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Almost everyone uses Facebook, but not everyone uses Facebook Chat due to its technical and design problems.  Chit Chat for Facebook is a preferable alternative to the standard in-browser Facebook chatting platform.  This program is a simple application that runs from the desktop, independent of the web browser.  It functions and looks similar to many popular instant messenger clients, such as Windows Live Messenger.  Chit Chat is an effective way to instant message your friends on Facebook without having to deal with the hassle of a small-screened, browser based chat program.

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Avoid The Problems Of Running Facebook Chat With Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox

With the Facebook login app Chit Chat, Facebook fans can avoid the problems associated with running Facebook through a browser.  Chit Chat is a simple online Facebook messenger that launches from the desktop.  Its main attractions include giving the user the ability to chat with Facebook contacts, update their status, send a private message, and post on friends’ walls without having to access Facebook through a web browser.  Facebook Chat often will not deliver messages in a timely fashion, if at all.  It also causes other web pages to not load and it can interfere with the functioning of the browser.  With Chit Chat, the user can enjoy browsing the internet without Facebook Chatting causing the web browser to lag and crash.

Facebook Chit Chat

Login to Facebook Chat with Chit Chat

Simple Interface

Another feature is the straightforward interface.  To message someone, simply double-click on the contact’s name.  Right-clicking on a name will bring up a menu with the options to post on their Facebook wall or send them an email.  The contact list will automatically load all friends and separate them into online and offline groups.  The program can also log chats and notify you when a contact signs on or off.  This way, you can keep in contact with your Facebook contacts without having to log in through the website.

Tabbed Facebook Chat Windows

In addition, the program features tabbed chat windows, allowing for ease in managing multiple conversations.  You can also customize your font, text color and text size.  Facebook Chat, however, offers no customization or ways to organize the chat windows.  These things are essential in a chat client because the user can personalize their messages and manage multiple windows with simplicity.

Another positive aspect of Chit Chat is the excellent customer support.  The company is constantly providing updates to remain compatible with Facebook and remove any glitches that may arise.  There is also an online FAQ and help section.  This way, if there are any user problems they get addressed efficiently, and the program will keep updating to stay compatible with Facebook’s perpetual updates.

Handy Shortcuts

The program also comes with some handy shortcuts.  Ctrl+U checks for updates, Ctrl+E sends mail, Ctrl+W writes on a contact’s wall, Alt+1 goes to the previous conversation tab and Alt+2 advances to the next conversation tab.  This is a benefit for busy people who are trying to work on other projects online.  A program independent of the web browser with easy shortcuts and a simple interface is superior to using Facebook while working, because Facebook Chatting often causes the web browser to crash, stall and lose work.  With peace of mind regarding browser stability and an easy shortcut method, Chit Chat is a great companion to anyone who does a lot of work on the Internet.

Download Chit Chat for Facebook

To download and install the program, go to chitchat.org.uk and click on the Download button.  It will download the file to your computer, and to install the program, click on the downloaded .exe file.  After it installs, you can run the program from the desktop.  You log in with your Facebook credentials and your friends list will instantly pop up, and all your online contacts will be available for you to talk with.  Then you are free to use the features of Facebook without using a web browser.

Chit Chat is a great application for Facebook chatting. It’s aimed at users who are tired of the tiny chat screen and the need to keep Facebook active whilst chatting.  With a combination of great features, this program will satisfy the messaging needs of any Facebook user.

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  1. Jean says:

    I wanted to try this out but it said it wasn’t available for Win XP yet. I’m going to upgrade to Win 7 soon, so then I will try it out.

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