Top 17 Essential Online Tools to Easily Spy On Your Competitors Site

You’ve been blogging for a Donkey years now yet, you find it hard to maintain your blog. Even to pay for your internet subscription is usually a problem.

Yet each time you login to your email, you will be getting lots of income reports from different people. These are people making from 4 to 6 figures monthly doing the same thing you’ve been doing without getting anything.

tools to easily spy on your competitors site

Your competitors are doing remarkably well in all areas of their online business and nothing seems to work for you. Now you are thinking of quitting altogether because of the frustration of wasting a lot of money and precious times, and yet no visible result.

You keep wondering, is there any hidden push button to making money from the internet you don’t know about yet?

Or, has the money been monopolized by a particular group of people? These and many more questions keep coming up on your mind yet; you can’t seem to get an answer to them.

Wait a little! Does that sound like you? Can you relate to this?

Why quit instead of you to spy on your competitors’ site to see what they are doing well that is giving them the positive results?

You may be thinking that it would cost you a fortune to spy on your competitors’ site, but it doesn’t really cost you that much to do so. Yes, it’s true you need some money to be able to successfully compete with the top sites in your niche. It also takes some money to spy on them and do exactly what they are doing.

But the good news is that I have researched the top 17 essential online tools to easily spy on your competitor’s site. These tools are time-saving and also cost-effective.

With the tools, you will easily discover the keywords, longtail keywords, Google Adwords campaign style, social media campaign style and a lot of other things that set your competitors apart. So, what are these tools?

A List of The 17 Tools to Spy on Your Competitor’s Site

Here is a list of the 17 essential online tools that you need to outsmart your competitor and steal his business model, traffic and income potential.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush Competitor Research Tool

This is arguably one of the best tools that website and blog owners are using to get ideas about their competitors. Type the URL of your competitor’s site on the homepage of SEMrush and you will get ideas on the type of keywords, ads keywords, traffic, Google rank and other details they are using to succeed online.

With that information at your beck and call, you can improve on all aspects of your site and campaigns. They even present the information in a graphic form for you.

Price: Click This Special Link to get access to SEMrush Pro Account (Worth $99) for free for the next 30 days

How Best to Use this Tool

  • Monitor the various keywords your competitors are ranking for
  • Get a detailed traffic report of competitors
  • Track your competitors top ranking pages
  • Etc.

2. Marketing Grader

Marketing Grader: how to spy on competitors

This tool is owned by Hubspot and it can be used to monitor your competitor’s social activities, lead generation success, and blogging/SEO success. The tool provides you the overall score of your competitor based on the above-mentioned areas.

You can also use it to check your own site performance on mobile, SEO and security. This will enable you to further know what you need to do on your to outsmart your competitors.

Price: Free

How to Use this Tool

  • Track your competitors social activities
  • Monitor their lead generation approach
  • Etc.

3. SpyOnWeb

how to Spy on the web

If you need information about the domain/IP address and other domains that belong to your competitor, make use of this tool. It equally provides you a breakdown of the sources of traffic to your competitor’s site.

Once you type the URL of your competitor into the dialogue box, you are shown his other sites (if any), his Google Adsense code, sites linking to him, etc. With that, you can do a lot.

Price: Free

How Best to Use this Tool

  • Discover the different IP addresses of your competitors to find their domain information

4. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

With Google keyword Planner, you can easily generate keywords for your site. The tool also helps you find competitor keyword data (organic and paid) and also helps you monitor your own website and your competitor’s website.

The tool does not completely focus on competitor’s analysis. The price is free, though you have to sign up for an Adwords account.

Price: Free when you have a free Google account.

How Best to Use this Tool

  • Monitor both the paid and organic traffic of your competitors
  • Monitor your own website and see what keywords you can rank for.

5. Social Mention

This is another tool you can use to spy on your competitors site to monitor what is being said about them. What you need do is to enter a search term – company or keyword – you will be shown what’s being said concerning the company on social networks, blogs, etc.

You have the option to subscribe to their RSS to enable you get updates whenever they make new publications. It is also a free tool to use.

Price: Free

How Best to Use this Tool

  • Monitor your competitors social mentions
  • Monitor different company mentions
  • Check what is popular across different social networks

6. SEO Book

basic SEO tools

This tool can be placed on your website, from where you access it and get the information you want. You can then use it to gather in one place all the information you need regarding your competitors.

Price: Free

How Best to Use this Tool

  • Monitor your competitors SEO performance

7. Intapaper


It’s another tool that enables you spy on your competitors’ site. With it, you can add a bookmarklet to your bookmark bar to enable you visit your competitor’s site at later date. It is easy to save web pages and then return to read/visit them later.

It makes it easy for you to visit the site of your competitor and save contents that could be useful to you.

Price: Free

How Best to Use this Tool

  • Check competitors site and save contents that be valuable to you late
  • Save different web pages to read later

8. Google Alerts

Google Alerts Monitor

With this tool, it is easy to track your competitor. You get alerted when he publishes a new blog post and the keywords he’s using or when he is mentioned online. What you will get include your competitor’s backlinks, keyword mentions, and social mentions.

Price: Free

How to use this Tool

  • Monitor competitors keyword mentions
  • Get competitors backlinks
  • Track competitors social media mentions

9. Rival fox


Rival fox provides you insight into the digital marketing strategies adopted by your rivals and helps you measure your progress against your competitors in clear graphs. Only what is really important is shown to you.

Price: Negotiable with the vendor.

How Best to Use this Tool

  • Graphically monitor your competitors digital marketing strategies.
  • Measure your progress against them.

10. Social Bakers

Social Media Marketing

This tool helps you measure your performance against your competitors as well as the industry. Social Bakers enables you have an insight into your competitors’ promoted posts on social media.

The insight you gain will help you publish better content at the right time. It equally helps you manage all your social channels in one place. It’s simply a tool to help you know how your competitors are spending their money.

Price: Between $50 and $400 per month, with a 14-day free trial period.

How Best to Use this Tool

  • Spy on your competitors promoted posts on social media
  • Measure your performance against your competitors
  • Track how they’re spending money.

11. SE Ranking

Seo Software

It’s a handy tool to spy on your competitors site by getting information on their ranking on target regions and search engines. With this tool, you will be able to discover the websites that belong to the same person.

It also provides keywords, competitor SEO/PPC research, backlinks, etc.

Pricing: Personal plan ($7:00/month), Optimum ($39/month), Plus ($89/month) and Enterprise ($189/month).

How Best to Use this Tool

  • Get the ranking information of your competitors on target regions
  • Discover the website that belongs to the same person (your competitors).


12. Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout

This is one of the best tools here because of what it does. Listen let me tell you, it does not matter how beautiful and well designed your site, if it doesn’t attract the right type of traffic, your failure is imminent.

Blogging is a very essential tool for driving leads and gaining massive exposure for your products and services.

A recent research by HubSpot discovered that “B2B marketers that blogs generate 67% more leads than those who don’t similarly, prioritizing blogging will give you 13x positive ROI.

For you succeed with blogging, you must learn to create high-quality contents that will attract social, search traffic, and referral traffic.

Now, if your competitors are attracting all the traffics to their sites while you get none then, you need to find out what you must do to beat them and that is what this tool will do for you.

It helps you to understand if your competitor is having any challenge in getting enough website traffic. It also provides insight into the opportunities your competitors have missed. That information can then help you in re-strategizing your plans.

Price: From $47/month.

How Best to use this Tool

  • Study sites similar to your own and learn how to outsmart them.

13. SpyFu

Keyword Research Tools

SpyFu gives you an in-depth knowledge about the keywords being targeted by your competitors (Adwords and organic search). Enter your competitor’s URL and the list of the keywords is provided for you to download.

Pricing: Basic plan ($79/month), Professional plan ($139/month), and Agency plan ($999/month). Prices are cheaper if you choose to pay annually.

How Best to Use This Tool

  • Get the keywords your competitors are targeting via adWords
  • Get their organic keywords too.

14. Monitor Backlinks

 Monitor competitor Backlinks

This tool, though relatively new in the business, allows you to easily spy on your competitors site and use the knowledge you acquire to improve yours. With it, you can follow the backlinks of different competitors and have them sent to your mailbox.

The tool analyses the link based on the grading of the domain (lower or higher ranks), “do follow” or “no follow” links. It assists you in your new link-building opportunities. You get notification when your competitor gains or loses backlinks.

Pricing: From $19/month (for 2 accounts), $49.99/month (for 5 accounts) to $99.99 (for 10 accounts). If your need is more than 10 websites, you have to discuss the management.

How Best to Use This Tool

  • Check the highest and lowest domains of the links of competitors
  • Find out their nofollow vs. dofollow links
  • Compare your results with competitors
  • Email yourself your competitor backlinks
  • Discover more link building opportunities

15. Similar Web

how to Track Website Traffic

Spying on your competitor’s site is made easy with the Similar Web tool. Just type in the URL of any website and you will be provided with country rank, global ranks, and category rank, including a graph indicating the number of weekly visitors in the previous 6 months. You can add a competitor or allow the system to suggest to you the competitors to watch.

Pricing: Basic plan ($99/month), Advanced plan ($599/month), and the Enterprise plan ($2,999/month).

How Best to Use This Tool

  • Get global, country, and category rank for any website
  • Get traffic insights of any website
  • Get suggestions of competitors you may want to watch
  • View the data in graphic format

16. Ahrefs

track competitors backlinks

This tool shows you the IPs, top pages, and the external links to your competitors’ site. It also helps you in tracking your own keywords, backlinks, and brand mentions. It shows you the keywords your competitors are ranking for, and also sends you a mail when you or your competitors gain or lose backlinks.

Pricing: Lite ($82/month), Standard ($149/month), Advanced ($332/month) and Agency ($832/month).

How Best to Use This Tool

  • Track your competitors keywords and backlinks profile
  • Find IPs of competitors.

17. Majestic SEO

SEO Backlink Checker

This is the last but not the least tool you can use to spy on your competitor’s site. Majestic SEO makes it possible for you to download your competitor’s site’s link profile. With the tool, you have an access to the hundreds or thousands of links on your competitors’ site.

The information you get gives you an insight into what is giving your rival an upper hand in his campaigns.

Pricing: Silver plan ($49/month), Gold plan ($149.99/month), and the Platinum plan ($399.99/month).

How Best to Use This Tool

  • Get the trust and citation flow of any website
  • Download the link profile of competitors website.


Doing business without having an idea about what your competitors are doing is like taking a walk in the dark. For you to succeed and possibly out-perform your competitors, you must know first what they are doing right that is helping them succeed in their businesses and social campaigns. It is this information that determines the areas where you need improvement.

The top 17 essential online tools mentioned in this post will enable you to easily spy on your competitors’ site and take an advantage of the right information to advance your business.


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