5 Essential Blogging Tips for Improving Your Blog

essential blogging tips

When it comes to building a successful online business or blog, you need to focus on only one thing, it is to know who you are writing for. No matter how many tactics or strategies you focus on they won’t work unless you know your audience.

No one likes to read a blog just because it is getting updated daily. You have to make sure your blog is worth reading, that’s the only way to build and captivate your audience.

Here are few essential blogging tips to know if you want to improve your blog TODAY. Let’s get into the details without much ado.

Essential blogging tips to improve your blog or website

essential blogging tips

Give breathe to your old blog posts

One of the easiest ways to get more page views on your blog is to revive your old blog posts. Most bloggers just write, publish and leave those posts for god sake. And that’s the biggest mistake anyone could make.

If you are thinking to make your blog profitable, don’t make this mistake, don’t leave your blog posts randomly. Whenever you have time, focus on updating your old blog posts. Doing this practice will not only give you more page views, but your visitors will love you for doing it.

Here are few tips to giving breathe to your old blog posts to get more traffic.

  • Change the headlines (tweak them and make them better), but NEVER change the URL’s.
  • Make your introduction part better
  • Link to your latest or best posts
  • Update or add images on your old blog posts
  • Write, add or edit your copy in the old blog posts

You might have one question now. What if your old blog posts are totally outdated? You can do two things, either remove them or update the information with latest news.

Get past the noise and get noticed

Do you know why most bloggers fail? They don’t know how to stand out from the crowd to make a difference.

If you are one among thousand, you will definitely see the difference. But most bloggers don’t focus on standing out from the remaining crowd and that’s why they always get ignored.

If you want to be a successful professional blogger, the ONLY thing you need to focus is on standing out.

  • Make your design look appealing and special. Don’t use random or free themes. Here are few great theme recommendations.
  • Make your blog domain name interesting and simple.
  • Write your blog posts in a conversational way. No one likes to read a company blog. Treat your readers as friends.
  • Get yourself a gravatar and make it unique.
  • If you don’t have a unique name, then add some tails to it so that others will easily recognize you whenever they see your name or gravatar. Ex: Viper Chill
  • Be genuine. Be honest and help people. Don’t blog only for money, help others. And they will do benefits for you too.

Most of the times, you give what you get. So help people to get what they want, and you will eventually get what you want.

Aim for targeted traffic, not random traffic

Most new bloggers use each and every traffic source to get more traffic to their blogs or websites. What happens when you focus on getting traffic from all the sources? You won’t get any benefits in the long run.

Come closer and I’m going to share a secret of getting long lasting traffic.

Focus on one traffic source at once.

If you are targeting to increase your search engine traffic, don’t focus on social media traffic. If you are thinking to boost your social media traffic, stop focusing on optimizing your blog posts for the search engines.

It is really that simple. Focus on one single traffic source at a time.

Convert loyal visitors into customers

No one focuses on retaining their visitors especially if they are new to blogging world. Observe any successful blog almost everyone focusing on retaining their first time visitors.

How can you retain your visitors then? There are two simple ways.

One: make your blog visitors stick to your blog (you can only do this if you have amazing blog posts)

Two: by building an email list by offering something for free (this is over rated but still it is working). Once you have a list, you can invite your visitors anytime you want to your blogs or websites.

So what method you are going to choose when it comes to converting loyal visitors into customers? One or two? I strongly suggest you to focus on building list if you are just started building an online business through websites and thinking to make money from it.

Guest blogging is almost dead, but you can still build links

Until recent times, almost everyone strived hard to build quality back links to their sites to get top results in the search engines for their specific keywords. Once Google understood the danger of guest blogging to build links, it has completely stopped giving importance to the guest posts for links. So many bloggers stopped guest blogging for that matter.

If you are one among them, don’t worry there’s still a fantastic way to build links to your sites. Write posts that attract links. And link to other bloggers posts often. Whenever you link to someone else’s posts, email them and tell them.

If you make this a practice, sooner or later you will also start receiving incoming blog links to your sites. It may sound easy in the beginning, but you need to work really hard to earn a single link. So don’t lose hope, be persistent, write amazing posts and attract links.

Conclusion: Blogging is not a science, anyone can start a new blog and start writing posts. But making a profitable blog or business is the hard part. You need to be persistent, stand out from the crowd, build quality back links and create awareness among your visitors to make it a success.

What’s the smartest blogging tip you have ever heard or read? Please share your best blogging tips in the comment section below. I would be glad to respond.


  1. Abhijit Bangal says:

    I was really thinking about writing a guest blog post. But after reading this, I doubt if I should do that or not. All the efforts will be waste if the links aren’t considered as back links?

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Abhijit there is no point in doing guest blogging for link building purpose now. You will be just wasting your time. But you can still use guest blogging for other benefits like branding and relationship building etc.

      • Abhijit Bangal says:

        No doubt, it will help in building and bringing in the two bloggers closer. But I still guess it can give you some back links, then what’s the reason that it’s not considered one of the better ways these days?

        • Anil Agarwal says:

          Guest blogging has been spammed to great extent in the recent time by link builders and seo’s to build backlinks for their own and client websites. Most link builders seemed to have considered guest blogging as the best way to build lots of backlinsks for their targeted terms.

          And quality of guest posts done by these guys seems to be not that much good. You will be converting your blog into a article directory by accepting too many guest posts on it. Due to the spammy nature of how much of guy are doing guest bloggging, Google started considering it as a bad way to build link for any website.

          So I would recommend stop using guest blogging for seo benefits. You should target doing linkbait kind of contents which will help you drive lot of natural backlinks for your website.

  2. Pramod says:

    Nice post Anil, I agree with your point that guest blogging is dead now and Google confirmed it by penalizing a popular blog network.
    Now one need to trice hard to get even a single link.

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      After banning guest blogging practices for link building, Looks like Google has banned most of traditional methodtp build links. It’s now more about writing great contents on our own blogs and aim at gathering some natural back links.

  3. Vikas Yadav says:

    One more important points that I would like to include into this is that, a blogger can take the opinions of his/her readers about the blog like quality of the blog, blog loading time, images etc.
    It can also be used as a complete articles. Hope you will also considered into this.

  4. Emmanuel says:

    These are the kinds of masterpieces great bloggers like Anil always provide. That was a great post ANIL!

  5. Nirmala says:

    Nice ways to improve a blog Anil.

    I really like to tweak the old posts am doing it. I am continuing guest blogging too and I used it mainly to network with people.

    Yeah, aiming for targeted traffic is more important to improve the performance of a blog and this could be done by proper keyword research. Converting visitors into readers plays a vital role in blog’s improvement and hence engaging the visitors & keep in touch with the regular visitors are essential in blogging.

    Thanks for sharing the good post for us, keep doing it.

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Good to know you are using guest blogging thing in a good way. Google would not have banned this activity for link building if people had not spammed this activity.

  6. Ravi Verma says:

    Hi Anil,

    Your listing of blogging tips is just awesome. I like that point which tells about giving life to our older blog post.

    I completely agree that if we made some little changes like headlines, images and introduction, rest of the post will definitely rock.

    Another point is Guest Blogging. People says its dead. But Its wrong.

    If you want to promote yourself, still you can go with it, but with a perfect plan and not for the spamming purpose.

    Thanks for writing these tips.
    Have a Great Day !!!

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      As a blogger, we need to work on old blog posts as a way to improve our blog traffic. On lots of occasions, information that we had shared in the past through our blog posts get expired. We should be updating these blog posts with fresh and relevant content to keep those blog posts ranking for their targeted terms.

  7. Nikhil Waghdhare says:

    Hi Anil,

    Great post. These blogging tips are awesome. I want to add: Guest posting is not dead it gets improved for better authorship and backlinks. So avoid spam and focus on quality from related niche blogs…… 🙂

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Nikhil. I would only say stop relying on guest blogging for backlinking purpose. No doubt, you can still use this activity for relationship building, traffic, brand promotion etc kind of benefits.

      Google looks to be in the mood to ignore all backlinks that are coming through guest posts. So I would suggest you stop using this practice if you are specially doing it for building targeted backlinks for your blog.

  8. Cher Cabula says:

    I’ve accept guest posts before and lately I’ve been thinking about venturing out myself but with all this news about Google penalizing guest posts, I’ve been having second thoughts.

    Will it really be a wasted effort?

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      I think you will not get much benefit from guest blogging activities. People are getting away from guest blogging and my penalizing MyBlogGuest, Google has shown its intentions towards guest blogging.

    • Pramod says:

      There is no harm in doing guest blogging until unless you accept guest post from niche blogs that don’t match to your niche.

  9. Sourav says:

    Hi Anil !
    Blog design is one big that makes our blog stand out from the crowd. And as you said, be honest ! It’s said Honesty is the best policy and we need to write every single article just thinking about our readers.

    I still believe Guest posting can help in our blog growth. We can have wider relationship and grab more traffic etc. If we have a related article to that of the guest post, then we can even put them there instead to linking to our blog.

    Great post ! Keep writing 🙂 I’ll be around .

  10. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    Hello Anil Sir,
    The tips you have mentioned here are really great.
    Making blog post headlines more attractive is the really great way to get more number of readers.
    I think making blog post with proper keyword research is really important because this will rank you higher in google.

  11. Lazaro S. says:

    I really enjoyed your tips Mr. Anil, I will follow them and I will certainly apply them to my blogs to see the results, thank you for sharing this content and your knowledge with us.

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