Five Services You Can Buy on Fiverr to Help Your Blog

Fiverr is a great place to purchase services to grow your blog. You can find a wide range of professionals looking to promote their services by offering introductory specials at only $5 — so you know you are working with a professional and not just some random person trying to collect $5 for doing nothing.

You can find $5 gigs for everything from social media marketing to content marketing to link building.

While not all of these gigs will help you — for example, any cheap links you buy may penalize you in the wake of Google Penguin — many can give your blog a boost for little investment.

Here are five services you should consider buying on Fiverr to help grow your blog:

Fans and Followers

Gigs that offer several hundred or several thousand Facebook fans or Twitter followers are quite popular on Fiverr. You can quickly grow your following and establish your brand with instant popularity by buying fans.

Be sure to check the feedback on the gigs and the details of the offer. Some gigs offer real fans or followers, while others just give you bots. Your “real” fans won’t know if you have fake followers, helping you preserve an air of popularity. However, if all your fans are fake, you won’t be able to increase your conversions or your sales — which is the bottom line for any marketing efforts.

Blog Posts

Guest posts, articles, blog posts, and keyword-optimized content are all offered on Fiverr. Most writers offer the introductory article at $5, hoping to encourage you to buy more at a higher rate once you have gotten a taste for the quality of their work. Therefore, you are able to get quality articles for a low initial investment.

Most gigs specify the article count, the niche (or the availability to write on a topic of your choosing), and whether the article will be keyword optimized or not. Make sure the details match your needs, and check the feedback for the gig to be sure that you will receive quality content. Also, be sure to ask about rights (will you have exclusive rights, or will the article be re-printed?) and check to be sure the content isn’t copied from another source.

Custom Landing Pages

A custom landing page is a key part of your site, helping you to funnel sales or to drive customers to your opt-in e-mail list.

Whether you need a sales page for your blog or website or a custom landing page for your social media profiles, you can find someone willing to create one for $5 on Fiverr. You can save hundreds of dollars on a designer for your site and instead focus on the page that is most important to your sales and your future sales.


The look of your site is almost as important as the content on your site. If you aren’t the artistic type, you can hire someone on Fiverr to create a logo for your site or a banner for your headline, ad, or special feature.

The best thing about buying custom art on Fiverr is that you can preview samples of the artist’s work before you commit. That way, you can be sure that the artist’s style matches up with your vision for your logo or banner.

Website App

It seems impossible, but you can even hire someone to program a custom app for your website for only $5. Many of these come with limited functionality and simply help you to make a mobile version of your site available. Of course, more and more people are accessing the web on their smart phones and tablets, making it ever more important to create a mobile version of your site to optimize the experience.

Check the quality of the gig through samples, testimonials and feedback. Some apps will be templates that simply replace the name of your site but don’t customize the look.

There are many more useful gigs you can buy on Fiverr to help grow your blog, such as commenting on your blog or social media profiles, photo editing, SEO analysis, and even QR code creation.

With all gigs on Fiverr — as with any site that connects service providers with customers — you should thoroughly review the details of the offer and the feedback or rating that the gig poster has received. If the person is offering poor-quality work, others will have made it known. Even if you are only investing $5, you don’t want to waste your time and your money on dozens of poor quality gigs before you find those that truly help you. Start by choosing the best gigs from trusted providers, and you will help grow your blog quickly with a minimal investment.


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