Facebook Fan Page: How to Manual for Creating Facebook Fan Page

We can use Facebook Fan Page to promote our website, blog, brand, products, services and all in all anything that comes to our mind. We need to have an active Facebook account before starting the Facebook Fan Page creation process. So if you don’t have an account on Facebook by now, create one right away to start the process of creating Facebook Fan Page.

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Here is the compete manual that will help you start your first Facebook page within few minutes times only. Creation of Facebook Fan Page is very similar to creation of new account or group on Facebook.

1. Go to Facebook.com website and login into your account by entering your login details.

2. Once you are into your Facebook account, now use this link to start creating your first Fan Page on Facebook.

3. First of all choose a main category for your Facebook Page from the six options available namely: (a) Local Business or Place (b) Company, Organization, or Institution (c) Brand or Product (d) Artist, Band or Public Figure (e) Entertainment (f) Cause or Community.

Creating Facebook Fan Page

Once you have chosen your main category, its time to select sub-category matching your Fan Page type and enter your fan page name. Suppose I have to create a Fan Page for Bloggers Passion blog, I will select Brand or Product as the main category and then will choose Website as sub-category. I will add my blog name or brand in the Brand or Product text box.

4. Check the Checkbox shown with I agree to Facebook Pages Terms and click on the Get Started button.

5. Now Set your Profile Picture. You can upload picture from your computer or can get from your website. You can skip this process if you are interested in adding profile picture later. You can do that by clicking the small skip button available. And in case you have uploaded the picture, its time to click on the Continue button.

6. Next you can suggest your new Fan Page to your friends and also can share it to your contact lists available in a CSV file or available on your email account at Yahoo or Hotmail. You can import maximum 5000 contacts. If you don’t have list of contacts or friends to share your Fan Page, you can skip this process and move on to next step by clicking the Continue button.

7. Enter some basic information related to your page like its URL in the Website field and some introduction about your Fan Page in the ‘About’ field. Again if you want to enter these details, you can move to next step by clicking small Skip link and if added Website and About Details, click Continue button.

Now your basic Facebook Fan page is ready. There are lots of additional activities you can do to give you Fan Page a professional look.

Editing Basic Information

When you got to your first Facebook Fan page that you just created, you can change Picture with other information. When you click on Edit Info link shown against ‘About’ or ‘Website’, will allow you to add and edit basic information related to your Facebook Page like Name, Founded Year, Address, City, Zip Code, About, Company Overview, Description, Mission, Awards, Products, Email, Phone and website. So you can enter more details about your fan page, products list you are currently promoting with contact details here.

Create a Welcome Landing Page for Your Fan Page

You can set a custom-landing page for your Facebook Fan page. This feature is not available by default on Facebook. For this you need to use applications. We need to use FBML (Facebook Markup Language) language, which is Facebook version of HTML. And we need to use Static FBML application available in Facebook Applications directory. With a welcome page available, you as Fan Page owner can decide what you want to show to people who are not already fan of your Facebook Page, Default Wall or Welcome landing page.

You can draft any message in your welcome page that you want to share with your future fans. I have seen lots of Fan Page owners using Welcome page to motivate visitors to Like their Fan Page. On the other, there are some Fan Page Owners, who use Welcome page to promote their products, services, discounts, offers etc as well. So it is up to you to decide how you want to use your Welcome Landing page. In the coming days, I will be creating a special post around how we can create Welcome landing page for our Facebook Fans using Static FBML application.

Apart from this, there are some other applications you can use to make your fan page far more impressive. There are applications available for most of your needs like uploading flash files, showing your YouTube videos on your fan Page, RSS Feed importing facility etc.

In the coming days I will be covering following topics related to Facebook Marketing:

How to Create Welcome Landing Page for Your Fan Page
Tips for Improving Your Fan Base on Facebook
Tips for Creating Professional Fan Page

Do you have some other topic or idea in mind relate to Facebook marketing than you want me to blog about here on Bloggers Passion, please share in the comments section below. In case you want to be Fan or Like Bloggers Passion Facebook Fan Page, here is the link. Below I’m showing you latest screenshot of Bloggers Passion Fan Page.

Bloggers Passion Fan Page Wall


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    Thank you for the step by step tutorial, this certainly makes creating a facebook fan page much easier! 🙂

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