptocurrencies. I sometimes cover some points on Social Media but I seldom write on this.

I live in Douala, a town in Cameroon, Central Africa. I fired my boss in 2015 and started the dot com lifestyle in its full meaning.

It’s actually very interesting how I came to blogging. I used to be a very bad writer. I could barely do one or two sentences.

Doing my things in PHP/MySQL was with a lot of excitement. I have created quite a number of tools/platforms online and most of them have been sold out. That makes some of my friends to refer to me as a serial entrepreneur.

In 2011, I created EasyRetweet, a Twitter/Facebook traffic tool for bloggers. By 2012, I had something near 10,000 active members. This platform used to generate averagely $1000 in monthly passive income.

While I maintained and run the platform, I came to know some really awesome bloggers like Ileane Smith, Zac Johnson, Brian Belfitt and so may others.

It occured to me I could also become a blogger. So I kicked off with (sold out) as my first blog. As a matter of fact, Ileane made the first comment on this blog and I was completely blown into a massive realm of excitement.

2. How to make money from a website as a beginner? Do you’ve any specific strategies that work like a charm in 2024, Enstine?

I always see two different categories of beginners:

  • Beginners who have absolutely no Internet presence or no following online/offline. For this category, it’s important not to focus on the money aspect first. Making money online this year or later isn’t any magic.Whether it’s affiliate marketing, product reviews, contextual advertising, etc, it has to do with targeted traffic. Beginners who are completely new online should polish their skills on driving relevant traffic first before getting into some money making practices.This is to avoid disappointment and discouragement.
  • Beginners with some social media or Internet presence. Some already have an influence offline.It would be easy for such to direct their existing communities to their new websites. That means they are even able to make money from day 1.

Generally, it depends on where the beginner is coming from. For the most part, I’d recommend any beginner to build some trust with his/her community first.

If on the other hand you want to start with some niche sites, driving traffic directly from SEO, focus on the content quality and promote top quality products as well.

Key take away: As Enstine said, building trust is the best way to build a money making blog. When you’re starting out with zero online reputation, you need to build trust because trust is the currency online.

You can build trust through creating great content, building an email list and educating your audience about the products and services you promote.

3. What’s the #1 tip you’ve for someone who wants to make more money from affiliate marketing?

This is the quickest way to make money online (especially if you have no product creation skills) and my best tip is to start with the products you use.

That way, you are going to have a psychological input to your campaigns.

  1. Share the problems the products help you solve
  2. Share your results (how you are really solving those problems with the products)
  3. Teach your audience the exact steps you use to get those amazing result.

Doing this, you are soon going to start generating sales and commissions.

Key take away: Affiliate marketing is simple when you know how to sell online without sounding like a sales guy.

Once your audience have faith in your recommendations, it becomes so much easier to sell online. To have that trust, you need to first recommend products that you personally use so you can write product reviews genuinely by sharing pros and cons.

Also make sure to find the products that solve your target audience problems.

That way they might give a thought to try your products and make sure to include the best alternatives as well if you want to increase sales.

4. What’s the BIGGEST challenge you faced with your blog so far?

First, I do not really have an issue with content. My guest authors and I can easily create good content. But my biggest challenge is Search Engine Traffic.

While I’m seeing some interesting growth, I still want more of it.

5. What premium blogging tools are you currently using and how helpful they are. Why do you use them?

There are tons of free and awesome tools out there and is one of these. But to excel, we have to go premium and that should start with web hosting.

So many starters are on’s free option and that’s good for staggering sites.

But if you want scalability, I encourage taking up the challenge of upgrading to dedicated hosting.

It’s been 2 years with WPX Hosting and I can easily recommend this option even in my dreams.

If anyone wants guide on how to find the best, I think that document is a good reference.

We know SEO is key to online success. While there are good free tools out there including Neil’s Ubersuggest, I encourage going in for more sophisticated options.

While SEMRUSH is awesome option, I’m currently going with Ahref, which of course is master of the SEO game.

For list building, I’m combining MailerLite with OptinMonster. These tools cost money but it’s all worth the investment.

And my theme is FocusBlog developed by Thrive Themes. I have other premium products by Thrive Themes. These are Thrive Comments (For comments) and Thrive architect (for landing and sales pages).

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Key take away: We’re also hosted on WPX hosting and we must say it’s one of the best hosting choices for WordPress users, which gives you super fast customer support, ultimate security and superior website speeds.

6. What does the future of affiliate marketing look like according to you?

Affiliate marketing is becoming more complex. In those early days of Article Marketing, It was easy to scout the net, grab and spin some sketchy content, rank on Google and make sales.

Today, you need to stand out with top-notch, in-depth skyscraper winning content to make sales.

Whether it’s about free or paid traffic, it’s becoming highly competitive. So marketers should start thinking out of the box and step their games.

The regular product reviews, banner ads, text links, etc need a special touch. The future will need more added to these methods.

Think video reviews and data-rich and proof-driven content.

I think because of growing competition, buyers will really need help to make a choice.

Marketers should think more on doing comparative and product alternative post types, negative reviews, etc.

If you help the buyer see which product is better on a table of competitive options, you stand a better chance to earn the commissions.

affiliate marketing work

Here’s how basically affiliate marketing works.

Key take away: Affiliate marketing is definitely taking new directions and driving qualified visitors to your site especially from search engines is becoming really hard.

So you need to know how to sell like a pro and you need to learn the art of persuading your audience.

If you focus on audience, it becomes much easier for you to sell later. So focus on captivating your audience attention, find out what they truly want and affiliate marketing looks promising.

7. What EXACT strategies do you use to get more traffic to your blog?

There are different sources of traffic to my blog and each source has a strategy.

For natural traffic, I focus on onPage and offPage strategies.

While guest posting and blog commenting has a huge impact on SEO, it also works for referral traffic.

Of course I get active on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) for social media traffic. And I will not stop building my list for email list traffic.

So again, each traffic channel has its unique strategy.

Key take away: Search engine traffic is the best kind of traffic when it comes to building a profitable blog that makes money.

As Enstine said, different traffic sources are needed for different kinds of blogs so make sure to find the right traffic source so you can get more eyeballs for your content.

8. What marketing tips do you like every blogger should know about?

My best marketing tip for every blogger is to earn their community’s trust. Whatever campaign you are involved in, try your best to be trustworthy.

If your community gets hurts because of some malicious practices from your end, you are already killing your business.

9. What type of content do you prefer to increase your blog’s traffic and why?

For short term social media traffic, viral content is great. Create content that trigger shock and amazement. But the engagement is often short-lived.

But for long term, shareable content, go in for in-depth tutorials, evergreen problem solving content.

If you help as many people as possible solve their problems, you are often going to get mentioned and shared.

In every niche, there are problems and everyone involved is looking for a solution. If your blog is where the solution is hosted, trust me you can’t stop the traffic.

Key take away: If you want to create long lasting traffic, you need to focus on creating long form content.

At Bloggers Passion, we’re consistently working hard to create as long and detailed content as possible.

We know that it’s the only type of content that works well both for readers and search engines.

10. Who is your favorite blogger and why?

I’m afraid it’s difficult to answer this question. The reason is that I have many of them and I may leave some out.

But for a quick list, Zac Johnson, Ryan Biddulph, Donna Merrill, Anil Agarwal, Joy Healey, Lisa Sicard, Janice Wald, Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo, etc

Like I said, this list is long, really. I have many awesome bloggers around me. They are my favorites.

Final thoughts on interview with Enstine Muki

So there you go. Enstine shared some of the best strategies and tactics he uses to generate more traffic, create great content and make more money from his blog.

We hope you loved this interview with Enstine Muki on making money from your website. Do you still have any more questions for Enstine Muki? Do let us know in the comments below.

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