Five Tips to Attract Floods of Guest Bloggers to Your Site

It seems like the world of guest blogging has become a new planet that anyone can inhabit, but it also seems like the transportation is one way only! By this I mean everyone is flooding into guest blogging because it’s an excellent way to gain back links, get exposure for your blog and your brand and even a new source for making money from content writing and link building. With all of the said, guest bloggers are everywhere and they are looking to submit content to top blogs on the internet… are they going to find your blog?

How to Get More Guest Posts on Your Site

If you have a blog of your own and looking to get more guest writers and authors on your site, what are your best options? There are plenty of ways to increase your blog exposure and letting your readers know you are accepting guest posts. Implement these ideas on your blog and you will see a huge increase in the amount of guest bloggers looking to write for your site.

  • DepositphotosCreate the Right Blog Page – Something many freelance writers will look for when trying to find guest blogging sites, is searching for popular guest blogging page phrases. “Write for Us” and “Guest Blogging Guidelines” are two very popular phrases in the search engines for finding blogs that accept guest posts. If you don’t currently have these pages and titles on your blog, create them now!
  • Automate the Process – Many blogs will list on their guest blogging guidelines page that they should sign up for an author account. This makes it easy for both the writer and the blog owner to submit and approve content.
  • Get on the Top Guest Bloggers List – recently came out with their own top guest blogging sites ranking system that allows you to sign up for a free account on their network, then if you accept guest posts your site will be added to the list. What makes their site unique is that it ranks all guest blogging sites based on their Alexa, PageRank and Moz rankings.
  • List Your Blog on Writing Job Boards – There is a never ending supply of writers who are looking for work. Whether you want to pay for writer or just look for guest writers, both are in demand. Search Google for “top blogger job boards” and make sure you add your blog to the many writing job sites out there.
  • Guest Blog on other Blogs – A great way to increase exposure for your blog and brand while let others know about your site is to simply guest blog on other sites. Include in your author bio that your blog accepts guest posts and link back to your site. Being an active guest blogger on other sites can also improve your overall exposure and blogging reputation.

At the end of the day it’s important for both the writer and the blog owner to make sure they accept and submit only the highest quality content. Even though guest blogging is free, it still comes down to the quality of work provided and the end user experience. Provide the best content and you will find a winning solution for both writers and bloggers.

If you are still on the fence about allowing guest bloggers to submit content to your site, be sure to check out another article on this site that focuses on knowing when to allow guest blogs on your blog.


  1. Aditi Datta says:

    Hi Zac,
    Yes, I do feel the same that getting more guest posts at your site is definitely not an easy task to do. For this, your site needs to be well-maintained with appropriate posts so that the guest bloggers might get interests in it. This is definitely important and all what you need. Apart from this, I also think that getting on top of the guest blogger list is also very important as it can attract the sight of visitors at your blog. Thanks for the share!!

    • Zac Johnson says:

      For some of my sites it’s almost at the point where I need to outsource the approval and management process. There is too many scammy guest writers submitting content now. It’s becoming a secondary job!

  2. Dean Saliba says:

    Can I ask you something that is related to guest blogging, Zac? I suffer with a problem where I get plenty of guest posts that are very good but the writers never come back to reply to comments, they simply publish the post and then run off into the night leaving me to reply to the comments, sometimes on topics I have little knowledge of.

    I send emails to them but they get ignored.

    How would you go about dealing with this?

    • Zac Johnson says:

      This is usually the case when people are guest blogging just for the link or get paid to include a link in the article. You can make a note in your email and guidelines that if the user does not leave or response to any comments, that you will remove their post, which is the last thing they will want you do to. So make this a requirement in your guidelines.

  3. William Benson says:

    Thanks Zac! I will go on and list my site to and also create a “write for us” page.
    I also want to share another great resource that i have recently stumbled upon called It is a social network for bloggers interested in guest postings.

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